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and modify the parameter matrices F; Q, and H accordingly. 7.5.1 Correlated Noise Models
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must be on in order to decode any FACH messages. Therefore, power consumption in Cell_FACH state is still relatively higher than in paging channel (PCH) states where the UE only receives paging messages and can utilize sleep mode. The UE should be moved relatively quickly to PCH state when the data transmission is over in order to minimize UE power consumption. RRC state changes are controlled by the operator using RNC parameters. A UE cannot decide to make state changes itself. When a UE goes beyond the wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA)/ HSPA coverage area during packet data transmission, the RNC will command the UE to make an inter-system cell change to a GPRS cell. The IP address is preserved despite the cell change, and any active packet applications remain connected since the same Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is used both for HSPA and for GPRS. The inter-system
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Like the 11 other TCs of ETSI, SMG had set up some subcommittees (STCs), actually six of them. They are represented in Figure 4.1 below. In addition to them, two expert groups dealt, respectively, with test speci cations and speech coding. All groups, except SMG5 were contributing to the GSM standard, SMG5 being dedicated to the co-ordination of the work on UMTS.
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GSM and UMTS: The Creation of Global Mobile Communication
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Anthony s Caribbean Grill AMERICAN/CARIBBEAN Its owners think of this place as an upscale version of Bennigan s or TGI Fridays. But the decor is thoroughly Caribbean, thanks to psychedelic tropical colors, underwater sea themes, and jaunty maritime decorative touches. A bar dispenses everything from conventional mai tais to embarrassingly oversized, 48-ounce sparklers with a combination of rum, amaretto, vodka, and fruit punch that is about all most serious drinkers can handle. Menu items include burgers, pizzas capped with everything from lobster to jerk chicken, barbecued or fried chicken, ribs with Caribbean barbecue sauce, and several meal-size salads.
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[116] L. Doherty, L. Ghaoui and K. Pister, Convex position estimation in wireless sensor networks , in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 01, vol. 3, IEEE, April 2001, pp. 1655 1663. [117] S. Simic and S. Sastry, Distributed localization in wireless ad hoc networks , UC Berkeley, Tech. Rep. UCB/ERL M02/26, 2002. [118] G. Stupp and M. Sidi, The expected uncertainty of range free localization protocols in sensor networks , in Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks: First International Workshop, ALGOSENSORS 2004, Turku, Finland, July 16, 2004. Proceedings, ser. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series, vol. 3121, Springer, 2004. [119] N. B. Priyantha, A. Chakraborty and H. Balakrishnan, The cricket location-support system , in Proceedings of the 6th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, ACM Press, 2000, pp. 32 43. [120] N.B. Priyantha, A.K. Miu, H. Balakrishnan and S. Teller, The cricket compass for context-aware mobile applications , in Proceedings of the 7th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, ACM Press, 2001, pp. 1 14. [121] D. Moore, J. Leonard, D. Rus and S. Teller, Robust distributed network localization wit noisy range measurements , in SenSys 04: Proceedings of the Second ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems, Baltimore, MD, November 2004. [122] P. Bahl and V. N. Padmanabhan, Radar: an in-building rf-based user location and tracking system , in INFOCOM (2), 2000, pp. 775 784 [Online]. Available: URL: http://citeseer [123] A. Savvides, C.-C. Han and M.B. Strivastava, Dynamic ne-grained localization in ad hoc networks of sensors , in Proceedings of the 7th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, ACM Press, July 2001, pp. 166 179 [Online]. Available: URL: [124] A. Savvides, H. Park and M.B. Srivastava, The bits and ops of the n-hop multilateration primitive for node localization problems , in Proceedings of the 1st ACM International Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications, ACM Press, September 28 2002, pp. 112 121 [Online]. Available: URL: [125] D. Niculescu and B. Nath, Ad hoc positioning system (aps) , in Proc. of IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM 2001), vol. 1. GLOBECOM, November 2001, pp. 2926 2931 [Online]. Available: URL: [126] D. Niculescu and B. Nath, Ad hoc positioning system (aps) using aoa , in Proc. of 22nd Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies (INFOCOM 2003), vol. 3. San Francisco, CA: IEEE, March 2003, pp. 1734 1743 [Online]. Available: URL: [127] D. Niculescu and B. Nath, Error characteristics of ad hoc positioning systems , in Proceedings of the 5th ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing, MobiHoc 2004, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan, 2004, pp. 20 30. [128] C. Savarese, J.M. Rabaey and K. Langendoen, Robust positioning algorithms for distributed ad hoc wireless sensor networks , in Proceedings of the General Track: 2002 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, USENIX Association, 2002, pp. 317 327 [Online]. Available: URL: koen/papers/robust-positioning.pdf
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We draw the total surplus area so that you can clearly see that it consists of consumer surplus plus producer surplus. The horizontal line extending from the market equilibrium price ( 5) separates the two parts. The consumer surplus triangle is filled with vertical lines, whereas the producer surplus triangle is filled with diagonal lines. Again using the formula for the area of a triangle, we multiply 1 2 4 8 to figure out that for this graph the total surplus is 16. The total gain to society of producing at this output level is 16.
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Acer negundo Acer rubrum
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Model Analytics Discriminant Analysis Applicability Inputs
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