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Pulmonary complications are often observed around the time of molar evacuation among patients with uterine enlargement greater than 14 to 16 weeks gestational size.4 Baseline arterial blood gases may be valuable in managing patients with uterine enlargement. Respiratory distress syndrome may be caused by trophoblastic embolization, high-output congestive heart failure caused by anemia, hyperthyroidism, preeclampsia, or iatrogenic uid overload. In general, these complications should be treated aggressively with therapy directed by central hemodynamic monitoring and ventilator support as required. Patients with hyperthyroidism should undergo medical management prior to evacuation to prevent thyroid storm during anesthesia. Pregnancy-induced hypertension may require antihypertensive medications and magnesium therapy, but will rarely result in eclampsia. These medical complications usually regress
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We may think we know what the right course is in a given professional situation, but do we really In her book On Becoming an Artist: Reinventing Yourself Through Mindful Creativity, mindfulness researcher Ellen Langer says, As we search for the right answer, the potential opportunities that result from many alternatives and the vagaries of our intuition are problems to be ignored or held constant. Yet those potential opportunities and alternatives that you ignore or fix in place may lead to the best outcomes you just can t predict. When you seek to cut back on unimportant tasks, then, don t judge them solely on their potential results; while you can predict some outcomes you can t know everything that will flow from one choice or another. You can try to predict what might happen from a particular path, but don t put too much weight on that prediction. The working world is far more complex and random than what you might want to believe.*
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From Lemma A.14.1 we know that E E p1 (E) log2 p2 (E) is maximized for a fixed distribution p1 by choosing p2 p1 . Consequently, the above expression is minimized by choosing a1 dom(A1 ) : aj dom(Aj ) : ak(j) dom(Ak(j) ) : Pt (a1 ) = P(a1 ) and Pt (aj | ak(j) ) = P(aj | ak(j) ).
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Source: Keeland and Conner, 1999 (copyright Wetlands, by permission).
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Ai = ai .
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Hie rarchical Locking Protocol
Privileged Communication
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