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'He's sleepy, slow and unsteady. He wet the bed last night.'
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2 At the European Seminar on Mobile Radio Communications (Brussels, 7 8 April 1987), already mentioned in 2, a presentation on the project was made by R. Gibson of Philips Research.
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ESSENTIALS of Intellectual Proper ty
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in 2 final = "RA+RV" ; :rule r18 rule block 7 (goal Checks for LA+LV+RA+RV) IF (in Region frame = <FR> AND class is LA+LV+RA+RV) THEN reset , write LA+LV+RA+RV present in frame <FR>\n , in 1 final = "LA+LV+RA+RV" ; :rule r19 rule block 7 (goal Checks for ARTIFACT) IF (in Region frame = <FR> AND class is ARTIFACT) THEN reset , write ARTIFACT present in frame <FR>\n , in 1 final = "ARTIFACT" ; :rule r20 rule block 7 (goal Checks for LUNG) IF (in Region frame = <FR> AND class is LUNG) THEN reset , write LUNG present in frame <FR>\n , in 1 final = "LUNG" ; : -----------------------------------------------------:Block 8 rules write classifications to screen in serial mode :rule r21 rule block 8 (goal Writes final classifications to screen ) IF ( in Region frame <FR> AND rnum <N> AND final <CK> ) ( in Print rnum = <N> ) THEN write Final crisp classification for frame <FR> region <N>\: <CK>\n , in 2 rnum = (<N> + 1) ;
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78 Ethics: The Heart of Health Care
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ing to the 2004 Health Care Consumer Poll from Towers Perrin, only half of employees understand that their employers cannot afford to absorb all benefits cost increases. Says Mark Schumann, a Towers Perrin principal: We have to make progress in terms of employees understanding the context for change. Exhibit 3.6 may also be helpful to benefits managers who want to establish a dialogue with employees about benefits costs. Developed by Watson Wyatt Data Services, this chart shows quartile and median benefits expense per full-time equivalent employee at for-profit organizations, nonprofits, manufacturers, nonmanufacturers, and financial services businesses. At many companies, employees can review this information and see that their employer has to cut benefits costs to remain competitive. The definition Watson Wyatt uses to calculate benefits expense is: total company-paid expenses for medical, paid time off, pension and retirement savings plans, legally required benefits, other employee insurance (such as life and accidental death and dismemberment), and other benefits such as severance pay, for the past fiscal year. Watson Wyatt only includes the employer-paid portion of each of these items. It excludes payments made on behalf of retired employees.
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GCTs tumors tend to be unilateral and present at an early stage in about 70% of cases. Fertilitysparing surgical staging is indicated for both malignant GCTs and sex cord stromal tumors because the ovary is the most common site of disease at diagnosis (95%). Fertility-sparing surgery consists of unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissection, peritoneal biopsies (bladder re ection, posterior cul-de-sac, bilateral para-colic gutters, and diaphragmatic surface), and omentectomy. The ipsilateral fallopian tube should be removed because of the intimate vascular and lymphatic connections between the ovary and tube. Survival does not seen to be compromised by using conservative management for patients with early-stage malignant GCTs. A critical question is whether a patient s fertility is affected by surgery alone. In a study at Charing Cross Hospital, 86% of patients underwent fertility-sparing surgery for primary ovarian disease with the majority (93%) only having unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. Approximately 54% of these patients had a subsequent successful pregnancy.21 Another study of 86 patients with malignant GCTs had a fertilitysparing surgery rate of 74%, and 76% of those patients achieved at least one pregnancy. Half of the patients who achieved a pregnancy had received adjuvant chemotherapy, and none of the
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Quantifying risk
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Fast and Ef cient Context-Aware Services
In 2007, one medium cheese pizza costs 10, a pint of subsidised student union brown ale 2 and an overly long, poorly written, incomprehensible introductory economics textbook costs 120. The next year, the price of a medium cheese pizza actually falls to 9 because a new pizza outlet opens up
Owen McIntosh and Paul McCarthy were charged with numerous offenses arising from the robbery of a dry-cleaning store in which the victim was beaten with a metal rod by one assailant and shot by a second assailant. The two accused men were arrested approximately three months after the incident. Circumstantial evidence was available which linked the accused to the scene of the crime and the getaway car. The Crown s case with respect to the robbery consisted primarily of three eyewitnesses: the victim who was black, the owner of the store who was Chinese, and a white passerby. The two accused were black. At trial the defendants sought to call this writer as an expert on eyewitness identi cation. On a voir dire to test whether this expert evidence was admissible the defense proposed evidence related to: the factors present at the time of the robbery that would impair the witnesses ability to make an accurate identi cation, the problem of crossracial identi cation, the quality of memory recall for perceived events of different time spans, the in uence of post event information on memory, the validity of the photographic lineup, the misconception of jurors with respect to photographic lineups, the dif culties with in dock identi cations and police procedures relating to the identi cation of the two accused persons. The trial judge, Madame Justice Wein, refused to admit this evidence. Mr Justice Finlayson of the Ontario Court of Appeal summed up the tenor of my evidence in my own words:
7.1 Dissociation of Electrolytes and Electrolytic Conductivity Fig. 7.1 K Kcal vs c relations for lithium halide solutions in sulfolane at 30 8C, where K is the experimental molar conductivity and Kcal the molar conductivity calculated from Eq. (7.1) [1a].
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