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A T t Note that d2* is the same as d2 in the formulae in Exhibit 3.14 except that the expected return ( ) is replaced with the risk-free rate (r). N[d2*] is called the probability of survival. Using a property of the standard normal cumulative distribution function, the probability of default (pdef ) is
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Software Productivity / 88 Fourth Generation Languages / 89 Proprietary Versus Open Standards / 90 Emergent Fifth Generation Languages (5GLs) / 91 Charles Simonyi / 92 William H. Gates III / 95 Linus Torvalds / 99 Patterns of Discovery / 100 Forecast for Connecting Processes / 100 5. Connecting Machines The Ethernet Story / 104 Xerox PARC and Ethernet / 106 Robert Metcalf / 107 Patterns of Discovery / 111 Forecast for Connecting Machines / 111 6. Connecting Networks The Internet Story / 114 Vinton Cerf / 117 Transition to the World Wide Web / 118 Tim Berners-Lee / 120 Patterns of Discovery / 126 Forecast for Connecting Networks / 126 7. Connecting Devices The Ubiquitous Computing Story / 130 Ubiquitous Computing / 132 Mark Weiser / 133 Jeff Hawkins / 135 Patterns of Discovery / 139 Forecast for Connecting Devices / 139 8. Connecting the Web The Ubiquitous Web Story / 143 Michael Dertouzos / 145 Project Oxygen / 146 Perfect Search / 148 142 129 113 103
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TABLE 5.2 f21 Attr 1 Attr 2 Attr 3 Attr 4
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The electrode capacitances in a MESFET can be found by rst reducing Eqs. (2.5.16) for the even- and odd-mode capacitances for a system of three electrodes, resulting in
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Subjective web browsing quality for 1 Mbps / 384 kbps (DL/UL) 5.0
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Exhibit 5 4.
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