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Implementing Strategic Dialogue between business and IT top management as a continuous process. Embedding Strategic Dialogue, Architectural Services, and Development with and without Architecture as continuous processes of innovation and improvement.
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In April 1994, Gunnar Sandegren handed over the chairmanship of SMG1 to me. Thus Gunnar s contribution can be considered as primarily for phase 2 and preparation for phase 21, while my contribution was for phase 21 and later the initial releases of UMTS. Phase 21 became a series of annual releases so separate versions of speci cations needed to be maintained for each release indeed they are still maintained. Changes may affect all releases or (now more usually) just later ones (see Table 10.2.3). The rst phase 21 release was version 5, known as Release 96. The rst items of phase 21 approved were: GSM 02.67, 68 and 69 a priority service, voice broadcast and group call. These were typical Private Mobile Radio (PMR) services and could be used in a variety of applications but were speci cally required by the European Railway Project (UIC). Collectively, these became known as Advanced Speech Call Items (ASCI) although this term is not of cially de ned. Phase 21 also included:
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Strategic Dialogue
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