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P, The ISO Index Settlement in $/MWH
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Figure 11.10 Terminal maximum input signal level test with DCH and with HSDPA 16QAM.
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Copyright and Video Streaming
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The 1980s spending boom encouraged many big name fashion houses to expand their commercial activities through retailing and licensing. For many large investors, the appeal of high fashion lies not so much in their collections, but rather in the lucrative licences for perfumes and other products bearing the designer s name. Under a licensing agreement the designer will lend his or her name to products made by mainstream manufacturers. In spite of changing economic circumstances and problems associated with a strong pound and weak yen, the demand for British goods continues to grow in Japan. As a result, leading edge designers such as Paul Smith now have a high percentage of their business in Japan as licensing since the rst licensing agreement was signed with C. Itoh in 1986; the company had sales of over 300 million in 2006. Burberry has signed a licensing agreement with Luxottica a world leader in premium eyewear developer and distributor to produce its rst premium eyewear collection in 2007. Around 86 million, comprising 11% of Burberry s sales turnover, was derived from licensing in 2007. In licensing, fashion houses such as Lauren and Dior must maintain a delicate balance between pro ting from the prestige of their name and not simultaneously jeopardizing their exclusivity and high fashion image and reputation. Ralph Lauren concerns himself with
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8: The UMTS Standardisation Work in ETSI
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Dynamic Enterprise Architecture
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$ rsync -avz --delete chris@server1:/home/chris/pics/ chrispics/
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Ground-based jammer
Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
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