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J.K. Rowling s Harry Potter book series shows how attention can multiply and expand within a broad community. In the absence of this series, both children and adults would have spent much less attention on reading fantasy books during the last decade. Some of the time spent reading the Potter books must certainly have substituted for other attentive reading time. But some of it probably represented attention created out of nowhere. And some substituted for lesser forms of attention, such as TV watching. Plus, the Harry Potter phenomenon created attention for similar books like Eoin Colfer s Artemis Fowl novels and Lemony Snicket s Series of Unfortunate Events. You could look at the reading boom launched by Harry Potter as a sort of global expansion of attention, similar to the case where an economy undergoes expansion due to investment and productivity growth. You could also imagine an attention recession, where attention decreases in amount and quality. Perhaps this happened after the dotcom boom; there was less money available to fund exciting new ideas and hence, there were fewer new ideas to pay attention to.
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We now run sum.par by repeating the prstack; and run 1; command sequence, with this output;
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The authors go on to argue that the only realistic answer to addressing continuing issues around data collection is to create and implement a learning
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With the prompt displayed, you can use any of the commands shown to work with your hard disk. In particular, you can use p (to print the same listing as fdisk -l), n (to create a new partition), d (to delete an existing partition), l (to list known file system types), or t (to change the file system type for a partition). The following examples show some of those fdisk commands in action:
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In the following we turn to a characterization that uses the notion of a binary possibility measure R to represent relations. Such a measure can be defined as a function satisfying certain axioms as a probability measure P is defined as a function satisfying Kolmogorov s axioms [Kolmogorov 1933]. This characterization, as already indicated above, strengthens the connection between relational and probabilistic networks and provides an excellent starting point for the transition to (general) possibilistic networks.
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