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whether to count a subject as a case in a survey may require a different kind of judgement to that of the clinician who must decide whether a patient ts a diagnosis. In the former case, the decision may affect aetiological inference; in the latter, the decision may in uence the nature of the treatment offered. Sometimes whether or not treatment will be offered at all may be at stake. These things can be important. Thus the EDNOS category inevitably includes some less severe cases that nevertheless pass the test of being of clinical signi cance. Many of these will be partial syndromes of a kind that just miss out on ful lling criteria for one of the main disorders. They will often do so in ways which may be quantitative the bulimic who does not binge quite often enough or qualitative, that is, their difference does not seem to threaten the essence of the disorder e.g. the previously cited case of the female anorectic whose periods persist surprisingly despite important weight loss. However, there will also be people who have disorders which are diagnosed as EDNOS but who seem to be caught up in patterns of dif culty that are qualitatively different in ways which do seem to be signi cant.
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A similar approach applies to applications development, whereby the designer of applications does not need to know the details of the inner rooms and it can also make applications portable across a range of hardware and software platforms. Unfortunately, as well as being a convenient metaphor for explaining good-faith system design, it also provides a too-comfortable picture, when we try to draw an analogy with physical security, which progressively restricts access to critical resources, with checks and authorities on each door as one moves inwards. However, it is not a true picture. The reality is closer to that of Figure 2.2. We rst have to realise that the user does not access the system via some abstract application port , the connection is real, physical and very much
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Part II Electrochemical Techniques and Their Applications in Non-Aqueous Solutions
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If you start feeling any pain at all, address it immediately. Mild wrist
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Compensation is only awarded if damage can actually be demonstrated (Epstein, 1995). Compensation is usually awarded on the basis of the degree of impairment that impedes the claimant s capacity to function in a range of domains. A common mistake, in compensation-related assessments, involves the distinction between diagnosis and impairment. It is important that the assessment of psychological injury goes beyond the simple level of diagnostic de nitions and addresses how psychological injury is adversely affecting the individual. For example, an individual may not suffer suf cient symptoms to meet a particular diagnostic threshold but may, nonetheless, display marked impairment as a result of the psychological injury. Alternatively, although an individual may suffer a range of PTSD symptoms, the individual may be able to function very ably. Establishing the level of damage secondary to psychological injury is not simple. In de ning damages, different jurisdictions distinguish between compensation for direct results of the injury (e.g. lost wages, medical bills), losses that can be estimated in nancial terms (e.g. nancial remuneration for physical injury), and future damages (e.g. future loss of wages, medical wages). Whereas the loss of a limb can be quanti ed objectively, the quanti cation of damages secondary to psychological injury is dif cult. Many jurisdictions refer to pain and suffering as a non-pecuniary damage in recognition of its unquanti able nature (Douglas et al., 1999). A major issue confronting the eld of compensation assessment is the development of reliable means to index psychological suffering. Whereas one can assess functioning, in terms of ability to work, perform family duties, and engage in leisure activities, measuring suffering as a result of PTSD or other psychiatric condition can be dif cult. To achieve a defensible conclusion regarding impairment, one should use the claimant s prior level of functioning in occupational, academic, interpersonal, leisure and other domains as the baseline against which any impairment is to be judged. The evaluation of prior and current functioning should rely, to a large extent, on objective and documented evidence (e.g. work record, academic performance, etc.). It would be dif cult to argue that marked suffering is occurring in the absence of any objective indices re ecting increased suffering since the injury. One of the major changes associated with the in uence of the Daubert decision was that courts were not limited to the general acceptance of prevailing views, as de ned by Frye v. United States (1923, US S.Ct). Long-held opinions about matters can be challenged if appropriate scienti c evidence is presented to the court. This is a critical development in the domain of PTSD, where many traditional views can be effectively challenged by recent evidence. For example, it has often been argued that PTSD cannot develop where the individual sustained a traumatic brain injury
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HS-DSCH modulation
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