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In the RACE community it was recognised at the time, well before the commercial introduction of GSM, that a new generation of mobile technology would be necessary to cater for the perceived challenges of the 21st Century. Such a new generation was seen as comprising not only novel radio techniques, but also an open and exible xed infrastructure based on state-of-the-art technology. A work plan was hence developed in June 1987, a Call for Proposals on mobile communications was launched and as a result the RACE s Mobile Project (R1043) was launched. Bringing together some 20 partners (comprising industrial organisations, operators and academic partners), the project identi ed two main classes of mobile communication services, namely; UMTS (targeted to provide speech and low to medium data rate services, with virtually complete geographical coverage) and MBS (targeted to provide mobile units with very high bit rate services in hot spot areas). The primary aims of the project included the speci cation of air interface parameters, the speci cation of signalling system functions and the supporting networking infrastructure, the identi cation of the required frequency spectrum (later on made available at the WARC 92), the submission of contributions towards ETSI, and the ITU (both CCIR and CCITT) and the identi cation of evolution scenarios from second generation systems.
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7.2 Evolutionary processes and concepts
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The essential contents of the Basic Requirements in the Study Plan of 1982 are given below.
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Conversely, one respondent from each group stated that some children lie about sexual abuse to get attention because victim status has a certain celebrity status. Some children . . . who are denied attention in other ways enjoy perhaps a little more cosseting as a result. While not a reason to lie in itself, two New Zealand respondents listed previous complaints of abuse as a strong reason to believe the current allegations are lies. One commented that in one case the jury turned against her when it started to come out that she had been saying things about other people as well . Four English respondents also suggested collaboration between complainants encouraging each other off to even greater heights , making one lawyer very, very sceptical :
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Therefore, the question arises as to what age should children be held responsible for their actions legally and socially More particularly, in making this decision, what part is played by what is known about child development, and what part is played by the social and cultural context The role of child and adolescent forensic psychiatry in the assessment of child defendants is relevant in relation to the child or young person s ability to participate effectively in the trial process and his or her tness to plead. Psychiatric opinion in relation to the child defendant s mental state will also be highly relevant in relation to sentencing and disposal since evidence of mental illness may require intervention under the Mental Health Act 1983, and serious psychiatric disturbance which does not ful l the criteria for admission for assessment or treatment under the Mental Health Act 1983 may still affect disposal by the court. Furthermore, the level of psychiatric disturbance, the capacity to accept responsibility and to develop appropriate remorse, moral understanding, empathy for victims and motivation for personal change will need to be assessed in order to recommend appropriate treatment. An essential component of the psychological and psychiatric assessments of child defendants is the capacity for change inherent in a young person. Can the child or young person be expected to change his or her attitudes and behaviour to some extent, or to any extent Furthermore, the assessment of the capacity for change should deal with the time scale within which any such change may be expected since this has direct implications both for sentencing and for any treatment recommendations.
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have been around for a long time and are commonly used, though they are woefully insufficient now as stand-alone concepts; they are much more valuable to investors when seen in broader context alongside other financial measures. This text shows why and presents new ways that long-standing metrics of risk and return can be combined to assist with divining creative and meaningful market insights. Figure P.1 presents the layout of the entire book within a single diagram. The concepts of products (bonds, equities, and currencies), cash flows (spot, forwards and futures, and options), and credit (products, cash flows, and issuers) are intended to represent more specific or micro-oriented considerations for investors. Conversely, the concepts of financial engineering (product creation, portfolio construction, and strategy development), risk management (quantifying risk, allocating risk, and managing risk), and market environment (tax, legal and regulatory, and investors) are intended to represent more general or macro-oriented considerations. While the microtopics are presented pictorially as self-contained triangles to suggest that these are the building blocks of finance, the macrotopics are presented around the perimeter of the triangle to suggest that these are broader and more encompassing concepts. Two of the three topics in 3 are the titles of s 1 and 2. The significance of this is twofold: It highlights the interrelated nature of markets, and it points out that credit is an extremely important aspect of the market at large. Let s begin!
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Segmentation and the Marketing Mix
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has been associated with a shortened disease-free survival, even controlling for age, histology, lymphadenectomy, and adjuvant chemotherapy.21 However, three randomized trials that included 394 women with clinically benign pelvic masses showed equivalent rupture rates, with conversion rates of 0% to 1.5%. All three trials demonstrated that laparoscopy resulted in signi cant reductions in operative time, morbidity, length of hospital stay, and postoperative pain.2 Robotic or laparoscopic pelvic surgery requires the patient to tolerate insuf ation of the abdomen and steep Trendelenburg positioning. Lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, and morbid obesity may preclude a minimally invasive approach due to problems with ventilation. However, the majority of patients are able to withstand insuf ation and positioning, often with some ventilatory adjustments, making collaboration and communication with the anesthesiologist throughout the surgery essential. In this clinical scenario, the mass has some features suspicious for malignancy, speci cally the excrescence. However, the patient s young age, minimally elevated CA-125, and lack of
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be used to trigger a process. This is the aim of the World Wide Web Consortium s Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) [76]. Users are considered to access services by using agents: an agent can be a standard Web browser, a special plug-in to a browser, or server-based agent located on a proxy server. When a user accesses such a service, the agent is sent one or more P3P proposals machine readable statements, contained in the HTML or XML reply or pointed to as a URL, which describe the privacy (or other labelling) practices of the service. The proposal will clearly identify and cover a speci c realm: a URL or set of URLs. The agent already contains the user s preferences and can compare them with those on offer. If the preference and the proposal are in agreement, then the agent sends a description of the agreement to the server, in the form of an agreement ID. On receipt of the agreementID, the server sends the requested Web page to the agent, which then displays it to the user. Supposing, however, there is no initial agreement between the server and the agent. What then P3P contains the ability to carry out further negotiations, and has the valuable property of allowing services to offer multiple proposals. In some circumstances, it is possible to route these negotiations via services which provide anonymity to the user. Clearly, this has implications for on-line contract negotiation, and converts the simple, trusting shopping transaction into one which recognises the gradual build-up of trust between the two parties, something more akin to the realities of inter-business purchasing. One signi cant element of the P3P process is its ability to put in place a memory of the previous transactions between the parties concerned, as part of a process of building trust and reducing the need to go through an elaborate re-negotiating protocol. Although some of this can be done at present by using cookies, the process does not lend itself easily to naive users wanting to be selective in their trust. P3P offers an alternative in the form of pairwise id (PUID) messages. If a user agrees to accept a Web service on the basis of a service, which it receives indexed with a proposal id (prop ID), it returns this prop ID together with its indexed PUID, to the URL speci ed in the agreement (Figure 1.2). Apart from providing a two-way reference for the current transaction, the PUID and the prop ID can also be used in the future, to indicate the previous mutual agreement. Again, this can be conducted via an anonymising service, to protect the identity of the user. One advantage of the P3P approach is that most, if not all of the above detail is hidden from the users and users will not need to make an explicit attempt to read the security policies of the sites that they visit.
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