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Scheduling the Refueling of a Nuclear Unit
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The European Commission had indicated their willingness to support the activity nancially, but the PTTs found that it would be better for them to carry that burden themselves. By and large the contacts between GSM and the European Commission were relatively few, since the PTTs had suf cient resources to deal with the technical problems that arose. It was also my personal conviction, based on the experience from the NMT work, that despite the criticism for slowness often raised against CEPT, the PTTs were perfectly capable of carrying the project through. I was for that reason reluctant to accept EEC intervention in the work. On the political level, however, there were many contacts, and one contribution by the EEC was going to be of fundamental importance for the future of the GSM system. That was when the Frequency Directive was approved, reserving the GSM frequency spectrum for use by that system. This action stopped any attempts, not only in the EEC countries but also in many countries bordering on the EEC area, to use the spectrum for other purposes and it thereby made the success of the system possible. On several occasions, there was pressure from the outside world to speed up the work so as to prepare the detailed speci cations earlier than decided. Understandably, the manufacturing industries were concerned about a late delivery of the speci cations, since they knew how much time they would need to implement the system. This question was to crop up several times during the mid-1980s and had to be discussed by GSM, but the result always was that it would not be possible to advance the starting date of the system, but preliminary speci cations might be produced. After the creation of ETSI, this question became of less importance since there was then far more openness in the way GSM worked and hence, the manufacturers were well informed about the progress of the work.
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a home break-in. Another third was informed that the defendant had been acquitted of the home break-in charges and the nal group had no information about the defendant s prior record. The results supported the Supreme Court s reasoning: jurors who heard evidence of a prior acquittal were no more likely to convict the defendant than were jurors who had no information about a prior record and both groups were less likely to convict than jurors who had evidence of a prior conviction. These ndings suggest that jurors may exercise some restraint in their use of prior acquittal evidence and may indeed not be prejudiced by it.
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The RNC gives a number of QoS parameters to the Node B, which can use the parameters in packet scheduling:
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# Define the CGF, K(s) k := makeproc(ln(ms(s)),[s]):
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The MPEG-4 Visual and H.264 standards require each video frame or object to be processed in units of a macroblock. If the control parameters of a video encoder are kept constant (e.g. motion estimation search area, quantisation step size, etc.), then the number of coded bits produced for each macroblock will change depending on the content of the video frame, causing the bit rate of the encoder output (measured in bits per coded frame or bits per second of video) to vary. Typically, an encoder with constant parameters will produce more bits when there is high motion and/or detail in the input sequence and fewer bits when there is low motion and/or detail. Figure 7.35 shows an example of the variation in output bitrate produced by coding the Of ce sequence (25 frames per second) using an MPEG-4 Simple Pro le encoder, with a xed quantiser step size of 12. The rst frame is coded as an I-VOP (and produces a large number of bits because there is no temporal prediction) and successive frames are coded as P-VOPs. The number of bits per coded P-VOP varies between 1300 and 9000 (equivalent to a bitrate of 32 225 kbits per second). This variation in bitrate can be a problem for many practical delivery and storage mechanisms. For example, a constant bitrate channel (such as a circuit-switched channel) cannot transport a variable-bitrate data stream. A packet-switched network can support varying throughput rates but the mean throughput at any point in time is limited by factors such as link rates and congestion. In these cases it is necessary to adapt or control the bitrate produced by a video encoder to match the available bitrate of the transmission mechanism. CD-ROM
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I ll use the term the early web to refer to the web of roughly 1995 to 2000. From the perspective of individual people, the web is not just one-way from large websites to them (see Figure 1-2). Different people and sites on the web revolve around the individual, and many interactions are two-way. The big corporate websites are mostly unimportant to the individual, and are just used for limited interaction and transactions, as when you visit a computer hardware company s site to download a device driver or browse to a newspaper site to read one article. The sites and services that matter the most allow access to buddies that is, to other people. Individuals on the people web also interact directly with other people via such channels as email, instant messaging, and voice over IP services.
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4.4 A Solution Using Pro t Maximization
natural log-transformed annual stream ow rate in an intermittently owing reach of Sycamore Creek, Arizona. Rectangular symbols indicate years with at least one summer ood. (Figure is modi ed from Stromberg, 2001b, with permission of Blackwell Science Ltd., Osney Mead, Oxford, U.K.)
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