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state video recorders. For example, TiVo, built by Thomson, has 40 Gbytes of memory and costs around 400. For an additional one-off fee of 200, an intelligent programming interface that be programmed to record programme material at a variety of recording qualities, giving between 14 and 40 h of content. The system also has a pause control, which can allow replay of live material. This might be one way to include shopping information into a life-style channel, for instance. Finally, we should mention the new possibilities for content-generation offered by low-cost TV cameras and digital cameras. The rise of the video telephone has long been predicted but never realised as a marketable proposition. Part of this is undoubtedly due to lack of bandwidth in the local loop, but this restriction may be removed in the near future by the installation of some of the technologies we mention in the chapter on Retailing network technologies. Precisely where videophone, from the customer s end, ts into the eCommerce model is dif cult to predict, although there are possibilities both for selling (scanning in your image for fashion purchases, for example) and for after-sales support. ( Now show me the fault in action, please .) The problems of producing good quality video are, however, well-known. Lighting and camera-handling skills are among the issues. Perhaps, still photography is a simpler solution. There are many affordable digital cameras on the market today and prices are falling as image quality and storage rises. The digital camera, in association with a PC, can act as a relatively low-cost way of sending images across the Internet, to sell houses, send assembly instructions, and so on.
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Absence seizures are much less dramatic and may indeed pass unnoticed. The attack is sudden in onset, does not usually last longer than 10 seconds, and is sudden in its ending. The patient is usually able to tell that an episode has occurred only because he realizes that a few moments have gone by of which he has been quite unaware. Conversation and events around him have moved on, and he has no recall of the few seconds of missing time. Observers will note that the patient suddenly stops what he is doing, and that his eyes remain open, distant and staring, possibly with a little rhythmic movement of the eyelids. Otherwise the face and limbs are usually still. The patient remains standing or sitting, but will stand still if the attack occurs while walking. There is no response to calling the patient by name or any other verbal or physical stimulus. The attack ends as suddenly as it commences, sometimes with a word of apology by the patient if the circumstances have been such as to make him realize an attack has occurred. Absence seizures usually commence in childhood, so at the time of diagnosis the patient is usually a child or young teenager. It is quite common for absence seizures to occur several times a day, sometimes very frequently so that a few attacks may be witnessed during the initial consultation.
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(Pearlstine et al., 1985; Demissie et al., 1990; Muir et al., 1995; Wichmann, 1996). Activity along the Missouri River illustrates a common scenario of river regulation and associated oodplain alteration in forested wetlands. After extensive reengineering for navigation and ood control, the nature of water discharge onto the oodplain was much changed from its original state. The Missouri River had once been a wide river with many sandbars (Humburg et al., 1996), and high and low discharges were synchronized with winter and summer climatic patterns. After its regulation by dams for ood control, discharges became uniform, so that summer water levels were much higher than they had been historically. Impoundment and channelization have virtually eliminated the ood pulse from the oodplain and severely impacted the spawning and feeding opportunities of sh outside the main channel (Hesse, 1995). These alterations in the continuity between the channel and the oodplain have profoundly affected our ability to maintain and restore forested wetlands along rivers in the southeastern part of the United States. There are few examples of unregulated rivers other than in the tropics, and their study is essential in creating the proper hydrology in restoration projects (Benke et al., 2000). Speci c types of water regulation affect the biota of the oodplain in different ways. One of the most all-pervasive changes to oodplains in the southeastern United States is related to stream channelization and associated channel incision. Downcutting of altered waterways causes water movement from channels to become restricted, and thus oodplains are disassociated from channels because of the absence of ood pulsing (Shields and Hoover, 1991; Sengupta, 1995; Brookes et al., 1996; Middleton, 1999). This lack of ood pulsing causes a drying of the oodplain, which can alter the successional trajectories of riverine forests. Unfortunately, this problem is nearly ubiquitous in the Southeast, so that few forests may resemble their original state even if they have not been directly altered (Shear et al., 1996). Discharge onto oodplain forests below hydroelectric dams can be abnormally high during the summer growing season (Petts, 1984; Williams and Wolman, 1984) and can disrupt the regeneration of forest species (Schneider et al., 1989; Sharitz et al., 1990). Because discharges from a hydroelectric dam were erratic, trees on a oodplain below a dam in Alton, Illinois, completely failed to regenerate (Kurt Schulz, personal communication). Upstream of dams and within levees, trees die in oodplain forests
