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behaves and the bene ts she or he seeks from the product. Then and only then are descriptors considered. An obvious example may be the categorization of customers into those who are heavy spenders, moderate spenders or low spenders. For the fashion retailer operating a store card system the data should be readily available on a database along with other demographic information about customers, i.e. region, income, marital status, age, and so on (Table 5.3). An important consideration is the number of variables that may be interlaced to provide a basis for segmentation. It would be unusual to use only one variable to divide a market, but it is wrong to assume that using more variables (multi-variable segmentation) is without dif culties. The use of more variables provides greater precision for the analyst. The cost of more variables, however, is the danger of greater market fragmentation as described above. Bene t and behavioural bases for segmentation are rarely suf cient on their own and so they are usually combined with demographic data to display a fuller pro le of the segments. Knowing that some customers want easy-care garments is one thing, knowing how many customers and how to reach them via distribution outlets and promotional efforts is another matter.
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Population Structure Socioeconomic Implications
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Figure 1.3 The fashion marketing concept.
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You ve learned about JSP pages containing Java code that gets passed to servlets. You ve witnessed JSPs using JavaBeans. You ve seen examples of JSP custom-tag libraries. By now, you ve discovered quite a lot about JavaServer Pages. But is there anything in the realm of generating dynamic Web content that JSPs cannot do More specifically, does a situation exist in which using only JSPs to generate dynamic Web content is not the best solution JSP development assumes that your pages have a common presentation style and theme. JSPs may be inadequate at providing dramatically different looks based on different user inputs or different data. A JSP page that effectively displays data as an HTML table may do a poor job displaying data as an animated chart. Then what is one to do Although opinions may differ, you can leverage servlets to help your JSP page development in some situations. A servlet may start the dynamic content preparation process and then forward the request to one or more JSPs to complete the presentation. In the Model 2 approach, the Model-View-Controller pattern is applied to this situation by having a servlet act as the controller, the beans as the model, and the JSPs as the view. A more recent point of view embraces the idea of a server acting as a dispatcher of requests to JSPs and other Java container objects, such as Enterprise JavaBeans. Appropriately, the term used to describe the above-cited point of view is called the Dispatcher approach, which is illustrated in Figure 8-2.
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51. The public still, however, puts a heavy emphasis on crime and issues related to it. In a
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8.3 Polarography and Voltammetry of Organic Compounds
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The Grid network community is developing methods that will enhance distributed environments by enabling a closer integration of communication services and other resources within the Grid environment. At the same time, the more general network research and development community continues to create new architectures, methods, and technologies that will enhance the quality of services at all traditional network layers. Almost all of these initiatives are, like Grid development efforts, providing core capabilities with higher levels of abstraction. Most current Grid development efforts are focused on leveraging these efforts to combine the best innovations of networking research and development with those of the Grid community. This chapter provides a brief introduction to several basic network service concepts, primarily standard network services at layers 1 through 4, as a prelude to discussions that will be the focus of much of the rest of this book. Later chapters describe architectural and technical details of the services at each of these layers.
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Java skills come in at different levels: it is possible to be able to understand and manipulate JavaScript for writing simple Web applications, particularly on clients, but understanding how to use JavaBeans as part of a component architecture probably indicates a higher skill level, if only because the technology is newer and there are fewer people to ask when things go wrong. See also the middleware section for further discussion on Java server-based coding.
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The idea underlying the application of INES to the vehicle database is very simple. Since we are interested in causes of faults, a two-layered network is learned. The top layer of this network contains attributes describing the vehicle configuration, whereas the bottom layer contains attributes describing possible vehicle faults. This is illustrated in Figure 11.8 and Table 11.2. (Since real dependences and numbers are, of course, highly confidential, these figures show fictitious examples. Any resemblance to actual dependences and numbers is purely coincidental.2 ) Figure 11.8 shows a possible learned twolayered network, Table 11.2 the frequency distribution associated with the first of its subnets. Since in this example the fault rate for cars with an air conditioning system and an electrical sliding roof is considerably higher than that of cars without one or both of these items, we can conjecture that the increased consumption of electrical energy due to installed air conditioning and an electrical sliding roof is a cause of increased battery faults. Of course, such a conjecture has to be substantiated by a technical analysis. It should be noted that this approach is preferable to the alternative that naturally comes to mind first, namely learning, for instance, a decision tree for each of the faults. The first reason is that faults (like fraudulent calls in the telecommunications application) are rare. However, decision trees have to achieve a classification rate higher than 50% for a fault in a leaf node in order to actually predict a fault. Otherwise the decision tree is simplified and in the worst case simply predicts the majority class, which is, of course, that no fault occurs. One may try to mitigate this problem by enriching the database to learn from with examples of faulty behavior. However, this distorts the frequency information, making the results difficult to interpret, but nevertheless cannot completely remove the problem. Secondly, the distributions learned in a Bayesian network are symmetric w.r.t. to the different parent attributes.
Cost Reduction and Control Best Practices
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