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Conference_Setup_SLO Customized with: participants list, start_time, duration_time notify(participant is connected) For each conference participant username Receive Notification: particant connected, access net,ip_address Context Broker Action Broker
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The first statement worthy of note in checkLogin.jsp is the page directive, shown here: <%@ page contentType="text/html" errorPage="errorpageex1.jsp" import="chapter10.*" %> The page directive serves several uses in checkLogin.jsp, as explained in the following sections.
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The new style GSM 11.11 had been agreed by SIMEG#31 in March 1993 for presentation to and approval by the SMG plenary. This meeting was also the end of an era. Gerard Mazziotto who had chaired the SIM Expert Group for a good 5 years guiding it through its years of infancy, resigned as he had announced at the previous meeting. The author who at the time worked for GAO, a subsidiary of his present company Giesecke & Devrient, was elected the new SIMEG chairman by the SMG1 plenary in Dusseldorf in April 1993. He held this position until the closure of SMG9 in March 2000. Time had shown that, in particular, the technical issues of the SIM-ME interface were a specialists topic. At SIMEG#32 the new chairman could report that an agreement with the SMG1 chairman had been reached that CRs which do not affect the functionality of the SIM and are of a technical nature may be presented directly to TC SMG (once they have been passed to the SMG1 chairman and PT12) 27 without them being presented to SMG1 , a rst step towards SMG9 which was established a year later. After phase 2 there was phase 3. By July 1992 most phase 2 topics were well advanced and SIMEG#27 compiled a list of phase 3 issues it intended to work on, for comment by SMG1. The main outstanding topic of phase 2 was the speci cation of the 3 V SIM-ME interface. This reappeared in the list for phase 3 together with a third format (again), relationship between GSM service and UPT services and payphone applications based on the SIM. Phase 3 was never realised nor was the third size or the payphone applications. The success of GSM made such applications super uous. Phase 3 and the intended further phases became over the summer of 1992, phase 21 to emphasise the fact that the speci cation of GSM had been completed with the completion of phase 2 and that everything else was just on top of this and optional. The 3 V interface was, however, considered an exception and eventually approved as a phase 2 speci cation.
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The signatories shall...make efforts...to extend a 900 MHz Pan-European digital cellular...service to cover the territories of all CEPT administrations (GSM MoU Article 14) ..signatories shall... provide...advice and other appropriate support to administrations outside CEPT considering the introduction of a...system (according) to the CEPT/GSM standard (GSM MoU Article 16)
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must handle the logical representation of the resource and refrain from direct access to any specific mechanism for resource lifecycle management (e.g., to configure, provision, monitor the resource). For portability and complexity management, it is important to provide the upper tiers with only a minimalist view of the resource, yet without overlooking any of its core capabilities. Although the first tier may still perceive individual resources as silos, the second tier provides a foundation for horizontal integration among resources (silos). Within this tier, the SOA property to compose autonomous services is most relevant. Conforming to SOA principles, a service is capable of engaging with other service(s) at either the same tier or at the bottom tier, in a peer-to-peer fashion. The ensuing pool of services featured in the second tier is a departure from strict software layering techniques, which have shown severe limits in reflecting complex synapses across entities. The Global Grid Forum s Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) [3] is a blueprint with which to structure services that belong to the second tier and exhibits
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Grid Network Requirements
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Bayne, B.L. & A.J.S. Hawkins (1997) Protein metabolism, the costs of growth and genomic heterozygosity: experiments with the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis L. Physiological Zoology, 70, 391 402. Bayne, B.L. & M.N. Moore (1997) Non-lymphoid immunologic defenses in aquatic invertebrates and their value as indicators of aquatic pollution. In: (ed. Zelikoff, J.T.) Ecotoxicology: Responses, Biomarkers and Risk Assessment. SOS Publications, Fair Haven, New Jersey, pp. 243 261. Betoulle, S., D. Troutaud, N. Khan & P. Deschaux (1995) Antibody response, cortisol and prolactin levels in rainbow trout. Comptes Rendus de l Academie des Sciences Serie III Sciences de la VieLife Sciences, 318, 677 681. Birge, W.J., J.A. Black, A.G. Westerman & J.E. Hudson (1979) The effects of mercury on reproduction of sh and amphibians. In: (ed. Nriagu, J.) The Biogeochemistry of Mercury in the Environment. