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I want to state right from the get-go that the only thing that a straight or naked real estate option grants is an irrevocable right to purchase the property under option within the option period. Nothing more! An optionee has absolutely no beneficial or equitable interest whatsoever in a property under option. Furthermore, in my professional opinion, the creation and sale of a straight or naked real estate option does not violate the due-on-sale clause contained in governmentbacked and conventional mortgage or deed of trust loans secured by a lien on residential property containing five or fewer units. Again, in my professional opinion, there is absolutely no way that any lender can legally exercise its option pursuant to a due-on-sale clause on discovering the creation and sale of a straight or naked real estate option. Why do I hold this opinion Because Title 12 of the Code of Federal Regulations refers specifically to lease-option contracts, but makes no mention whatsoever of straight or naked real estate option
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< xml version="1.0" > <RDF:RDF xmlns:RDF="" xmlns:chrome=""> <!-- List all the skins being supplied by this theme --> <RDF:Seq about="urn:mozilla:skin:root"> <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:xuliscool/1.0" /> </RDF:Seq> <!-- xuliscool-mzl Information --> <RDF:Description about="urn:mozilla:skin:xuliscool/1.0" chrome:displayName="Xuliscool" chrome:author="" chrome:description="XULisCool is a modern inspired theme created by authors of Essential XUL Programming: The How-To Guide for Web Developers and Programmers." chrome:name="xuliscool/1.0" chrome:image="jar:resource:///chrome/xuliscool.jar!/skin/xuliscool/ global/preview.gif"> <chrome:packages> <RDF:Seq about="urn:mozilla:skin:xuliscool/1.0:packages"> <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:xuliscool/1.0:aim"/> <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:xuliscool/1.0:communicator"/> <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:xuliscool/1.0:editor"/> <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:xuliscool/1.0:global"/> <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:xuliscool/1.0:messenger"/> <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:xuliscool/1.0:navigator"/> </RDF:Seq> </chrome:packages> </RDF:Description> </RDF:RDF>
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FIGURE 9-11: Beiks English-to-German dictionary in action
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[14] M. Nakamura, Y. Awad, and S. Vadgama (2002), Adaptive control of link adaptation for high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) in W-CDMA, in Proc. Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications, pp. 382 386. [15] D. W. Paranchych and M. Yavuz (2002), A method for outer loop rate control in high data rate wireless networks, IEEE Proc. VTC, pp. 1701 1705. [16] A. Das, F. Khan, A. Sampath, and H. Su (2002), Design and performance of downlink shared control channel for HSDPA, Proc. Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, September, pp. 1088 1091. [17] A. Ghosh, R. Ratasuk, C. Frank, R. Love, K. Stewart, and E. Buckley (2003), Control channel design for HSDPA for 3GPP WCDMA Rel-5, IEEE Proc. Vehicular Technology Conference-2003 Spring, May. [18] W. Bang, K. I. Pedersen, T. E. Kolding, and P. E. Mogensen (2005), Performance of VoIP on HSDPA, IEEE Proc. VTC, Stockholm, June. [19] F. Kelly (1997), Charging and rate control for elastic tra c, European Trans. on Telecommunications, 8, 33 37. [20] P. A. Hosein (2002), QoS control for WCDMA high speed packet data, IEEE Proc. Vehicular Technology Conference. [21] J. M. Holtzman (2000), CDMA forward link water lling power control, IEEE Proc. Vehicular Technology Conference, May, pp. 1663 1667. [22] T. E. Kolding, F. Frederiksen, and P. E. Mogensen (2002), Performance aspects of WCDMA systems with high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), IEEE Proc. Vehicular Technology Conference, Fall. [23] T. E. Kolding (2003), Link and system performance aspects of proportional fair packet scheduling in WCDMA/HSDPA, IEEE Proc. Vehicular Technology Conference, September, pp. 1717 1722. [24] J. M. Holtzman (2000), Asymptotic analysis of proportional fair algorithm, IEEE Proc. Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, September, pp. F33 F37. [25] A. Jalali, R. Padovani, and R. Pankaj (2000), Data throughput of CDMA-HDR a high e ciency high data rate personal communication wireless system, IEEE Proc. Vehicular Technology Conference, May, pp. 1854 1858. [26] R. C. Elliott and W. A. Krzymieh (2002), Scheduling algorithms for the cdma2000 packet data evolution, IEEE Proc. Vehicular Technology Conference, September. [27] G. Barriac and J. Holtzman (2002), Introducing delay sensitivity into the proportional fair algorithm for CDMA downlink scheduling, IEEE Proc. International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications, September, pp. 652 656. [28] M. Andrews, K. Kumaran, K. Ramanan, A. Stolyar, and P. Whiting (2001), Providing quality of service over a shared wireless link, IEEE Communications Magazine, 39(2), 150 154, February. [29] 3GPP, Technical Speci cation Group RAN, FDD Enhanced Uplink; Overall Description; Stage 2, 3GPP TR 25.309 version 6.4.0, Release 6, October 2005, available at
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(a) Psychologists take responsibility and credit, including authorship credit, only for work they have actually performed or to which they have substantially contributed. (See also Standard 8.12b, Publication Credit.) (b) Principal authorship and other publication credits accurately reflect the relative scientific or professional contributions of the individuals involved, regardless of their relative status. Mere possession of an institutional position, such as department chair, does not justify authorship credit. Minor contributions to the research or to the writing for publications are acknowledged appropriately, such as in footnotes or in an introductory statement. (c) Except under exceptional circumstances, a student is listed as principal author on any multiple-authored article that is substantially based on the student s doctoral dissertation. Faculty advisors discuss publication credit with students as early as feasible and throughout the
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