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The fact that the forward does not require an upfront payment and that the option costs a fraction of the upfront cost of spot is what contributes to forwards and options being referred to as leveraged cash flows.
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where integration and summation can be interchanged as a consequence of the monotone convergence theorem (cf. Billingsley, 1986, Theorem 16.6). Noting that the integral in (2.21) is the MGF of W |N = j , we substitute MW |N =j (s) = [MU (s)]j MV (s), giving
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16. Fluhrer SR, Lucks S. Analysis of E0 encryption system. Selected Areas in Cryptology SAC 2001. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 2259. Springer-Verlag; 2001. p 38 48. 17. Ganesan D, Govindan R, Shenker S, Estrin D. Highly resilient, energy-ef cient multipath routing in wireless sensor networks. Mobile Comput Commun Rev 2001; 5(5):11 25. 18. Golic JD. Cryptanalysis of alleged A5 stream cipher. Advances of Cryptology EUROCRYPT 97. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 1233. Springer-Verlag; 1997. p 239 255. 19. Golic JD, Bagini V, Morgari G. Linear cryptanalysis of Bluetooth stream cipher. Advances in Cryptology EUROCRYPT 2002. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 2332. Springer-Verlag 2002. p 238 255. 20. Gura N, Patel A, Wander A, Eberle H, Shantz SC. Comparing elliptic curve cryptography and RSA on 8-bit CPUs, CHES, 2004. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 3156. Springer-Verlag; 2004. p 119 132. 21. Hell M, Johansson T, Meier W. Grain A stream cipher for constrained environments. Int J Wirel Mobile Comput. (Special Issue on Security of Computer Network and Mobile Systems) 2006. 22. Hell M, Johansson T, Maximov A, Meier W. A stream cipher proposal: Grain-128. Proceedings of the ISIT; Seattle, USA; 2006. 23. Hermelin M, Nyberg K. Correlation properties of Bluetooth combiner. Information Security and Cryptology ICISC 99. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 1787. Springer-Verlag; 2000. p 17 29. 24. Joux A. A one round protocol for tripartite Dif e-Hellman. J Cryptol 2004;17(4): 263 276. 25. Karlof C, Wagner D. Secure routing in wireless sensor networks: attacks and countermeasures. Elsevier s Ad Hoc Netw J (Special Issue on Sensor Network Applications and Protocols) 2003;1(2 3):293 315. 26. Koblitz N. Elliptic curve cryptosystem. Math Comput 1987;48:203 209. 27. Lee J, Stinson D. Deterministic key pre-distribution schemes for distributed sensor networks. Proceedings of SAC 2004. LNCS. Volume 3357. 2004. p 294 307. 28. Lee J, Stinson D. A combinatorial approach to key pre-distribution for distributed sensor networks. IEEE Wireless Computing and Networking Conference (WCNC 2005); New Orleans, LA, USA; 2005. 29. Liao L, Manulis M. Tree-based group key agreement framework for mobile ad-hoc networks. Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA 2006), April 18 20, 2006; Vienna, Austria. IEEE Computer Society; 2006. p 5 9. 30. Lu Y, Meier W, Vaudenay S. The conditional correlation attack: a practical attack on Bluetooth encryption. Advances in Cryptology CRYPTO 2005. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 3621. Springer-Verlag; 2001. p 97 117. 31. Manulis M. Contributory group key agreement protocols, revisited for mobile ad hoc groups. Proceedings of the MASS; 2005. 32. Maximov A. Cryptanalysis of the Grain family of stream ciphers. ACM Symposium on Information, Computation and Communications Security (ASI ACCS 06); 2006. p 283 288.
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Hartley information gain log2 2 + log2 1 log2 2 = 0 log2 4 + log2 3 log2 5 1.26 log2 2 + log2 1 log2 2 = 0 average: 0.42
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In this chapter, you've seen how you can leverage the features of JavaServer Pages to create clients for enterprise beans. By using JSP pages, you can hide functions within JavaBeans or custom tags, thereby separating your presentation from your logic. You've seen how a JSP page can use a custom tag to locate an instance of a bean's home object. The single, empty tag containing needed data as values of attributes allows a JSP page to work with the EJB architecture. Once the page has a reference to a home object, the page can request the execution of bean methods like any EJB client. Tag libraries are a powerful feature of JSP. By using tag libraries, your JSP pages contain less Java scriptlet code and more tags. Since scriptlet code implies business logic, by keeping scriptlet code to a minimum, you'll have less mingling of presentation and logic. You've seen the enterprise bean code that performs the same functions as the code shown in 10. Aside from including dummy method implementations as required by EJB, the code that accesses the database is mostly the same as that shown in 10. However, by adhering to the EJB specification, your code now creates objects that are distributed objects with location transparency and have access to transaction and security resources by way of the EJB container.
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Short integer and unsigned 16 data types contain 16 bits/pixel or 65,536 steps. Images from 10 12 bit CCD cameras are accommodated well by these data types. Long integer format contains 32 bits (4.3 109 steps) and is used in some programs to preserve internal precision during processing. Floating point format with 32 bits/pixel is used to preserve a high level of arithmetic accuracy during image processing. This data type uses scientific notation, with 23 bits assigned to the mantissa, 8 bits to the exponent, and 1 bit for plus or minus, giving steps that range from 20 1038 to 20 10 38. Thus, an image captured by a 12 bit camera is typically contained in a 2 byte (16 bit) data type. This size is convenient because the extra bits allow for greater numeric accuracy during image processing. Be aware that changing the data type to a lower format such as byte (256 gray levels) permanently reduces the resolution of gray levels and reduces the flexibility for further processing of the image. Once a data type is converted to a lower level, the original pixel values are permanently altered and cannot be recovered. However, in some image processing software programs, conversions to a lowersize format such as byte might be required for certain processing operations. Most programs allow you to save image files in a variety of different data types. Finally, the data types used for processing should not be confused with common file formats such as TIFF, PICT, PIC, JPEG, GIF, and so on, commonly used for storage of files in a compressed format, import of files into other programs, or transmission to other computers.
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