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In order to enable an object to migrate from one host to another, the designer of a server object implements the two operations copyand move. The signatures of these operations do not contain anytype-specific information and the operations therefore appear to be the same for all objects. The implementations of these two operations, however, are type-specific. This is because not only exported attributes but also all instance variables that are hidden in object implementations need to be transferred from one host to the other. In our soccer management example, the code needed for moving a player object is different from the code needed for moving a team object. In general, it is necessary that the migration operations are specifically implemented for each type of migratable object. In C O RBA-based systems, this is done by redefining the c o p y and m o v e operations in any subtype of LifeCycleObject. The first step of implementing the copyoperation is to create a new copyof the same object type. The implementation of the copy operation asks the factory finder for a reference of a suitable factory in the desired location and requests the factory to create a new copy. Even for moving an object, a new copy has to be created. This is necessary as, at least in C O RBA and C O M-based systems, we cannot make any assumptions about the particular data representation that is being used for the attributes and instance variables of objects. These will be different, for instance, if the object is copied or moved from a mainframe to a UNIX machine. Heterogeneity of data representations is resolved while values of public attributes and private instance variables of objects are transferred from the object to the newly-created copy of the object. These transfers are implemented by object requests that pass attribute and instance variable values as arguments. H ence, the standard mechanism of marshalling to a common external data representation is used to resolve data heterogeneity of object migration. The only difference between copying and moving an object is the treatment of the external C O RBA object reference or the C O M U ID. When copying an object, other clients are not affected as the original object remains operational. When moving an object, other clients should not be affected either. The object reference they possess on the object should remain operational and requests they make using the reference should now be executed on the new host. Hence, for the move operation, the implementation of the factory has to assign the same C O RBA object reference or C O M U ID to the new object. Migration is then transparent to clients. Creating new copies of objects, even if they only need to be moved, also resolves potential heterogeneity of the machine code that is needed to execute requested operations. The new copy is created by a factory on the target host and uses the same machine code, operating system calls and address space as the factory. Note, however, that this assumes that there is an implementation of both the factory and the object type available on any potential target host. We discuss the administration obligations that result from this assumption next.
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Source: Monthly Digest of Statistics.
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9.2.5 Technical Work in 3GPP Following the First Release
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That said there appears to be two important aspects to determine whether liability should be imposed. First, the injury alleged must be a recognised psychiatric disorder that is more than a claim purely for a temporary upset such as grief or distress or fright from which we all suffer at times (Hinz v. Berry, 1970; cf. Tredget v. Bexley Health Authority, 1994). Examples of psychiatric illness would include: clinical depression, personality changes, PTSD. Second, the person claiming the psychiatric harm must fall within a category accepted by the courts as being entitled to claim. This latter restriction may present dif culties for the professional rescuer, such as a police of cer, as we shall see shortly. Those who have duties of care, for example employers, will know, or be able to discover, those to whom they owe a duty, their employees. But they do not, similarly, know who will come to the rescue if there is a problem for which they are responsible. But it has been established that a rescuer will be able to recover compensation when suffering from psychiatric harm. However, such cases can be largely explained on the basis that the rescuer was a primary victim and as such at risk of being injured (Chadwick v. British Railways Board, 1967; cf. Duncan v. British Coal, 1990). Usually only professional rescuers will be able to claim if present at the scene of the accident. Such was the case in Hale v. London Underground (1992) where a reman claimed successfully for PTSD he suffered following the Kings Cross re. However, claims for psychiatric damage suffered at the scene of a disaster will not be successful in the case of those people who are not directly involved in the rescue but are merely described as bystanders (McFarlane v. E.E. Caledonia, 1994). The House of Lords, the most senior appeal court in the UK, does appear to be hostile towards claims by the emergency services for psychiatric injury suffered while in the course of their duty in the aftermath of a disaster. In Alcock v. Chief Constable of South Yorkshire (1992) the House of Lords had the opportunity to review the law in this area and to identify restricted circumstances in which a claim can succeed. This was the Hillsborough football disaster. A number of claims for psychiatric harm were made from a variety of people. Some were present at the incident and others had family or friends at the football grounds. The House of Lords refused all claims and identi ed factors that must be present in determining whether an individual could recover compensation. These were: the proximity in time and space to the negligent incident; the proximity of the relationship with the party who was a victim of the incident (this will depend on the existence of a close tie of love and affection with the victim), or presence at the scene as a rescuer and the cause of the psychiatric harm being a result of witnessing or hearing the horrifying event or the immediate aftermath. The Alcock (1992) case identi es the classes of claimant who will be successful. Primary victims are those present at the scene and themselves injured this injury can be either physical, psychological or both (McFarlane v. E.E. Caledonia, 1994). Alternatively, it would cover those who were present at the scene and their own safety was threatened (Dulieu v. White & Sons, 1901). Secondary victims are those who are not primary victims of the accident but who are able to show a close enough tie of love and affection to a victim and witnessed the accident or its immediate aftermath.
