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Non-Repudiation in the Banking Example
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C.3.5.3 Geodetic Latitude Geodetic latitude is de ned as the elevation angle above ( ) or below ( ) the equatorial plane of the normal to the ellipsoidal surface. This direction can be de ned in terms of the parametric latitude, because it is orthogonal to the meridional tangential direction. The vector tangential to the meridian will be in the direction of the derivative to the elliptical equation solution with respect to parametric latitude: 4 5 a cos fparametric @ vtangential G C:25 @fparametric b sin fparametric 4 a sin fparametric b cos fparametric 5 ; C:26
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The green layer
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A Simpli ed Network Architecture for the WFA Service.
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One of the most dif cult tasks in spectrum management of the 1990s was and still is dealing with the forecasts: user penetration and user demand, globalisation, service and technology innovation are some main criteria impacting the planning of this basic resource, which has to be long-term due to its global relevance. Up to now, we realise the mobile market has always been underestimated. It is exploding and turning into the fastest growing and largest eld in communications. The present forecasts estimate that between 2003 and 2004 the number of mobile terminals will surpass the number of xed line subscriptions. The year 2001 will add a new market stimulating technology to the mobile networks, the third generation component UMTS [6,8]. At this very signi cant moment of the development of mobile communications world-wide, it is important to have a look at the frequency situation. Frequencies are a limited resource, like pieces of land, they are available just once. It is dif cult not to exaggerate the importance of frequency planning and management, but probably the most important lesson that the industry learned so far in the past is to seriously consider identifying more frequency spectrum than appears necessary at the planning stage. Mobile communications in general and GSM in particular have been more successful than anyone foresaw and they are going to be extended coming initially from pure voice, then data and then to Internet/Intranet related services. Data traf c including the Internet/Intranet will have a tremendous impact around the world. Various forecasts signal higher subscription numbers than for voice, and also far higher data traf c. Voice and data traf c have different characteristics and will therefore be handled differently. Such developments change the traditional way of calculating frequency spectrum demand.
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Because markets tend to underproduce goods and services that have positive externalities, people have come up with ways to encourage higher levels of production. The most common way to encourage higher production of goods that generate positive externalities is with a subsidy. In the case of Sally s beekeeping business, the government may actually pay her a honey subsidy of, say, 20 pence per kilogram to encourage her to keep more hives. The result is more bees pollinating more flowers, leading to higher output levels for the farmers. In fact, the government may even tax the farmers to get the money to subsidise Sally s honey: doing so makes the programme pay for itself. Similarly, governments also often subsidise the planting of trees in and around cities. They must do so because many of the benefits of trees shade, cooling, cleaner air, less soil erosion and so on are positive externalities that markets don t take into account. Without the subsidy, fewer trees would be planted than is socially optimal.
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Cerebellum Sensation
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16: Short Message and Data Services
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QALY criteria degree of pain, length of expected life and degree of disability are at worst arbitrary and at best governed by a health service preoccupied with economics, mortality and morbidity. In the absence of a theory of health service purpose, there is no reason why these components should have been chosen before, for example, intelligence, amount of past income, amount of body hair, height or eye colour. Why not these measures If a person was unfortunate enough to be completely bald, quite small, rather stupid and to have been unemployed for a long time it might be concluded that her quality of life is low, and that someone else ought to be treated in her stead. These criteria would quickly be condemned as unfair and arbitrary discriminating solely according to a person s bad luck but of course this is precisely what the QALY measure does. The criteria might sound more objective, gaining credibility from the traditional medical context, but they have been selected from an inde nite range of alternatives. If you are old or disabled or in pain or immobile tough luck. It does not matter that you devote your life to charity you are 78 and not worth as much as the 25-yearold businessman with two children.
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