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The BlackBerry has a fairly full-featured Calendar application that can synchronize appointments and other events with Microsoft Outlook and other popular calendaring solutions. The downside of the built-in Calendar application is the awkwardness of navigating through days, weeks, and months using the trackwheel. Fortunately, you can use numerous secret shortcut keys to make navigating your calendar much more pleasant. Table 1-4 describes the various shortcut keys that can be used for quick navigation in the Calendar application.
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an issue from these diagonally opposite viewpoints can offer the therapist a balanced and enhanced view of maintaining the normative/collective and individualistic foci at the same time. Third, both approaches have made unique contributions in effectively and efficiently conceptualizing human dilemmas, engaging clients, organizing the therapeutic process, asking questions of impact, and facilitating changes. This integration provides the therapist more flexibility and versatility to draw on a broader range of knowledge and skills to accommodate a myriad of needs, motivations, and expectations of clients and their problems. By selectively integrating principles and techniques from SCT and SFT, SSCT provides the therapist the ability and framework to serve a wider range of clientele with a wider range of problems than a therapist armed with only SCT or SFT. The guidelines for integration are as follows: First and foremost, begin where your client is. Because most clients come with a distressing problem with the hope of some removal of or relief from it, the therapist starts with the problem-solving emphasis of SCT by exploring with the client the presenting problem, offering emotional validation of his or her attempted solution, and instilling realistic hope for change in order to combat the client s demoralization and despair. Second, specific therapy goals are set and the ways to reach the goals are explored. Depending on the couple s cultural expectations of therapy, problems, and interpersonal styles, the therapist may stay problem focused for a while, because a premature shift from problem talk to solution talk may be construed as a lack of empathy for, or an utter disrespect of, the client s suffering. Third, when the client is connected to the therapist and the therapeutic process, the therapist skillfully uses the various solution-focused questions and interventions to highlight current and past successes, and tap into the client s internal and external resources to generate creative and effective solutions to his or her problems. CA SE ST U DY The following case of an individual demonstrates one of the most common ways a couple comes for therapy as Haley observes. A combination of individual and couples therapy sessions was offered to meet the intrapersonal and interpersonal needs of the situation. Cathy, a 24-year-old Caucasian single female, was referred for treatment of bulimia of eight years duration. She admitted to bingeing once a day and purging from three to four times a day to no purging for several days. Her weight was 110 pounds and her height five-foot three inches. She denied any interruption of her menstrual cycle. She was an administrative assistant in a small wholesale company. She was cohabiting with her fiance David, who had proposed that they get married within a year; nevertheless, her father was strongly against their relationship. Recently, David s
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N: European network and equipment implementation (rapporteur from FRG: Hillebrand followed by Linz)
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(parted) resize 2 Start [1.2GB] 1.2GB End [24GB] 10GB Resize a partition
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News release from Apri 24, 2002. CHICAGO, April 24, 2002 The Board of Directors of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc. (CME Holdings) and its subsidiary, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. (CME) elected a new Chairman this afternoon. Terrence A. Duffy, previously Vice Chairman, was elected Chairman of the Board during the Board s annual organizational meeting. His term as Chairman, succeeding Scott Gordon, is effective immediately. In addition, the Board today appointed James J. McNulty, CME Holdings President and Chief Executive Of cer, to a newly created directorship which was authorized by shareholders at CME Holdings annual meeting on Wednesday, April 17. At that time, shareholders also elected 10 directors to two-year terms expiring in 2004. This election was the second step in a two-step process to streamline governance and reduce the size of the company s Board from 39 to 20 positions. At today s organizational meeting, the Board also elected the following of cers, who will hold their positions on the Boards of CME Holdings and CME for a one-year term (through the April 2003 election):
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rule of thumb is to scan slowly enough that the image stands out above the background by a small amount. Acquire the final image. Use frame averaging or frame accumulation. The number of frames to be averaged depends on the noise in the image, but numbers ranging from 4 to 16 are typical. Remember that the factor improvement in S/N is the square root of the number of averaged frames or the square root of the factor by which the exposure time has been increased. Adjust the step size for a z-series. For z-series, the step size of the stepper motor controlling the stage or objective is adjusted to give a sample period of 2 steps per diffraction disk radius in the z-dimension (more than this if the sample is thick and/or high spatial resolution is not required). Review the following general points: 1. Use the highest numerical aperture lens available (NA 1.3 1.4) to reduce focal plane thickness and increase image brightness. 2. Room lights must be off to see gray levels on the monitor properly. 3. For bright images, use an ND filter so that offset and gain can be used at their midrange settings. 4. Excitation of the specimen at high laser power maximizes fluorescence emission, but causes rapid bleaching and reduces image quality. 5. ND filters are usually employed even if the resulting image is somewhat noisy to reduce the rate of photobleaching. Noise in dimmer images can be removed by frame averaging or frame accumulation. Noise in the PMT output, made worse by use of a high gain setting, can be significant even in a single scan of a bright image. Thus, frame averaging (Kalman averaging) of a moderate-quality image nearly always produces a better result. 6. Remember that electronic zoom is related to the sampling size and affects spatial resolution. 7. A freshly acquired (raw) image has up to 10 12 bit intensity resolution in computer RAM; however, saving an image may reduce its resolution to 8 bits, and the original dynamic range will be permanently lost; therefore, images must be optimized for brightness/contrast before saving. It is often good practice to histogram stretch an image before saving it as byte so that image data are distributed over the maximum number (256) of gray levels. 8. Laser alignment is critical. If the laser spot does not fill the back aperture of the objective, the scan spot in the object plane is wider and image resolution is reduced.
