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Source-routing attack
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Fig. 1.1 The patient s history indicates the probable pathology.
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Application at DaimlerChrysler
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The sudo command just shown runs as chris and will work only on the host server1. In some organizations, the /etc/sudoers file is centrally managed and deployed to all the hosts, so it can be useful to specify sudo permissions on specific hosts. The sudo command also allows the definition of aliases, or predefined groups of users, commands, hosts. Check the /etc/sudoers file on your Linux system for examples of those features.
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12: Accessing Network Resources
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All work talk gets dull. You ll go crazy if you don t have casual chats during the workday. Besides, interacting on a human level with others binds you together in ways that makes work more productive and satisfying. Again, cubicle culture excels at providing this sort of thing. But you can get it even if you re working all alone in your home or in a caf . Social networking sites, microblogging services, text messaging, and online message boards can all keep you connected with other people.
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Superconducting Antennas
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People who appreciate moral reasoning know rules and principles are both necessary and often con ict. Because of this, edicts and principles must be placed in context to see which are the most appropriate in a given situation. Such a judgement is easiest if the situation is analysed into key elements, the range of alternatives for action made apparent and their pros and cons assessed.
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