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FIGURE 5.1 Soap computer constructs spanning tree of four points [16].
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Objects of type P l a y e r S t o r e return a reference to another server object in operation l o a d . It raises an exception if a player with the given identifier cannot be found. Both P l a y e r and P l a y e r S t o r e inherit from O b j e c t . occurred. Object-oriented middleware has more sophisticated failure-handling mechanisms. It uses exceptions to inform clients about the details of a failure that occurs while an object request is executed. The object models and interface definition languages of object-oriented middleware all support inheritance. This means that common operations and exceptions can be defined in one interface and other interfaces can inherit these operations and exceptions. In particular, all object-oriented middleware has root types from which every interface inherits a set of common operations.
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Mention that, in return for lowering their price, you will let them take certain items they might not have been planning to lawn furniture, lawn mower, appliances, chandeliers, built-in bookcases. These concessions will help persuade the sellers that you re dead serious about not having enough money. And they will help assuage any feelings the sellers may have that they are losing the bargaining contest. CHAPTER SUMMARY To lower your down payment, reduce your closing costs, and keep mortgage payments low; and at the same time, buy a cheap house, or buy an expensive house cheaply. Whether you buy a traditional house or a mobile home, don t try to save money by skipping a house inspector s report. But do shop off-season when bad weather is keeping other buyers away. Look at houses far away from a metropolitan area. Check into two-family houses that you can buy with other people. Investigate modular houses, mobile homes, precut homes, and if you can afford it panelized houses. Condominiums and cooperatives are other types of residences you should consider. Be on the lookout for houses being sold without agents, and houses with mortgages that are assumable. For further savings, check into foreclosed houses, houses delinquent on their taxes, housing for low-income people, and f ixer-uppers in communities making a comeback. Finally, be prepared to bargain over the price.
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It is assumed that the first phase of establishing a network Grid service, the service agreement with an end-user, has been achieved, and that this takes care of most policy matters such as AAA, pricing for the different QoS levels, etc. The network Grid service shall provide the following operations for Grid applications: verify if the destination address is reachable via all-photonic connection; verify if the all-photonic connection to the destination can meet the minimum requested BER; verify if an end-to-end connection to the destination is available; Sign up for a push notification service from Grid monitoring services to monitor possible violations of SLAs. Potential input parameters of interest for such a service may include destination addresses, QoS requirement (wavelength, minimum BER, restoration times, and priority and pre-emption, etc.), bandwidth, duration, and protocols.
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Sidebar 9.1.
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the magnification and to adjust the number of pixels (samples) that cover an object in order to maintain resolution. Because the same amount of laser light is delivered to a smaller area when the zoom is increased, specimens photobleach at a faster rate. The effect of zoom on a biological specimen is shown in Figure 12-11. To preserve the maximum resolution afforded by the objective lens, you should calculate and employ the required zoom factor. Using the resolution equation given earlier in this chapter, a 100 , 1.35 NA objective lens receiving 520 nm blue-green light is calculated to have a spatial resolution of 0.15 m. The required sampling interval is calculated as 0.15 m/2 0.075 m. The factor of 2 means that there are two samples per spatial unit of 0.15 m, and it is related to the requirements of a sampling theorem for maintaining the spatial resolution provided by the optics. We discuss this topic in greater detail in 13. The sampling period of any given zoom setting is usually indicated in a statistics table that accompanies an image. If the sampling period is not indicated on the monitor or in an image statistics menu, the diameter of the field of view can be adjusted with the zoom command to obtain the same result. The correct size is determined as the desired sampling period times the number of pixels across one edge of the image. For an image format of 512 512 pixels, we calculate 512 0.075 m 40 m as the required image diameter. Zoom settings above and below the optimum value are called oversampling and undersampling. Oversampled images (zoom too high) are a bit smoother and easier to work with in image processing, but the rate of photobleaching is greater. Undersampling (zoom too low) degrades the spatial resolution provided by the objective lens, but reduces the rate of bleaching. Undersampling is sometimes used in live cell imaging to optimize viability. For low-magnification, low-NA objective lenses, the Nyquist sam-
