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def tower law test(self): integrator = ppf.math.semi analytic domain integrator() nt = 31 nT = 31 ntT = 31 t = 0.5 T = 1.0 mut = 0.0 muT = 0.0 vol = 0.2 volt = vol*math.sqrt(t) volT = vol*math.sqrt(T) ft = ppf.math.normal distribution(mut, volt) fT = ppf.math.normal distribution(muT, volT) xt = ft.state(5.5, nt) xT = fT.state(5.5, nT) meantT = muT-mut voltT = math.sqrt(volT*volT-volt*volt) ftT = ppf.math.normal distribution(meantT, voltT) xtT = ftT.state(5.5, ntT) yT = numpy.zeros(nT) for i in range(nT): yT[i] = math.exp(xT[i]-0.5*volT*volT) # lognormal martingale yt = integrator.rollback(t, T, xt, xT, xtT, ftT, yT) ns = 31 s = 0 mus = 0.0 vols = 0.0 fs = ppf.math.normal distribution(mus, vols) xs = fs.state(5.5, ns) meansT = muT-mus volsT = math.sqrt(volT*volT-vols*vols) fsT = ppf.math.normal distribution(meansT, volsT) xsT = fsT.state(5.5, ntT) ys = integrator.rollback(s, T, xs, xT, xsT, fsT, yT) meanst = mut-mus
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Port Lucaya Marketplace. & 242/373-8513. Lunch main courses $78 $11; dinner main courses $8 $17. DC, MC, V. Daily 7am 11pm.
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Java Database Connectivity
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The page directive at the beginning of Listing 9-1 directs exceptions to the JSP page errorpageex1.jsp. Notice that the routine getBound does not catch any exceptions, notably the NumberFormatException. Any exceptions will be directed to the JSP page errorpageex1.jsp. Figure 9-2 shows what a faultless execution of the JSP page example1.jsp looks like.
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It s hard to focus on connecting with other people or finding innovative connections across ideas if you re overloaded by your ongoing responsibilities. The more you get a handle on your day-to-day work, the more you can experiment and explore new opportunities online. So the first order of business or should I say busyness is to get your regular work done. By regular work, I mean those tasks and projects that you can get done mainly by yourself or with routine collaboration. This is the work you know how to do. You know what to do. You just need to get it done. Try these tips to get busy.
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Unfortunately the preceding command does not work with softraid md partitions, lvm partitions, and some hardware RAID driver-specific devices. If you want to find out what files and directories are currently open on your storage devices, you can use the lsof command. This command can be particularly useful if you are trying to unmount a file system that keeps telling you it is busy. You can check what open file is preventing the unmount and decide if you want to kill the process holding that file open and force an unmount of the file system. Here is an example of lsof:
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from initiation of treatment, to assessment and diagnosis, to utilization of evidence-based treatments, to methods to avoid relapse. Several intervention models for addiction psychotherapy that have been adapted for use within the systemic dynamic of couple relationships are reviewed in light of a case presentation. The case presentation is an amalgam of real-life cases meshed together to provide an overview of issues and therapeutic processes found relevant for couples with addiction. It reflects the somewhat optimistic evidence for couples treatment of addiction; actual individual cases often have complications at one stage or another. The role of personality factors, as they interact with addictive behaviors, and a process for relationship restoration following sobriety are considered. Finally, specific features that impact some couples, but not others (e.g., domestic violence, ethnic identity, addiction by both partners), are included to illustrate the many faces of addiction in couples. I N I T I A L CA SE P R E SE N TAT ION Rick was a 35-year-old Caucasian manager in a technology company. He was a strong, popular boss who attracted a great deal of admiration at work. He was married to Liz, a 33-year-old Latina he had met in college and married shortly after graduation. They had two children, Richard Jr., called Ricky, and Martina, ages 8 and 6, respectively. Rick made good money and Liz worked part-time while the kids were in school. They had all the trappings of an upper-middle-class family, but things were starting to fall apart because Rick had a drinking and drug abuse problem. INITIATION OF CHANGE BY THE PARTNER Addictive behaviors may plague a couple s relationship for some time before treatment is sought. It is common knowledge that denial of the problem is characteristic of addicts. Partners are often stuck between conflicting reactions of enabling and confronting. Enabling reflects the powerlessness experienced by some partners and their desire not to rock the boat with the addict. They believe that if they can manage or control the consequences of the addictive behavior, things will eventually improve. Although it is not their intent, by minimizing negative consequences and keeping the family on track despite the addictive behavior, they may actually perpetuate the problem. On the other hand, partners will sometimes become so hurt by the addictive behavior that they react in anger to confront the addict with demands for change. Intense encounters may lead to promises of change, but when the anger of the partner diminishes, so does the addict s commitment to change. Alternatively, some addicts will defend themselves or simply pull away during confrontational episodes; this has been termed the demand-withdraw interaction, and it may predict poor retention in treatment that is similar in making demands for abstinence of the
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