The SYSTEM keyword denotes that DTD will be referenced using a system identifier, which is the following URI. The second form of the external DTD declaration is to use a public identifier. Here is the general form:
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1.3 Electrically Small Antennas: Canonical Types
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Stimulated emission will be introduced more completely when we discuss EDFAs. It is what makes lasers lase and erbium ampli ers amplify. Whereas Rayleigh scattering is omnidirectional, SBS [Green, ber-optics info] is highly directional in that the directivity pattern of the scatter has a null in the forward direction. Much of the scatter hits the side of the core and vanishes into the cladding, but enough propagates back to the laser to constitute a very harmful backre ection, and this can have two effects:
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Transparency in Distributed Systems
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# du -h 1.6G 52K 1.6G # du -h ... 4.0K 52K 1.6G --max-depth=1 /home /home/chris /home/francois /home --max-depth=2 /home /home/francois/Mail /home/francois /home Provide disk space use, to one level deep
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The problem with the notion of addiction is that it confounds two different types of epistemology within a single de nition. Speci cally, it involves two mutually exclusive conceptualisations of man/woman-kind; namely man/woman as machine (i.e. as a biological mechanism, the nature of which mechanism determines all activity, both mental and physical) and man/woman as decision-making entity capable of making autonomous choices and exercising acts of will. It should be clear from the outset that no individual responsibility can be attributed under the rst model; whereas this is possible under the second, with the very notion of mens rea being central to certain aspects of the law. However, this illogical bringing together of two exclusive models is precisely why the addiction concept has such social value, since it enables interested parties to hop between models to excuse or blame according to personal wish and circumstance. These issues have been speci cally explored by Heim and colleagues (2001). These issues have been discussed in detail in Davies (1998) but to cut a lengthy philosophical discussion short, we tend to regard people who (for example) drink normally as being able to make choices about whether to drink or not, when to stop, when to carry on. In other words, to behave like thinking beings capable of exercising acts of will in controlling their consumption; that is, doing what they want to do . On the other hand, we tend to think of alcoholics (an unpopular word these days) as using alcohol because they have to due to an underlying compulsive mechanism. In a similar way, drug addicts are felt to use drugs compulsively even though they may be trying to stop ; that is, against their will . The problems and contradictions that arise in the legislation around drugs and drug use come about precisely because they attempt to tackle drug problems from both these perspectives simultaneously. The war on drugs seeks to eradicate the supply of and trade in certain illegal substances, using all the powers of the law (up to and including the death penalty in some countries), on the mechanistic grounds that these substances have capacities to enslave and addict due to their particular pharmacologies. On the other hand, we hold individuals responsible for possession and for drug-related crimes, on the basis that they are responsible for these acts and therefore merit punishment. To
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Cultural relativism
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General Formula Combining the above formulas for the different parts, one can obtain the following general-purpose formula: @ @rENU s0 rENU I3 s1 rENU rENU  s2 rENU rENU rT ENU v
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Patients with eating disorders often hesitate about disclosing their behaviours, thoughts and feelings, and general practitioners should view this as part of the problem of having an eating disorder. Eating disorders often have the function of avoiding or resolving underlying problems (Gilchrist et al., 1998). It is important to acknowledge and compliment the patient on her courage in deciding to come and discuss her eating disorder, even when she only reveals a small part of it. The rst contacts are the most dif cult, because these patients often test whether the clinician can be trusted. One should avoid a battle over who is in control here , which implies that the physician may temporarily have to accept feeling helpless or manipulated. It is precisely when the patient can attribute these feelings to a therapist who can accept and endure these feelings himself, that the patient is rst able to achieve personality changes and to experience a greater sense of intrapsychic integration (Cohler, 1977, p. 386). The patients denial of being ill, secretiveness of eating habits and pseudo-cheerfulness are only a camou age for their own helplessness and lack of basic trust. General practitioners have to understand that their patient s resistance to eating is not a deliberate decision. Moreover, starvation by itself leads to narrowed awareness and cognitive dysfunction. Only over the course of therapy will the clinician be able to witness the patient s growing awareness and recognition of her real emotional state (Vandereycken, 1993). Also, gender aspects should be taken into account, because speci c gender-related issues such as body experience and sexuality and ambivalence about gender identity are more easily discussed with a female doctor than a male (Zunino et al., 1991). function studies
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