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Holland, 629 pp. Bj rnsson, B.T.H., C. Haux, L. F rlin & L.J. Deftos (1986) The involvement of calcitonin in the reproductive physiology of the rainbow trout. Journal of Endocrinology, 108, 17 23. Bodammer, J.E. (1993) The teratological and pathological effects on embryonic and larval shes exposed as embryos: a brief review. American Fisheries Society Symposium, 14, 77 84. Bon, E., G. Corraze, S. Kaushik & F. Le Menn (1997) Effects of accelerated photoperiod regimes on the reproductive cycle of the female rainbow trout. 1. Seasonal variations of plasma lipids correlated with vitellogenesis. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology A Physiology, 118 (1), 183 190. Bonga, S.E.W. (1997) The stress response in sh. Physiological Reviews, 77 (3), 591 625. Braw-tal, R., K.P. McNatty, P. Smith, D.A. Heath, N.L. Hudson, D.J. Philips, B.J. McCleod & G.H. Davis (1993) Ovaries of ewes homozygous for the X-linked Inverdale gene (Fex XI) are devoid of secondary and tertiary follicles but contain many abnormal structures. Biology of Reproduction, 49, 895 907. Breitburg, D.L. (1992) Episodic hypoxia in Chesapeake Bay: interacting effects of recruitment, behavior, and physical disturbance. Ecological Monographs, 62, 525 546. Bryan, M.D., G.J. Atchison & M.B. Sandheinrich (1995) Effects of cadmium on the foraging behavior and growth of juvenile bluegill, Lepomis macrochirus. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 52, 1630 1638. Burton, M.P.M. (1991) Induction and reversal of the non-reproductive state in winter ounder Pseudopleuronectes americanus Walbaum, by manipulating food availability. Journal of Fish Biology, 39, 909 910. Burton, M.P.M. (1994) A critical period for nutritional control of early gametogenesis in female winter ounder, Pleuronectes americanus (Pisces, Teleostei). Journal of Zoology, 233 (3), 405 415. Burton, M.P. & D.R. Idler (1987) An experimental investigation of the non-reproductive, post-mature state of winter ounder. Journal of Fish Biology, 30, 643 650. Caldwell, C.A. & J.M. Hinshaw (1994) Nucleotides and the adenylate energy charge as indicators of stress in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) subjected to a range of dissolved oxygen concentrations. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 109, 313 323. Cameron, P. & H. von Westernhagen (1997) Malformation rates in embryos of North sea shes in 1991 and 1992. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 34, 129 134. Cameron, P., J. Berg, V. Dethlefsen & H. Vonwesternhagen (1992) Developmental defects in pelagic embryos of several at sh species in the southern North-Sea. Netherlands Journal of Sea Research, 29 (1 3), 239 256. Cameron, P., J. Berg & H. Vonwesternhagen (1996) Biological effects monitoring of the North Sea employing sh embryological data. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 40 (2), 107 124.
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What further evaluation or treatment would you recommend
A special IDE is not required to create JSP pages. You don't develop JSP pages as you would a Java application or servlet. You don't have to wrap JSP pages in packages or deal with system settings (such as CLASSPATH). You don't even have to (but you could) compile JSP pages! All you need is a good Web page editor that enables you to easily enter the various JSP tags. A site development team using JSP pages can have part of the team develop the static HTML portion, while others develop the dynamic portion. The HTML developers need not know how to code JSP pages, or know anything about programming in Java. But, as you might imagine, the JSP developer needs to be adept in coding HTML. When you recall that the end result of a JSP is a Web page containing generated HTML, how could any self-respecting JSP developer not be HTML-fluent It s simple to use a JSP page. The JSP page user must have access to a server that understands JSP tags, or a JSPenabled server. To use a JSP page with such a server, you enter the name of the page as you would any Web page in the location area of your browser. A file representing a JSP page has a .jsp extension, which a JSP-enabled server recognizes as a JSP page and, in turn, processes the special tags as JSP tags. Note The term JSP page, although redundant, enjoys widespread use among the JSP development community. Hence, the term is used throughout this book.
It is not recommended that agreements be made at the beginning of a process and then to lean back and wait until it has reached the end. If there is a long time between the beginning and the end, experience has taught to keep a finger on the pulse. Management and architects have various tools at their disposal for doing so. For projects carried out as part of an anticipative strategy, the building permit can be used. Projects receive a building permit at the beginning, which needs to be extended after the design phase and must be ticked off after implementation. Building permits are issued by the architects. The project portfolio team is a safeguard ensuring that building permits are applied for and extended by projects at the right time. In addition, enterprise architecture can be included as a permanent part of the regular progress reports.
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