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tions. Recent investigations show that fully localized approaches to clustering (e.g. the WuLi protocol described above) are very advantageous, being able to signi cantly reduce the overhead, and result in low energy consumption while building small backbones. 3.4.7. Localization in ad hoc and WSNs One of the major challenges for sensor network deployment is the localization of a sensor node. Each sensor should be able to infer its position with respect to some global (or relative) system of coordinates. This information is essential to all those applications that require spatial mapping of the sensed data for further processing, and is also useful for the overall system performance as the availability of positioning information enables the adoption of low overhead protocols such as geographic-based routing schemes. GPS provides an immediate solution to the problem of localizing a node. However, GPS is often not a viable solution for providing localization to sensors in many scenarios due to its cost, the associated energy consumption and its inapplicability in indoor or heavy foliage scenarios. Therefore, GPS-free solutions for localization are of great interest. Existing localization protocols may be classi ed by the information used to estimate a position. In range-based protocols, a node uses estimates of the range or angle from its neighbors to compute its own position. When nodes have no capability for computing such estimates, the corresponding solutions are called range-free. In the latter case, the use of beacons is required. Both categories present centralized and distributed solutions. Range-free localization Range-free localization enables the use of very simple network node hardware. In short, there is no need in most nodes for on-board GPS receivers, compasses, antenna arrays or signal-strength indicators. Instead, nodes localize with the transmitted coordinates from other nodes, including special nodes called landmarks or beacons, which are usually scattered randomly over the network area. These landmarks have extra features with respect to common network nodes. Among these, they know their position via GPS or manual set-up and they have a greater coverage area than other nodes. Landmarks provide information to the nodes by beaconing their position over the network. A non-landmark collects this information and infers its position from this information, using a range-free algorithm. In [111], the position is estimated using a simple coordinate centroid method. Once a particular node, labeled 0 here, has received coordinates from the in-range landmarks, it estimates its position as: c0 = 1 k
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Returns the default factory used in this JSP container. Gets implementation-specific data on the current JSP engine. Gets an instance of the PageContext abstract class for the servlet generated by the JSP engine.
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lieve that the total cost of downsizing is the number of employees let go plus the associated costs of severance and termination. In fact, the most serious cost is the loss of contacts and relationships, Cascio stated. Failure to change work processes. If you fail to redesign how work will be done after a downsizing initiative, you will end up with the same amount of work with fewer people to do it, Cascio noted. Failure to involve workers in the process. This is one of the hardest things for CEOs to do, Cascio noted. They want to make downsizing decisions by committee. Make people part of the solution to your business problems. They become amazingly creative when their jobs are on the line, said Cascio Failure to communicate openly and honestly. Xerox, for example, had a factory in Utica, New York, that was slated to be shut down. The plant manager asked for a chance to find efficiencies and ways to cut additional costs. As a result of his team s efforts, the company not only did not shut down that plant, but instead infused it with additional capital investment. Failure to evaluate results. In a strictly business sense, considering people as corporate assets, the effect of downsizing on market performance can be significant, Cascio noted. The evidence is clear from a study the Frank Russell Company conducted to compare the market performance of companies that made it to Best companies lists, such as the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for, Most Admired Companies, and the like. The results, which were published in Fortune, found that in 1998, if you had bought and held 100 shares of each of the Fortune 100 Best companies that were publicly traded, you would have doubled the results of the S&P 500 and the Russell 3000. Every year, if you had rebalanced your portfolio by adding new Fortune 100 best companies, you would have tripled your money from 1997 to 2001, Cascio stated. These companies also had 1.9 times the job applicants, on average, and 50% less turnover (12.6% versus 26%). People also seem to be good for investments. And the market is paying attention to this. Failure to consider health consequences. The common wisdom is that stress disorders are most likely to plague downsized employees. In fact, Cascio said, there are equal health risks for both downsized and surviving employees. The one exception to this rule, he said, is when people are offered voluntary buyouts. This group had better health outcomes after downsizing. The key variable, according to Cascio, is that they felt a sense of control.
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In a very general sense, all patent litigations follow a predictable path. However, it must be borne in mind that each case is unique. This individuality arises from a number of factors, including peculiarities of the local rules of the court where the action is being tried, tactical decisions made by the opposing party, and the personal preferences of the trial judge. If patent infringement litigation seems confusing and uncertain, it is! Patent infringement litigation, like all civil litigation, commences with the filing and service upon the defendant(s) of a summons and complaint. The summons is essentially a notice to the defendant that he/she/it is being sued, identifying the court and the parties and directing the defendant to file an appearance identifying the defendant s attorney. The complaint sets forth, in numbered counts and paragraphs, the specific allegations being leveled against the defendant(s) (i.e., charges of direct infringement, contributory infringement, and inducement to infringe), and ends in a prayer for relief, listing the various forms of relief being sought. Such relief, at a minimum, comprises unspecified monetary damages and an injunction against further infringement; and frequently extends to multiple damages, attorney s fees, costs, interest, and so on. (The list is limited only by the creativity and imagination of the plaintiff s counsel.) Once served with the summons and complaint, the defendant appears and files an answer, which is a lighthearted denial of all of the material allegations of the complaint, together with a list of affirmative defenses ( I didn t do it, but even if I did which I deny it doesn t matter because . . . ). Most defendants will also search high and low for
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Kingdom, social scienti c research has helped to con rm the hypothesis that supportive interventions employed in family therapy and individual psychotherapy exert a positive in uence over the outcome of the mediation process as well (Robinson, 1988). Victims in England, participating in face-to-face mediation with offenders, reported approximately 14% greater satisfaction as a result of this psychological informed modality than with less direct methods of confrontation and/or reintegration (Umbreidt, 2001). Canadian investigators have noted increasing acknowledgment on the part of attorneys that psychological screening is an important pre-mediation function in successful dispute resolution (Girdner, 1990; Lee, Beauregard and Hunsley, 1998; McCoy and Hedeen, 1998). Overall, studies from around the world have con rmed that parties perceptions of having been afforded adequate participation contribute to optimal satisfaction with the interactive process (Roberson, Moye and Locke, 1999), and are thus crucial to the success of mediation in a Restorative Justice context. The application of psychological practice in assessment, research, and the instillation of proven psychotherapeutic techniques has clearly contributed to just outcomes for participants in Restorative Justice interventions.
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35% survival one week after ooding. 26.7% died after 60 days in saturated soil. Seedlings died if ooded for longer than 16 days. Cuttings used. 24% survival one week after ooding. Recruitment less successful where groundwater lower than root level. var. pagodifolia used in study. 86.7% mortality after 60 days in saturated soil.
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