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It is possible to define a small subset of pixels on the CCD (a subarray) corresponding to only a portion of the full image area for acquisition and display on the monitor. The subarray is defined by entering the boundaries of the region in the acquisition software or by defining the region of interest (ROI) with a mouse on the computer screen. Subarray readout is fast because the unwanted pixels are not processed by the ADC and are discarded. Image files, particularly image sequences of time-lapse acquisitions, are also correspondingly smaller and more manageable.
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Figure 4.2 illustrates a car-buying example. The objective of the system is to recommend a suitable car with the antitheft system required. Among all the product speci cations, the customer speci es that the antitheft system satisfy the constraint high performance. However, after comparing all the cases in the case library, the most similar case is case B, which has only a middle level of antitheft performance. In this situation, a constraint-based substitution will be carried out. The substituting value (i.e., an antitheft system that has a high level of performance and can be installed in a Toyota Sedan 07) can be found by searching a semantic tree. Figure 4.3 depicts the semantic tree of an auto system. The thick solid line, the thin solid line, and the dashed line represent the PART_OF, KIND_OF, and INSTANCE_OF semantic relation, respectively. For example, the security system is part of the auto system, antitheft system X is a kind of security system, and product A is an instance of antitheft system X. First, the substitution procedure will check all other instances in the class antitheft system X in which product A belongs. Since no record is found, the search moves to the next class (i.e., antitheft system Y) to nd a suitable substitution. In this class, products B and C are found. Both of them will be checked to ascertain whether they are of high performance and can be installed in Toyota Sedan 07. After checking, it is found that product B satis es the constraint, and therefore it is used in the substitution. As a result, a new solution is derived based on a constraint-based substitution. Note that other components, such as the price of the new model, may need readjustment. Following are the steps in constraint-based substitution. Step Step Step Step 1. 2. 3. 4. Retrieve the most similar case from the case base. Determine any constraint violation. Substitute the components violated using the prede ned semantic knowledge. Perform the substitution and make other adjustments, if necessary.
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XEROX PARC AND ETHERNET Xerox PARC was the center of development not only for the world s rst personal computer the Alto but also for many of the ancillary concepts of computing including the graphical user interface, the high-resolution display, the word processor, the mouse, and the technology for connecting computers networking called Ethernet. Today, Ethernet is the dominant networking technology. It provides the backbone of corporate networks and is an important feature in wireless WiFi networks as well. The idea for Ethernet was the result of the work of a brilliant
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Part II: Macroeconomics: The Science of Economic Growth and Stability
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12000 10000 Number of Paths 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 Measured insertion Loss (dB) (b) 3.5 4.0
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