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It has been said that proper network bindings allow information to be fetched and allow the Grid network infrastructure code to monitor the status of the network nodes and to detect network conditions such as faults, congestion, and network hotspots so that appropriate decisions can be made as quickly as possible. The aforementioned techniques are capable of a two-way dialog. With regard to SNMP/MIBs, IETF standard specifications describe how to structure usage counters that provide basic statistical information about the traffic flows through specific interfaces or devices [53]. SNMP does have limitations related to network monitoring. They stem from the inherent request response of the SNMP (and many other network management techniques). Repeated operations to fetch MIB data require the network node each time to process a new request and proceed with the resolution of the MIB s OID. In addition, the repetition of request response cycles results in superfluous network traffic. Various solutions specializing in network monitoring have emerged. NetFlow, for instance, allows devices to transmit data digests to collection points. The effectiveness of this approach led to the creation of a new standardization activity in the IETF around IP flow information export [54]. 13 reviews several concepts and technologies in the network monitoring space.
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GSM and UMTS: The Creation of Global Mobile Communication Edited by Friedhelm Hillebrand Copyright q 2001 John Wiley & Sons Ltd ISBNs: 0-470-84322-5 (Hardback); 0-470-845546 (Electronic)
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Fault Monitor
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Investment Analysis: Long-Term Planning in a Market Environment
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Essentially, this chapter is one big exercise in cost-benefit analysis. Monopolies aren t all evil. Neither are they utterly good. Whether you want to have one in any particular instance depends on whether, in that situation, the benefits outweigh the costs. This section goes into detail about the costs associated with monopolies. When we finish our cost analysis, we move on to the benefits of monopolies. This chapter helps you understand why society ruthlessly forbids monopolies in some industries while enthusiastically endorsing them in others.
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Turning now to an almost completely process view of distributed working, we can consider any task that involves a number of people or organisational units, to be described in terms of a number of sub-tasks, which operate in parallel or series, similar to the way they are described in standard activity diagrams, for example, a PERT chart (Figure 1.33). The sub-tasks must be completed, and considered to be complete by the appropriate authority, before their output can be passed on as input to the next in the series. Any messages or other outputs for the next stage must be de ned in a set of rules. Automation of these processes is achieved by using what is called work ow software. Let us consider the example of a purchase order request. An engineer wishes to purchase some further materiel for use on a construction task. They may send out an order request which goes to B, the team leader who has to authorise that the request is necessary, and to C, the nancial authority who will con rm that it lies within the spending limits. The order may also, at the same time, go direct to the purchasing unit, D, to reserve a space in a queue. If all goes to plan, then the purchasing unit will receive con rmatory agreement from the two authorities and can go ahead with the purchase. Perhaps more to the point, the humans in the purchasing unit do not need to expend any energy on the purchase order, perhaps are not even aware of its existence, until it has been authorised. The messages between the various parties to the transaction are usually electronic forms which have been created by the designer of the system using a work ow tool-kit. As the name implies, these forms then ow through the system, which generates the next set of forms only when it has received a completely authorised set of forms from the preceding subtasks. Implicit in this process is the requirement for a scheduler function which monitors the completeness of the sub-tasks and controls the ow (Figure 1.34). So far, what we have described is the state of affairs that occurs when everything runs to plan. The nal principal feature of work ow is the
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