Figure 6-1. Upper and lower Kissimmee River drainage basins, locations of historic (U.S. in .NET

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$ rpm -qa | grep kernel | sort $ rpm -qa | grep kernel | sort -r Sort in alphanumeric order Sort in reverse alphanumeric order
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Services for Distributed Object Transactions
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Here ulk i 1 wlk i is the feedback input received by the input node. (The 1 is the feedback activation value of the auxiliary node corresponding to the lk th hidden node.) The total input received by the lk th hidden node when it is on is given by ul k
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Avoid Expensive Overhead Charges by Maintaining Accurate Inventory Counts. Challenge: Action: Maintain the effectiveness of our cycle counting system. We have an effective system of daily work-in-progress (WIP) cycle counts. Here, our WIP cycle-count process measures inventory accuracy of the work order and the piece count of each operation. To enhance this process, we utilize a hand-held barcode reader, which records the work order, operation, quantity, floor location, date, and time. We download these data to a spreadsheet, comparing them to baseline-system data. Our accuracy (95%) has eliminated the need to perform a wall-to-wall physical inventory for the past two years. Its cost: $150,000 plus two days of lost production. Controller, manufacturer, 520 employees, Ohio.
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Context Awareness and Modeling: Background
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The Grid
managers for day-to-day operations. But this approach instilled a me-first attitude. Secretarial-administrators didn t always understand the nuances of the business, while agent-managers were naturally prone to favoritism in how the best walk-in referrals got doled out. By upgrading to professional administrators or managers who were responsible for running the office, recruiting new agents, and improving overall performance numbers, RE/MAX brokers injected fairness and team spirit into operations. Offices became more closely bonded as a result, driving for individual and group goals with a positive attitude characteristic of the brokers themselves. The shift to fixed costs was another critical leap forward for the professionalization of the system. In the early years, brokers monitored and shared expenses with agents in an open-book fashion. But dealing with itemized expenses led agents to question each one and took up a great deal of the broker s time. Gary Thomas, a broker owner from California, couldn t stand focusing valuable energy on small details when he knew that everyone would be better off driving for more growth. A business manager in his pre RE/MAX life, Thomas took all the nickels, dimes, and dollars and added them up on a yearly basis to determine the average cost that each agent incurred. This became the agent s fixed cost for the following year. From the perspective of developing a business mindset, agents benefited from knowing exactly what they were going to spend on fixed costs in the coming year and having that money taken directly out of their paychecks, rather than paying a bill at the end of each month. Suddenly, they had a baseline to move forward from and began to think more like businesspeople about growth. Brokers like Gary Thomas were also instrumental in broadening the revenue streams of those business agents, adding escrow, title company, mortgage, and other services. It all comes down to thinking about the customer from the agent s point of view: How can that agent look better in the eyes of a potential customer What services and capabilities will make it easier and more profitable for him or her to conduct business What s going to make it more appealing for that customer to work with one of his or her agents instead of someone at one of the other major brands This overall professionalization the fixed costs, the maximum commission-split structure, the use of personal promotion, the way the office was organized and managed, the array of services all led to a differ-
TABLE 9.4 Cases Used in Geometry-per-Station Analysis Case 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 A B C D E F UDRE 17.9 45.8 135 4.5 5.8 4.0 7.5 8.6 6.6 47.7 21.5 16.4 28.5 45.4 31.1 55.0 6.7 8.3 6.7 21.0 22.0 24.9 54.6 22.0 29.0 54.8 13.2 GDOP 905 2516 56536 254 212 154 439 337 271 2799 1405 1334 1686 3196 1898 4204 257 338 257 1124 1191 1407 4149 1198 1731 4164 609 139 422 3343 13211 67 64 Satellite AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W AOR-W POR POR POR POR POR POR POR MTSAT MTSAT MTSAT MTSAT MTSAT MTSAT MTSAT MTSAT TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST Geometry WAAS stations (25), 21 in view 4 WAAS stations (CONUS) 4 WAAS stations (NE) WAAS stations Santiago WAAS stations London WAAS stations+ Santiago London 4 WAAS stations (CONUS) Santiago 4 WAAS stations (CONUS) London 4 WAAS stations (CONUS) Santiago London 4 WAAS stations (NE) Santiago 4 WAAS stations (NE) London 4 WAAS stations (NE) Santiago London WAAS stations (25), 8 in view WAAS stations, Hawaii WAAS stations, Cold Bay WAAS stations, Hawaii, Cold Bay WAAS stations Sydney WAAS stations Tokyo WAAS stations Sydney Tokyo MSAS stations, 8 in view MSAS stations Hawaii MSAS stations Australia MSAS stations Hawaii, Australia MSAS stations Ibaraki MSAS stations Ibaraki, Australia MSAS stations Ibaraki, Australia, Hawaii MSAS stations Cold Bay Theta 75 Theta 30 Theta 10 Theta 5 41 stations 41 4 stations
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