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Flow-related patterns of channel change control the size and distribution of forest patches of riparian cottonwood (Everitt, 1968; Johnson et al., 1976; Bradley and Smith, 1986; Stromberg et al., 1991; Scott et al., 1996; Dykaar and Wigington, 2000), and the composition and structural complexity of these patches change with riparian succession (Johnson et al., 1976; Boggs and Weaver, 1994). Human endeavors such as ow modi cation and livestock grazing alter these processes and thus have direct impact on the habitat characteristics of riparian forests. Although limited in aerial extent (Knopf et al., 1988), these riparian forests provide important habitat for native vertebrates, including a diverse avian fauna (Brinson et al., 1981; Finch and Ruggiero, 1993). More than 233 bird species have been reported within the upper Missouri River corridor in Montana (U.S. Department of the Interior, 1993), including a broad diversity of migratory, nongame bird species. Within the study reach, breeding bird species composition, richness, and abundance were examined in relation to variation in vegetation structure across 34 forested and nonforested riparian habitat patches. The patches included structurally complex cottonwood stands with a relatively well developed shrub understory (cottonwood-shrub patches) and stands of cottonwoods with comparatively little or no woody understory (cottonwood patches). Treeless areas on adjacent alluvial surfaces dominated by grasses and shrubs were identi ed as a third patch type (shrub-steppe patches). Differences in tree and tall shrub cover effectively distinguished these three patch types (Table 5-1, A). Further, the matrix of landscape features surrounding forested riparian habitat patches was relatively uniform, re ecting the relatively undisturbed nature of the river corridor (Table 5-1, B).
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Radio resource management
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A key premise to the end-to-end principle is that design simplicity is enhanced by minimizing the need to maintain state information. Building on the earlier end-toend design principles, RFC 1958 notes that an end-to-end protocol design should not rely on the maintenance of state (i.e., information about the state of the endto-end communication) inside the network. Instead, state should be maintained only in the endpoints, in such a way that the state can only be destroyed when the endpoint itself breaks. This concept is known as fate-sharing [4]. One conclusion that results from this observation is that datagrams are better than classical virtual circuits. Therefore, the network should be designed solely to transmit datagrams optimally. All other functions should be undertaken at the edges of the network. This point is a particularly important one that will be discussed further in other sections, especially those related to layer 2 and layer 1 services within a Grid environment. This section will note that the goal of providing infrastructure to transmit datagrams optimally is not mutually exclusive with incorporating circuit-oriented technologies within Grid environments. The abstraction layers enabled by basic Grid architecture support the optimization of any resource. Also, as RFC 3439 emphasizes, this approach does not mean that the Internet will not contain and maintain state, because much basic state is contained and maintained in the network core. Core state is orthogonal to the end-to-end principle. The primary point is that edge should not be dependent on core state. This concept is another important point that will be discussed in other sections related to Grid network services and stateful elements.
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(3,5)-subsets. This illustrates the backtrack process applied on all subsets to extract (m,n)-subsets. We now present the algorithm for generating variations. A (m,n)-variation out of {p1 , p2 , . . . , pn } can be represented as a sequence c1 c2 . . . cm , where p1 ci pn . Let z1 z2 . . . zm be the corresponding array of indices, that is, ci = pzi , 1 i m. The next variation can be determined by a backtrack search that nds an element ct with the greatest possible index t such that zt <n, therefore increasable (the index t is called the turning point). The value of zt is increased by 1 while the new value of zi for i t is 1. The algorithm is as follows. for i 0 to m do zi 1 ; repeat print out pzi , 1 i m ; t m; while zt = n do t t 1 ; zt zt + 1; for i t + 1 to m do zi 1 until t = 0. We now prove that the algorithm has constant average delay property. Every step will be assigned to the current value of t; in this way the time complexity T is subdivided into m portions T1 , T2 , . . . , Tm . In the process of a backtrack search and the update of elements, every portion Ti for t i m increases by a constant amount. After the update, ith element does not change (moreover, the backtrack search does not reach it) during the next nm i variations (i.e., Ti does not increase). Therefore, on average, Ti increases by O(1/nm i ) . It follows that the average delay is, up to a constant,
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