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To demonstrate the behavior of MaxNet, the results of a preliminary implementation of the protocol are included here. Figure 8.13 shows the experimental testbed where flows from hosts A and B can connect across router 1 of 10 Mbps and router 2 of 18 Mbps capacity to the listening server and host C can connect over router 2. The round-trip propagation delay from hosts A and B to the listening server is 56 ms, and from host C it is 28 ms. Figure 8.14 shows the goodput achieved by MaxNet and Reno when hosts A, B, and C are switched on in the sequence, AC, ABC, and BC. Note that MaxNet achieves close to max min fairness throughout the whole experiment (the max min rate does not account for the target utilization being 96% and the packet header overhead). Note also that the RTT for MaxNet shown in Figure 8.15 is close to the propagation delay throughout the whole sequence. For TCP Reno the RTT is high as Reno fills up the router buffer capacity.
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Fiber to the Home: The New Empowerment, by Paul E. Green, Jr. Copyright # 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Understand what constitutes patent infringement Understand the major considerations and factors to be
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CCITT was the Comite Consultatif International de Telegraph et Telephone of the ITU, later replaced by ITU T. GSM/WP1 53/86 and 54/86.
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RNSS Bands 1215-1240 1560-1610
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Henry, in his history of the Compstat program, has commented on its utility for the field of corporate and private security and has set forth his thoughts on the demands of such a system if it is to be of maximum value to the organization. While he notes such systems must be capable of answering the classic, who, what, why, when, where array of questions for significant effectiveness, a typology of offenses or conditions must be developed and appropriate training provided in the proper use of the system.13 One effort in this direction, albeit much broader in scope, was made in 1995 by the National Fraud Investigation Center. In 1995, with input from law enforcement agencies and professional groups, it attempted to create a system of Fraud Identification Codes to better capture fraud data. By its conclusion, the project had identified over 600 types of fraud and concluded that some system of this type was vital to gaining an understanding of the true extent of these problems.14 These observations are well taken. The FIC concept is interesting but obviously designed to capture a broad range of economic offenses well beyond occupational fraud. These include banking, credit cards, health care, insurance, securities, telecommunications, intellectual property and computer crime, and identity theft.15 Further, as the National Fraud Center indicates, there are still significant issues to be dealt with in regard to reporting mandates and incentives. We should note also that in the list of areas the FIC seeks to address, occupational fraud is not among them. This is not a fault of the FIC or its sponsors; they were simply looking at a huge problem economic crime from a different angle. We might also be well served by looking closely at the work being done by the Ethics Officer Association (EOA) in its effort to develop an ISO-type standard for ethics and compliance programs that will be usable across industry and national boundaries. In writing about this project, Essrig has raised several issues of definition and the potential relevance of related fields that are highly similar to what we encounter when we begin to think systematically about occupational fraud. Perhaps the EOA and its affiliated organizations and institutions can provide us with some valuable guidance from their experiences in this regard. Other organizations of potential value in such efforts include, at a minimum:16 The Ethics Resource Center The Institute For Global Ethics International Business Ethics Institute European Institute For Business Ethics Lockheed Martin Corporation, Corporate Ethics Online Information KPMG Business Ethics The Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics Illinois Institute of Technology, Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Codes of Ethics Online Project
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International Bazaar. & 242/352-2191. Reservations recommended for dinner. Main courses $4.95 $35. AE, MC, V. Mon Sat noon 8pm.
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Clinical Scenario 2
FIGURE 3.4.25 Dependences of delay time and rise time on substrate thickness.
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