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The tolerance sensitivity S is de ned as the ratio of variance of peak eld strength 2 produced by errors of variance T (Uzsoky and Solymar, 1956): 2 J J* j ( E )2 2 J A J* J J* 2 S = E = E2 = = 2 j 2 J A J* j j
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Using each of these strategies (as well as in combination) doesn t necessarily quickly solve the puzzle, but it at least gives you a starting point. Naturally, as you start filling in the cells, some of the other rows and columns in the puzzle can become easier to solve because fewer valid digit choices will remain that will fit. For example, in Figure 10-21, I start by looking at the sixth column because it has only three empty cells. I can tell that the remaining three cell values cannot be a 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, or 4, because those digits are already present in the sixth column. Focusing on the top-most empty cell, I also can see that the top-center 3 3 grid already has a 2 and a 3 in it. So for this cell, there is only one possible value, 1, which I enter in Figure 10-22. Whew, only 49 more cells to go!
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Purification Methods for Solvents in Common Use
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several bits set to zero is not necessarily more effective than a full length 64 bit key). As the mobile and the base station system were not supposed to manipulate Kc but use it as received from the SIM and the Authentication Centre of the subscriber s home network respectively, the effective key length could be controlled by the operator. Some equipment manufacturers had, however, interpreted the speci cations differently. The issue was nally clari ed by SMG#30 in November 1999 where the original meaning was con rmed. User access to the SIM as a medium to provide GSM service is controlled by a Personal Identi cation Number (PIN). This number can be changed and freely chosen by the user within the range of 4-8 digits. The introduction of new features created a new security scenario as the user of the SIM might not be the subscriber. Typical examples at the time were lorry drivers using SIMs with xed dialling numbers controlled by the eet manager and SIMs supporting advice of charge with a spending limit set in the card by a parent. As the driver should not necessarily be able to edit the numbers or the child to reset the spending limit, a super-PIN needed to be speci ed to protect the contents of the new data- elds against unauthorised changes. As neither of these two features was completed for phase 1, the super-PIN became a phase 2 item. Before its introduction in September 1991 at SIMEG#23, it was renamed PIN2 to emphasise the fact that it was not superior to the normal PIN, but of a similar nature, accessing data- elds compared with accessing an application. PIN Unblocking Keys (PUKs) had been introduced by SIMEG as another hitherto unknown feature. The PUK provides the user with a means to reactivate the corresponding PIN which had previously been blocked by wrong PIN entries. The actual process of keying in a PIN with the subsequent veri cation by the SIM is, however, not mandated by the speci cations. These allow disabling of the check of the PIN altogether (though not of PIN2) subject to the discretion of the operator who has to nd the right balance between security and ease of use for its speci c clientele or group of subscribers. As this feature is programmed during the personalisation of the SIM, it can be set on a per SIM basis as speci ed by the operator. An interesting interaction between PIN check and security is the order in which the PIN check and the authentication of the SIM by the network are performed. Doing the PIN check rst, as introduced by SIMEG#32 in May 1993, has two advantages. The prompt for the user to key in the PIN comes immediately after the mobile has been switched on, and not after the log-on to the network which may take some time in particular when roaming. It also mitigates the possibility of a cryptographic attack against the (SIM speci c) secret subscriber authentication key of a stolen SIM as the correct PIN of the interrogated SIM would have to be presented to the SIM prior to the delivery of the authentication challenges (unless the PIN check is disabled). Such attacks brie y surfaced in spring 1998. 11
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Assuming that your wireless card is up and running, there are some useful commands in the wireless-tools package you can use to view and change settings for your wireless cards. In particular, the iwconfig command can help you work with your wireless LAN interfaces. The following scans your network interfaces for supported wireless cards and lists their current settings:
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