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Figure 7.27 Of ce: encoded and decoded, MPEG-4 Simple Pro le (close-up)
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So far, we have been discussing the overall view of a ber-to-the-home system as an abstract block diagram or in terms of individual components. It is now time to see how the components can be assembled in actual installations to form the typical FTTH system, such as one would actually encounter out in the real world, tracing it from the OLT at the central of ce or head end all the way to the user s plug in the wall. Figure 4.1 shows the nomenclature for the various parts of a PON (P2MP) or a star (P2P) as arranged physically. At the central of ce (telco lingo) or head end (cable lingo) there is an OLT for each ber. Each feeder cable (containing a number of bers) is routed to one ber distribution hub (FDH) or local convergence point (LCP), where a split into several distribution cables is made in order to connect to subsidiary FDHs or to the smaller housings in aerial splice enclosures called network access points (NAPs) or terminals. Beyond the terminals are the drops leading directly to the ONUs at individual subscribers premises. Onto this real-life diagram of an FTTH network can be mapped the PON or P2P block diagrams of Figure 2.1 with the splitting points placed in the FDHs, various convergence points, and NAPs. The feeders, distribution cables, and drops may be implemented in a rich variety of ways, but basically there are two classes, aerial and underground, which we shall break out into individual methods later in this chapter. Similarly, the convergence points and NAPs can be realized in a variety of cabinets, either at ground level or in vaults, or in closures (pods) overhead, and we shall discuss these too. The cabinets contain ber terminations, patch panels, splitters, test access points, and other resources. It is customary to house the convergence points in cabinets, whereas it is the NAPs that one sees either as closures hung from strength members running between utility poles or in small cabinets at ground level.
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Values of r [0, 3) [3, 4) [4, 5) [5, 6) [6, 7) [7, ) S/ r {s}, {t}, {u}, {v}, {w}, {x}, {y} {s, t, u}, {v}, {w}, {x}, {y} {s, t, u}, {v}, {w, x}, {y} {s, t, u, v}, {w, x}, {y} {s, t, u, v}, {w, x, y} {s, t, u, v, w, x, y}
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2.4 Bandwidth, Ef ciency, and Tolerances
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Brandon Mental Health Unit, Leicester General Hospital, Leicester, UK
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Profit of Combined Portfolio
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where the Cholesky factors U1 ; U2 are upper triangular and their respective transposes L1 ; L2 are lower triangular. The rst of these is implemented by the built-in MATLAB function chol(P), with argument P a symmetric positive-de nite matrix. The call chol(P) returns an upper triangular matrix U1 satisfying Eq. B.20. The MATLAB m- le chol2.m on the accompanying diskette implements the solution to Eq. B.21. The call chol2(P) returns an upper triangular matrix U2 satisfying Eq. B.21. Modi ed Cholesky Factorization The algorithm for Cholesky factorization of a matrix requires taking square roots, which can be avoided by using a modi ed Cholesky factorization in the form P UDUT ; B:22
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Figure 1.69 Loop coupled loop
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can be calculated in the year 2010 [10]. In the year 2005, it appears that the total available terrestrial spectrum for GSM 900 (2 35 MHz), GSM 1800 (2 75 MHz), DECT (20 MHz) and UMTS (155 MHz), which is 395 MHz, may satisfy the upcoming demand. More or less the same can be said for the satellite side. Thus, the main conclusion of this investigation is, that additional spectrum will be needed at least for terrestrial mobile services in the years between 2005 and 2010.
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28. Id., 98. 29. Id., 93. 30. Id., 213. 31. Id., 94. 32. Peter K. Manning, Police Work: The Social Organization of Policing (Cambridge, MA: MIT
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