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Internet has been founded on a basic architectural premise: a simple network service is used as a universal means to interconnect intelligent end systems. The end-to-end argument has served to maintain this simplicity by pushing complexity, where needed, into the endpoints, allowing the Internet to reach an impressive scale in terms of inter-connected devices. However, while the scale has not yet reached its limits, the growth in functionality the ability of the global system to adapt to new functional requirements and new services and applications has slowed with time. In addition, the ever-increasing demands of applications and network services, and the envisaged future generations of Internet are now faced with the relative in exibility of current telecommunication infrastructures. Introducing openness through APIs into networks is one way to increase the needed exibility and support for services. Such networks are called service-aware networks. Service-aware networks are better supporting services in terms of resource management, exibility, programmability, protocol adaptation, reusability, scalability, reliability, and security [7,10,11]. A service-aware network supports adaptation for all applications and services residing on top. The adaptation process takes place in the middleware [4,14]. Services and applications are able to monitor events in the underlying network and adapt their internal behavior by either changing speci c components' behavior or dynamically recon guring the network [26]. The most well known framework realizing today the concept of open network interfaces is the Parlay/OSA initiative [18]. Built on concepts previously established in the TINA architecture [25], it consists of a set of APIs that enable third parties and network operators to create new applications and services, which have real-time control of network resources. The Parlay framework provides the resource location, authentication, and authorization functions required for external applications to gain access to network-based Parlay services. Parlay services, such as the generic call control service (GCCS), offer network capabilities to applications, enabling them, for example, to dynamically route and reroute media streams. From a more general point of view, one signi cant approach towards serviceaware networks is based on network overlays [1,2,6,19 21]. Overlay network exhibit a clear border [5,8,9,12,13] below which an overlay abstraction is enabled and above which applications should not have to deal with the underlying `real' network infrastructure. In overlay networks a set of nodes (servers, end-user equipment, etc.) and virtual links, not directly related to the underlying network topology, are involved in speci c applications. The overlay traf c traverses through the overlay nodes and virtual links. Therefore, an overlay network acts as a
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Mills decisions. Under IDEA-Part B, the SEA must ensure that each LEA establishes and implements procedures to safeguard the parent s right to confidentiality of records and right to examine records; right to participate in meetings with respect to the identification, evaluation, and placement of their child; right to consent to pupil evaluation; right to written prior notice before changes are made in identification, evaluation, placement, and special services; right to present findings from an independent evaluation; right to resolution of complaints by mediation; right to resolution of complaints by an impartial hearing officer; and right to bring civil action in court. Notice and consent, transfer of parental rights at age of majority, surrogate parents, and mediation and due process hearings are discussed. Consent and Notice Depending on the proposed school action or refusal to act, IDEA my require consent or written notice, and procedural safeguards notice. Consent. Under IDEA-Part B, parental written consent (permission) must be obtained before conducting a preplacement evaluation and before the initial placement of a child in special education. If the parent refuses consent, the LEA may request mediation or a hearing to override a parent s refusal to consent. Parent consent also is required for subsequent re-evaluations of a child, unless the school can demonstrate that it has taken reasonable measures to obtain consent, and the child s parent failed to respond (34 C.F.R. 300.505). Notice. IDEA divides information sent to parents into two different types of notice: prior written notice and procedural safeguards notice. Prior written notice is required a reasonable time before the proposed school action whenever the SEA or LEA proposes to change the identification, evaluation, education placement, or program of the child or refuses to change the identification, evaluation, placement, or program. Notice must be provided in a mode of communication understandable to the parent (unless it is clearly not feasible to do so) and must include a description of the proposed action (or refusal to act); an explanation of why the school proposes or refuses to take action; a description of any other options considered and why those were rejected; a description of each evaluation procedure, test, record, or report used as the basis for the school s action; a statement that the parents have protection under procedural safeguards and, if the notice is not an initial referral for evaluation, the means by which a copy of a description of the pro-
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Albrecht also raises two issues frequently associated with occupational frauds. The first is lifestyle changes. Apparently, once perpetrators of workplace fraud get more comfortable with their new identity and activities, it is time to begin to enjoy the fruits of their labor. He notes that sometimes the fraud in question could have been detected because it was, to use the classic phrase, too good to be true. Albrecht uses the experience of General Motors to make both points. In early 1992, it was discovered that John McNamara, a Long Island car dealer, had defrauded General Motors of approximately $436 million. While not technically
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