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COM interfaces have a unique physical identifier (UUID).
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The AccountHistory class contains code to access the TransactionHistory table given a valid account ID. Listing 10-9 shows the code for the AccountHistory class. Listing 10-9: package chapter10 ; import java.sql.* ; public class AcctHistory extends SQLBean { private private private private private String String String String String acctNumber = "" ; transactionDate = "" ; transactionType = "" ; security = "" ; numberShares = "" ;
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Although you can use the init command to change to any run level, including init 0 (shut down) and init 6 (reboot), there are also specific commands for stopping Linux. The advantages of commands such as halt, reboot, poweroff, and shutdown are that they include options to let you stop some features before shutdown occurs. For example: WARNING! Don t try the following commands if you don t intend to actually turn off your system, especially on a remote system.
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Verify the Property s Insurance Claims History before You Buy an Option
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Transport Protocols based on Specialized Router Processing
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that is, as linear combinations of I3 , r, and rrT with scalar functions of r as the coef cients. The derivation uses the time derivatives of the basis matrices, d I 03 ; dt 3 d _ r r ; dt d T _ _ rr rrT rrT ; dt where the vector _ r d r; dt C:161 C:158 C:159 C:160
FIGURE 5.5.14 MTF as function of over ow length for interconnection ow.
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