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Method Signature void ejbRemove() Description The container invokes remove immediately prior to ending the life of the message bean (new with release 2.0). Sets the message-driven context immediately after creating the instance of the message bean.
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Suppose that so far, all seems OK. Since the instances of Data were created in command mode, we would like to check where they came from, preferably without leaving the FLOPS run. We can do this by clicking on TFLOPS echo.par on the tack bar at the bottom of the desktop. We do so, look for Data in data creation section at the bottom of the echo.par program, and nd that the instances of Data were transferred from the le echodata.dat . We have already seen the contents of Data instance with time tag one; suppose that the contents are OK. We are now reduced to nding something wrong with rule r0. We go back to the FLOPS run by clicking on FLOPSW on the task bar at the bottom of the desktop, and inspect rule r0 by entering prule r0; , We do so, and see: rule r0 rconf 1000 ON block 0 ON (goal: Moves input data to Region , converts to fuzzy numbers) IF ( in Data frame = <F> AND rnum = <N> AND area = <A> AND xbar = <X> AND ybar = <Y> AND border = <B> )
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Part II Advanced BlackBerry Hacks
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This proposal was endorsed with a very high majority. It cleared the way to the 3GPP agreement signed in December 1998. The Success of 3GPP The rst 3GPP Technical Meeting in December 1998 attracted 350 delegates and the level
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