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Planted Invader
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Adopting a more aggressive review of inventory. A materials management vice president at an aerospace and defense contractor shared, We have become more aggressive in our review of inventory for which no requirements were identified in the near-term production horizon. The results achieved here motivated us to also introduce a more in-depth review of obsolete and excess materials. These activities have led to a more aggressive posture for purging these types of inventory.
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must be used and the extra time required for phase lock during signal reacquisition pushes the dwell time up to about 1 1.5 s per satellite, with an increased probability of reacquisition failure due to dynamics. A single-channel receiver requires relatively complex software for managing the satellite time-sharing process. A typical design employs only one pseudonoise (PN) code generator and one PPL in hardware. Typical tasks that the software must perform during the dwell period for a speci c satellite are as follows: 1. Select the PN code corresponding to the satellite observed. 2. Compute the current state of the code at the start of the dwell based on the state at the end of the last dwell, the signal Doppler, and the eclipse time since the last dwell. 3. Load the code state into the code generator hardware. 4. Compute the initial Doppler frequency of the FLL=PLL reference. 5. Load the Doppler frequency into the FLL=PLL hardware. 6. Initiate the reacquisition process by turning on the code and carrier tracking loops. 7. Determine when reacquisition (code=frequency=phase lock) has occurred. 8. Measure pseudorange=carrier phase=carrier phase rate during the remainder of the dwell. In addition to these tasks, the software must be capable of ignoring measurements from a satellite if the signal is momentarily lost and must permanently remove the satellite from the sequencing cycle when its signal becomes unusable, such as when the satellite elevation angle is below the mask angle. The software must also have the capability of acquiring new satellites and obtaining their ephemeris data as their signals become available while at the same time not losing the satellites already being tracked. A satellite whose ephemeris data is being recorded must have a much longer dwell time (about 30 s) than the dwell times of other satellites that are only being tracked, which causes a much longer eclipse time for the latter. The software must therefore modify the calculations listed above to take this into account. Because current technology makes the hardware costs of a multichannel receiver almost as small as that for a single channel, the single-channel approach has been almost entirely abandoned in modern designs. Another method of time sharing that can be used in single-channel receivers is multiplexing, in which the dwell time is much shorter, typically 5 10 ms per satellite. Because the eclipse time is so short, the satellites do not need to be reacquired at each dwell. However, a price is paid in that the effective SNR is signi cantly reduced in proportion to the number of satellites being tracked. Resistance to jamming is also degraded by values of 7 dB or more. Additionally, the process of acquiring new satellites without disruption is made more demanding because the acquisition search must be broken into numerous short time intervals. Due to the rapidity with which satellites are sequenced, a common practice with a two-channel receiver is to use a
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Unrelated brand names
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At its 2003 fiscal year-end, a 300-bed, nearly 2,000-employee nonprofit Midwestern medical center found itself faced with millions of dollars in red ink. Requirements for pension funding for its defined benefit pension plan and the financial failure of a related physician practice contributed to the problem. In addition, the medical center had, over time, begun to run a little rich, with a per-patient/per-bed cost that significantly exceeded the average for successful, profitable hospitals. Most of these positions were in midlevel management; some were in facilities management. Complicating the problem, this organization had a large number of long-tenured employees. Many had worked at the medical center for 20 or even 30 years, starting as radiology technicians, for example, and working their way up to top management positions. People there had known each other and worked together for many years in a small, close-knit community. Faced with a mandate to return the facility to profitability, the medical center s management team met frequently to hammer out a plan to downsize approximately 10% of its workforce. They decided on a three-tier plan comprised of early retirement, voluntary separation, and (as a last resort), layoffs: 1. Early retirement. Employees 55 and older, who had at least 10 years of service, would be eligible for an early termination plan that would add three years to their service and three years to their age under the company s defined benefit retirement plan. A 59-year-old employee with the required 10 years of service would therefore be 62 or normal retirement age for purposes of the plan. He or she would have an additional three years of service for purposes of computing the final benefit payout or annuity payment under the plan. 2. Voluntary separation. Employees who chose voluntary separation from employment would receive three months salary and benefits in exchange for a release of all employment claims against the medical center. Selection for this category would be based on job classifications that were scheduled for elimination. Employees would be required to apply for voluntary separation and management would reserve the right to accept or reject candidates.
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Tom Bentley (TAB) Straightforward creative thinker. Not afraid to speak his mind. Concerned about staff productivity. Questions whether the Exchange is getting the appropriate bang for our 150 million bucks. IMM CANDIDATES William Shepard (Bill) One of the most experienced members at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. May hold the record for length and breath of committee participation. IMM member since May, 1973; CME member since September, 1973; IOM charter member. FCM since 1984, clearing local, commercial, and institutional business. Co-founder of the CME Equity Owners Association. Ron Sippel (SIP) Fourteen-year back month Eurodollar local. Primary concern is representing equity and fairness issues, especially as they pertain to getting business into the pit. Will be an articulate local s advocate on the Board.
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