BearingPoint ( With a presence in 60 countries, BearingPoint s staff consists of 14,960 consulting professionals. Service emphasis: strategy and business process, customer relationship management, supply chain management, enterprise, integration services, infrastructure, emerging technologies, managed services. Industry emphasis: consumer and industrial markets (13% of revenue), financial services (10%), public services (41%), communications and content (20%), high technology (8%). Booz Allen Hamilton ( With more than 100 offices worldwide, BAH employs 10,218 consulting professionals. Service emphasis: strategy, organization and change leadership, operations, information technology. Industry emphasis: aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer products, energy and utilities, financial services, health care, media, technology, telecommunications, transportation. Boston Consulting Group ( With 50 offices on 5 continents and 2,600 consulting professionals on staff, BCG is one of the Big Three global strategy consultants. Service emphasis: branding, corporate development, deconstruction, e-commerce, globalization, operations, organizations, pricing, strategy. Industry emphasis: consumer, energy, financial services, health care, industrial goods, information technology, technology and communications, travel and tourism. Buck Consultants ( Part of the Mellon Financial Group, Buck employs 4,940 consulting pros and has a strong presence in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Service emphasis: compensation and benefits, organization and HR effectiveness, HR technologies, HR and benefits administration. Industry emphasis: all industries. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young ( CGE&Y, with 52,683 consulting professionals in 30 countries, claims the global number-one market position in Oracle process consulting and package implementation. Service emphasis: consulting services, technology services, outsourcing services, professional services. Industry emphasis: energy, utilities, and chemicals (13% of revenue); life sciences (7%); consumer products, retail, and distribution (12%); manufacturing, high technology, and automotive (14%); health, public, and other (26%); telecom and media (13%), financial services (15%). Computer Sciences Corporation ( CSC employs 15,500 consulting professionals in 25 countries. Service emphasis: applications outsourcing, business process outsourcing, credit services, CRM, enterprise application integration, enterprise solutions, hosting services, information security, IT infrastructure outsourcing, knowledge management, management consulting, research services, supply chain management. (continues)
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Exhibit 3.20 summarizes what I know about sources of data on recovery in the event of default. There are two types of industry studies. The rst type looks at ultimate recovery the actual recovery after a defaulted obligor emerges. Emergence can be de ned as curing a default, completing a restructuring, nishing liquidation, or emerging from bankruptcy. The other common de nition of recovery is the trading price of the defaulted instrument after default, usually 30 60 days. Ultimate Recovery Data S&P PMD Loss Database One industry study based on ultimate recovery is the Portfolio Management Data (PMD) database. (PMD is a unit of Standard & Poor s.) The S&P PMD database contains recovery data for 1600+ defaulted instruments from 450+ obligors. All instrument types including bank loans are covered for each default event. The database comprises U.S. data from 1987 forward. The data were collected via a detailed review of public bankruptcy records and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lings, as well as multiple pricing sources. The details provided include collateral type and amount above and below each tranche of debt on the balance sheet. Exhibits 3.21 and 3.22 provide some illustrative data from the S&P PMD database. Exhibit 3.21 shows that the type of instrument matters, by comparing recovery rates (mean and standard deviation) for various types of instruments. Exhibit 3.22 shows that the industry in which the obligor is located matters, by comparing mean recovery rates for various industries. The industries shown are those that had nine or more observations. The S&P PMD database lends itself to statistical analyses. In 2000, Standard & Poor s used the S&P PMD database to identify the determinants of recovery. That research identi ed four statistically signi cant deEXHIBIT 3.20 External Data on Recovery in the Event of Default
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In the example game shown, I decide to stay in the game and use the trackwheel menu to call the bet. Subsequently, the flop happens and three community cards are turned over in the center of the table, as shown in Figure 10-3.
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In addition to having all the title transfer documents held in escrow during the option period, I think that given human nature and the greed factor, you would have to be brain-dead not to record a memorandum of real estate option. Recording a memorandum of real estate option agreement like the sample in 17 (page 183) against the title to the property under option provides constructive notice to the public that you have a valid real estate option to purchase the property. However, not all state statutes allow a memorandum of real estate option agreement to be recorded. In most states, in order to be recorded, a real estate option must establish a valid interest or right in the property being put under option. Check with the supervisor or manager of your county s public recorder s office to determine if a memorandum of real estate option agreement can be recorded in the official public records of your county.
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