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According to his personal scoring system the doctor feels he should in the best interest of the child and his parents discontinue intensive care. He thinks this would be acceptable to most people, especially if they could witness his deformities and suffering. He realises he does not know this for sure, and is aware that whatever decision he takes will be contentious. He scores 16 divided by 5, an average score of over 3 so he is reassured he has a role (which was the major part of his initial question). He is operating within a variety of uncertainties. In addition to his uncertainties of interpretation, of ethics and of self, he does not know what will happen to the child if therapy is discontinued. Dr Wilson is clear, however, that he is operating within the limits of medicine. Who else , he asks, could take such a decision Other people might place Dr Wilson in different circles, and set the segments to different sizes. However, because Dr Wilson has produced a clear graphic image, because he has made his deliberation about the extent of his role overt and explicit, the use of the Rings at least allows meaningful conversation to start. The case of the badly handicapped neonate is not one that can have a happy solution. Whatever the decision, there will be tragedy. A more complete ethical analysis would involve a detailed consideration of the range of cost and bene ts, a discussion of the doctor s duty and priorities, and an assessment of the severity of the various potential harms (or dwar ngs) with a view to minimising them. In other words, a full analysis requires the Ethical Grid.
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7: Administering File Systems
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280 TABLE 9.1
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commit crimes driven by impulses with no obvious direct relationship to the targets that they are acted upon. If we accept that this re ects a psychological disintegration of the individual, then crime prevention measures may be effective in early intervention, such as those suggested by Farrington and others (Baldry and Winkel, 2001; Farrington, 1993, 1996). While it is recognised that offences committed by the mentally ill are relatively rare, they seem to nevertheless occupy a disproportionate signi cance in the public fear of crime, and the media are always quick to highlight failures in the system. Therefore a number of political agendas could be served by directing resources towards interventions that diffuse the burden for affecting psychological change to include the support services, not just the criminal justice system.
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enhance this sense of value, whilst at the same time reducing the vendor s cost of answering queries. An on-line service, telephone or otherwise is much easier to sell to the board if it can be positioned as revenue earning (or at least cost-recovery) rather than as a pure advertising loss. A signi cant added value of premium rate services to the retailer is as a mechanism for collecting revenue. The telecom provider handles all the charging and billing for use of the service. In past years for technical, regulatory and business inertial reasons, the charging mechanism was in exible. The premium rate was set at a single, call-duration rate above that of a basic call and the excess revenue thus gained was split between the telecoms company and the vendor. This was not ideal for the selling of information, particularly valuable material, because it meant that charging was based on length of call, rather than on value imparted. This led to a number of stratagems for increasing call connection time: lengthy teasers and convoluted navigation through multiple selections using touch-tone keying; in the case of information retrieval via fax machines, arti cially slowing down the transmission rate. This was condemned by one telecoms regulator, (wrongly, in the author s opinion). In recent years, the three inhibitory factors have been eased and a more exible charging regime has emerged. However, there still remains in the minds of some customers that some of these are scam practices used to promote tacky services. Although it is not a pure telephone service, we also should mention Internet callback applications. This is a method which combines the advantages of Internet services and telephony: on-line customers accessing a company s Web site and wishing to be contacted, can complete a form which includes their telephone number. The form is routed by the company s server to an automated but manned reception point, for example a call-centre. The call-centre agent can then make an outbound call to the customer. This is actually cheaper to the company than having an 800 freephone number available to customers. The sales dynamics of this approach are slightly different from in-bound 800 calling. The customer is relieved of the need to go to the telephone and from the spontaneous impulse of a phoning act with instant response but eased into a less stressing act that might elicit more information from the form. Market testing is the only way to decide whether this is an effective approach. We also should note that premium rate numbers can be used for charging for Web-based services. As we mentioned in the chapter on Retailing network technologies, Internet connections from private customers usually use the conventional local telephone network. The telephone connection charges that are charged by Internet Service Providers are usually set as low as possible, in order to encourage users to access the service, but it is also possible to use higher rates as a way of collecting payment for added value services. One typical example is in browsing on-line maps. Customers access the Map-provider s home page using the normal low-cost
Since 0 = k/120 , the bandwidth becomes: kz 2 BW = 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 w hkz k y kz ( k x + k y )(1 + sinc kz ) 128 k 5 ( 1)2 sin 2 Inserting dimensional ratios:
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