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HOW MICROPROCESSORS WORK In computer design, it is common to refer to the logic gate as the basic element. Although the term gate creates a connotation of a doorway through a fence or wall that may swing open and closed, nothing like this mechanical motion occurs on a circuit chip. Instead, the function of a gate is to control the ow of electricity in a circuit, either by increasing the ow to amplify a signal, or by acting as an on off switch to represent logic steps or data. This functionality is similar to that of the electric ow control in a vacuum tube. In a computer, logic gates are used to control ow of electricity in a circuit. The logic gates are created by the transistor as the basic unit. Transistors of two types are used by computer designers: these are PMOS (positive-channel metal-oxide semiconductor) and NMOS (negative-channel metal-oxide semiconductor) transistors. These two elements differ in that the NMOS transistor is turned on or off by the ow of electrons, while the PMOS depends on the ow of electron vacancies, similar to a ow of positive charge. Current owing through a given gate determines the state of that particular gate; the voltage of the gate represents a single bit of information. A high voltage represents the value 1 while a low voltage represents a 0. Ultimately, the control of current ow in the logic gates amounts to control of the ow of information in the complex circuit. The computing power of logic gates comes from the output of any particular gate as a voltage that can be used to control another gate. In other words, the functionality of the computer as a complex collection of circuit elements comes from the interconnection of those elements and the switching function that the logic gates provide. The evolution of inventions from vacuum tubes to transistors to microprocessors has created a revolution in computing. One of the primary measures of the strength and impact of this revolution can be seen in the Moore s Law observation of the exponentially increasing number of components contained on chips.
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Adding Software to Your BlackBerry
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It should by now be obvious how easily the acceptance of QALYs makes it to slide down a slope where injustice to some can be justi ed as being in the interest of the majority. This is the justi cation Hitler used to explain the murder of Jews it was said to be in the interest of the German nation as a whole and the justi cation of apartheid. QALYs inevitably discriminate on the ground of age, and can readily be used to discriminate on grounds of race, sex or class. If you are old then your life expectancy is usually less than if you are young, so if there is to be a straight choice between the old and the young the old must be sacri ced, regardless of how much they want to live, how much they have to give, or how much they value their futures. If you are a woman your life expectancy is longer than a man s, therefore you should receive the scarce resource all other things being equal. But if you are a woman you might suffer from some medical conditions men do not. If the treatment for these is more expensive than the treatment for his, and there is not enough money to go round, then you might nd that you will not be treated yet he will. Epidemiological studies inform us that different races suffer from different diseases and have different life expectancies. So do the different classes. A member of parliament can expect a longer life then a mineworker, so again all other things being equal the MP should be treated at the expense of the mineworker. It does not require a massive leap of imagination to understand how QALYs could be used to justify non-voluntary euthanasia, or allowing handicapped infants to die, or the abandonment of mental patients of no danger to society. Defenders of QALYs
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11.2 Architecture
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Kolthoff, I. M., Elving, P. J. (Eds) Treatise on Analytical Chemistry, 2nd edn, Interscience Publishers, New York, 1979, Part I, Vol. 2, 19. Kolthoff, I. M. Anal. Chem. 1974, 46, 1992. Safrik, L., Stransky, Z. Titrimetric Analysis in Organic Solvents; Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 22, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1986. Popov, A. I., Caruso, H. Acid-base equilibria and titrations in nonaqueous solvents. B. Amphiprotic solvents, in Ref. 1, pp. 303 348. Kolthoff, I. M., Chantooni, M. K., Jr, Acid-base equilibria and titrations in nonaqueous solvents. A. General introduction to acid-base equilibria in nonaqueous organic solvents; C. Dipolar aprotic solvents, in Ref. 1, pp. 239 302, 349 384. Izutsu, K. Acid-Base Dissociation Constants in Dipolar Aprotic Solvents, IUPAC Chemical Data Series No. 35, Blackwell Science, Oxford, 1990.
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Adam Smith, one of the fathers of modern economics and the face on the 20 note, believed that if society is set up correctly, people chasing after their individual happiness provide for other people s happiness as well. As he famously pointed out in An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, published in 1776, It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we can expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.
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