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Recall that the remote interface contains references to the business methods contained in the bean. You request that the EJB container invoke a bean method by invoking a like-named method described in the remote interface. The reference to the EJB object, obtained through the home object, allows your EJB client to issue requests for remote enterprise bean method invocation. Listing 20-5 shows the code for the remote interface. Listing 20-5: The remote interface import javax.ejb.*; import java.rmi.*; //Remote Interface public interface AcctHistory extends EJBObject { public boolean getHistoryThisAccount( String accountID ) throws RemoteException ; //Disconnect from database close connection, stmt, resultset public void takeDown( ) throws RemoteException ; public boolean getNextHistRecord() throws RemoteException ; //Get a column for display in the HTML table public String getColumn( String inCol ) throws RemoteException ; }
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simplify the pay process and ultimately save money, as attested to by a number of HR professionals. We are currently in the process of implementing a career banding structure that will streamline costs throughout base, bonus, and long-term pay, said the compensation consultant at a 10,000-employee manufacturing firm in the Northeast. Pay Cuts Relatively few companies decided to cut salaries, making this strategy last on the list for ways to curtail compensation costs. Only business services and manufacturing reported reducing salaries. Several companies reduced pay levels only temporarily one cited six months, for example. Other companies required employees to take unpaid time off. We had two weeks off without pay for all staff at company headquarters. The weeks were at the employees choosing. We saved $600,000, said the HR manager at a 100-person manufacturing firm in the South.
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Masquerading is a method of attack where the attacker obtains the identity of a different, usually an authorized, user. Masquerading is also sometimes referred to as spoofing. The attacker can then use the access rights and privileges of that user to perform malicious actions. Identity in centralized systems is usually validated at session startup time. In distributed object systems, however, the identity has to be passed and validated with each object request. The operations to credit and debit accounts in our banking example should obviously only be executed by authorized personnel of the bank in such a way that there is never a credit without a debit operation. A secure implementation of the banking example would have to distinguish different groups of users and grant the right to execute the c r e d i t and d e b i t operations only to a particular group. An attacker wishing to credit monies on his account would then have to use masquerading to obtain the identity of one of the authorized users.
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21: The Contribution of the GSM Association to the Building of GSM and UMTS
cryptanalysis. The passive attack is therefore not considered feasible in any realistic time frame. However, there are active attacks that can be used to obtain these pairs. The quickest would be to steal the user s phone, remove the SIM and connect it to a phone emulator. As the commands to the SIM are not authenticated in any way and the SIM does not have any knowledge of call protocols, and merely responds to a RAND and a request for the SRES, the emulator can be used to send 160 000 chosen RANDs to the SIM and receive the SRESs. SIMs tend to have relatively slow clock speeds and it can therefore take up to 10 hours to obtain the pairs. For some SIMs, with fast implementations of COMP128 and faster than average clock speeds, the pairs could be obtained in about two and a half hours, but of course, there is no way for an attacker to know how fast a SIM runs before the phone is stolen. Stealing the mobile phone and keeping it overnight, then returning it to the user without her knowledge, therefore seems a plausible way to obtain the Ki. Another method is to use a false base station (see below) to send the mobile RANDs over the air. The rate at which pairs can be collected is slower than with the phone emulator and would take a number of days. However, the attacker does not need physical possession of the SIM. One easy way to counteract these attacks is to implement an authentication counter in the SIM which counts the number of times the SIM is asked for an SRES. Upon reaching the threshold, which could even be set on a SIM speci c basis, the operating system of the SIM will close down and refuse any further operation. After these efforts, the attacker has the mobile phone s Ki and can therefore masquerade as the user and run up calls on her bill, and also determine the Kc for the user s calls and therefore eavesdrop upon them. As it is anticipated that the legitimate user would notice after some time that calls were being made at her expense, the rst fraud could not continue inde nitely. There does not seem to be enough pro t for the attacker to take the steps to obtain the Ki, though perhaps with a slick operation the sums might add up. With regard to the latter, knowledge of a user s calls is a more dif cult thing to put a value on. Certainly, some sensitive data would be worth the attack. The fact that such sensitive data should not be transmitted over a GSM mobile phone, where it will be in plaintext for much of the journey, is irrelevant, such information is transmitted over GSM, and may be of suf cient value. In conclusion it can be said that the attack is signi cant and COMP128 should certainly not be used as an A3/8. A replacement for it was quickly obtained and it is presumed that operators who used COMP128 (not all operators did) replaced SIMs with the new algorithms as soon as reasonably possible (clearly as most users are not sending highly sensitive information over their phones, most users are not likely targets and do not need an immediate SIM replacement). Wagner and Goldberg argued that the fact that COMP128 was not published probably led to the use of a awed algorithm for a considerable length of time. They were probably right in this regard.
This last point is a major takeaway. It may be significant enough for further study because it could change the way that leaders think about allocating their time to projects. As we dug deep into what type of leaders are managing our HG/HI companies, we observed that all had a pace-line leadership style. They are charismatic (as defined earlier), not politicians, but rather hard-charging, focused, driven leaders who take the helm on major efforts leading as part of the team. We love the concept of pace-line leadership because it purports that senior leaders should get involved in important projects in an active way, riding alongside, taking the lead whenever necessary to win the race. How leaders spend their time is always a question. Larry Bossidy, one of the authors of Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and famed Honeywell CEO, when coaching senior leaders, always asks, How do you spend your time Time is all leaders have. When to get involved, how much to get involved, when to move to the front and lead, and when to lay back, as in the Tour de France, is part of strategy. It involves a prescriptive, well-constructed plan and a lot of practice. What is different about pace-line leadership It s the simple notion that leaders can and should create fast start by getting out in front on big projects early clearing the way for others to lead, ensuring that they are there for the team to take them to the finish line, as Lance Armstrong did six times.
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