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Permitting is the process of receiving the authority to construct and operate from the various regulatory agencies that authorize projects. There are many different agencies overlooking different aspects of the project. At the state level there is a utility commission that authorizes each project. A utility must demonstrate to the commission the need, cost-effectiveness, and viability of the project. There are also local zoning agencies that must approve projects. Finally, there are state and federal agencies that oversee environmental issues. Each agency has its own application and processing requirements that a utility must satisfy in order to obtain permits. An important distinction is the right to construct versus the right to operate a unit. It is possible that a project meets the criteria necessary to allow construction. However, there might be air quality constraints that prohibit operations of the unit. In such a case the agencies authorizing construction would give their approval; however, agencies overseeing emissions control would withhold their permits. Needless to say, a well-functioning utility commission would not approve of such a project.
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interaction, indicating that the intent of the sender of a message needs to be congruent with the actual impact on the receiver. Jacobson and Margolin (1979) identified communication training/retraining as necessary to couple therapy and specified a program of skill training, feedback, instructions, and behavioral rehearsal. Elements include empathy, assertiveness, cues, and role reversal. Gottman s (2002) multidimensional approach is based on decades of research, including his early work on communication and microanalysis of thousands of videotaped discussions by couples. His approach incorporates essential behavioral foundations that focus on start-ups and utilize repair techniques in conversations that go awry. Girodo, Stein, and Dotzenroth (1980) and Hahlweg, Revenstorf, and Schindler (1984) also described early models of communication skills training in couple therapy. The second critical behavioral element of problem solving addresses the dysfunctional pattern of aversive control that is often present in clinical couples (Baucom, 1982; Jacobson & Margolin, 1979; Johnson & Greenberg, 1985). By first elucidating the pattern and then teaching strategies of negotiation and compromise, problem solving modifies the pattern of negative exchanges in which one partner typically dominates the other verbally and behaviorally. An essential quid pro quo emerges from this process, in which partners begin to feel that they are able to get as much from the relationship as they give, a concept first introduced by Lederer and Jackson (1968). New problem-solving skills, coupled with effective communication, also serve a preventive function by obviating either future escalation of negative exchanges or a spinning out of control that entrenches dysfunctional patterns and resentment. The setting and attitude of problem solving is critical. The steps are detailed by Jacobson and Margolin (1979) as follows: (1) begin with something positive, (2) be specific, (3) express personal feelings directly, (4) be brief, (5) define only one problem at a time, (6) paraphrase the other s statements, (7) avoid inferences discuss only what is factual, (8) focus on solutions, (9) emphasize mutuality and compromise, and (10) reach agreement before closing discussions. The third fundamental behavioral element, behavior exchange, is integral to communication and problem solving. When communication becomes clear, direct, and congruent, and the mutual sense of reciprocity involved in the quid pro quo (a push for equity) emerges, a contingency plan or contract is developed ( Jacobson & Margolin, 1979). It is a written agreement that relationship-enhancing behaviors will occur, along with rewards and built-in corrections to ensure compliance. One valuable component is the use of the Premack Principle (cf. Danaher, 1974), in which a high-probability behavior is performed only after another behavior that a partner desires is accomplished (e.g., Roberta goes to work in the morning only after she kisses Jack goodbye, as he had requested). Similar to communication and problem solving, behavior exchange incorporates systematic behavior therapy elements and involves the commonsense notion that individuals do not contribute freely to a relationship in which they do not feel they are receiving
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