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2. All chemical bonds of the carbon atoms are satis ed and there is no need for chemical passivation of free bonds as in silicon. 3. The strong C C covalent bonding gives the CNTs high mechanical and thermal stability and resistance to electromigration. Current densities as high as 1010 A/cm2 can be sustained in metallic CNTs. 4. The diameter of a CNT is controlled by chemistry, not by fabrication. 5. Both active devices and interconnections can be made of semiconducting and metallic nanotubes. 6. Thermal conductivity along the axis is roughly twice that of diamond. Carbon nanotubes have shown great promise for use as interconnections in nanotechnology circuit applications. This is particularly because they can conduct large currents of the order of a 106 A/cm2 without any deterioration, thus avoiding the electromigration problems characteristic of metallic interconnections. The scatteringfree transport of electrons possible in defect-free CNTs is a very attractive feature of CNTs for microelectronic applications. The reduction in the thickness of conventional metallic or polycrystalline interconnections leads to additional scattering at the surfaces and grain boundaries, thereby deteriorating the interconnection resistance. Carbon nanotudes provide undistributed quasi-crystalline wirelike structure where pulses can travel uninterrupted by length-dependent ohmic scattering. The approximate estimation of signal delays with a simple model proves that nanotubes would surpass classical wires with respect to signal delays. Plenty of work on using CNTs for building ICs is in progress [37 40]. Researchers are also trying to develop complex gates and circuits by fabricating devices along the length of a single CNT. Nanotube Vias The ability to grow nanotubes at speci c sites has helped researchers to design CNT vias [41]. Vias are de ned as interconnections between wiring layers in chips and are prone to deterioration due to current crowding and electromigration. Carbon nanotubes have been proposed as the alternative for metal plugs to overcome these problems. Ultra-large-scale integrated (ULSI) circuits have problems that originate from stress and electromigration of copper interconnections, particularly the vias. One proposed solution for this problem is to use CNTs with large migration tolerance as vias. Bundles of CNTs must be used as vias to get enough current for large-scale integrated (LSI) interconnections. Hot- lament chemical vapor phase deposition (HF-CVD) can be used to grow CNT bundles in the via holes. Mechanical polishing with diamond slurry can be done to control the length of the CNT vias after their growth. Figure 6.4.2a suggests that the total resistance of the CNT via is about three orders of magnitude lower than that of a single CNT and that there is no visible degradation of the via current with time as shown in Fig. 6.4.2b. Such measurements show that the current ows in parallel through the thousands of nanotubes used in the vias which are end bonded to the upper and lower electrodes [41]. The total resistance of a CNT via with about 5000 nanotubes has been shown to be about 1 , and this resistance can be
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CORBA interoperability is transparent to client and server programmers.
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2: Installing Fedora and Adding Software
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Management of Women at High Risk for Gynecologic Cancers
FIGURE 13.3 Asynchronous stream cipher.
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