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Equivalent circuit model for multiple coupled lines. (From [13]. # 1985 by
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where a1 ; a2 ; . . . ; a3n are the 3n Boolean variables corresponding to the attributes Attr1 ; Attr2 ; . . . ; Attr3n of each object in the information system. The expression fA is reduced to the set of all prime implicants of fA that determines the set of all reducts of A. Step 3. The self-organizing map is created with 3n inputs (Section 3.8.1), which correspond to the attributes of the information table, and a competitive layer of N N grid of units where N is the total number of implicants present in discernibility functions of all the objects of the information table. Step 4. Each implicant of the function fA is mapped to a unit in the competitive layer of the network, and high weights are given to those links that come from the attributes, which occur in the implicant expression. The idea behind this is that when an input pattern belonging to an object, say Oi, is applied to the inputs of the network, one of the implicants of the discernibility function of Oi will be satis ed, and the corresponding unit in the competitive layer will re and emerge as the winning unit. All the implicants of an object Oi are placed in the same layer, while the implicants of different objects are placed in different layers separated by the maximum neighborhood distance. In this way the initial knowledge obtained with rough set methodology is used to train the SOM. This is explained with the following example. Let the reduct of an object Oi be Oi : F1low ^ F2medium _ F1high ^ F2high where F low ; F medium ; and F high represent the low, medium, and high values of the corresponding features. Then the implicants are mapped to the nodes of the layer as shown in Figure 3.8. Here high weights H are given only to those links that come from the features present in the implicant expression. Other links are given low weights. 3.8.4 Experimental Results
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STUDY AND DISCUSSION Questions for 4 1. What is the difference between testing and assessment 2. Identify the school psychologist s ethical-legal obligations to the parent prior to beginning an assessment and during interpretation of findings. 3. Describe five ethical-legal concerns a psychologist should consider in planning and conducting psychoeducational assessments. 4. What is test bias, bias in clinical application, and fairness of consequences 5. Identify the ethical-legal problems associated with districtmandated assessment batteries. 6. Identify the ethical concerns associated with the use of projective personality tests with school children. 7. Identify the ethical-legal issues associated with the selection and use of computer-assisted test interpretation programs.
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1 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 4.5 8
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100 Cs/(Ca+Cs) [% titrated]
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Proceed with litigation Does Client have rights to patent
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Financial Engineering, Risk Management, and Market Environment
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ful as they are today. Accepting the prediction, we can cast around for something to use this massive power for. One application comes immediately to mind better quality graphics. Although we are still limited to basic visual display units, we can imagine them being driven by more powerful software that allows the creation of virtual reality interfaces of extremely high quality, and thereby highly seductive for computer games or for the creation of on-line stores. This trend in processing power, as indicated in Figure 3.8, also extends to core memory . The term originally referred to the construction mechanism for this memory (literally, tiny toroids of magnetic material). The term more often used today is random access memory or RAM, but we have preferred to use the earlier term here: it reminds us that core memory is core to the processing elements of the computer, compared with disk drives and the like which are peripherals. Core is required when software is to be run quickly; the program to be executed must sit within the core, rather than on the peripheral, because the latter is much slower to access. In the case of operating systems, for example, some kernel activities such as control of basic input and output, always remain within the core, whilst less time-critical or less frequently used utilities are held on the disks and only loaded into core when required. Core is also used when we want to carry out software implementations of video and audio coding and decoding. Coding schemes such as the video MPEG standards, which, need to store successive frames of a video stream so that they can transmit only the changes, require fast access memory. Often it is convenient to replicate the screen layout with a set of video-plane memory locations, which can hold the entire data for a single video frame, plus another plane for text and graphics that will be
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