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Impact on Bone Density
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Figure 13.2 Clinical Scenario 1. Follow-up ultrasound of adenxal mass at 14 weeks. Note multiple thin septations. No nodules, solid masses, or free uid in the cul de sac are noted. (Image compliments of Glenn T. Yamagata, MD, Interventional Radiologist, Greensboro Radiology PA, Greensboro, NC.)
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Hardware, software and networks are not free of failures. They fail because of software errors, failures in the supporting infrastructure (power-supplyor air conditioning), abuse by their users, or just because of ageing hardware. The lifetime of a hard disk, for instance, lies between two and five years, much less than the average lifetime of a distributed system.
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Business Architecture Information Architecture Technical Architecture
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146 Connect! A Guide to a New Way of Working from GigaOM s Web Worker Daily
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In electrogravimetry [19], the analyte, mostly metal ions, is electrolytically deposited quantitatively onto the working electrode and is determined by the difference in the mass of the electrode before and after the electrolysis. A platinum electrode is usually used as a working electrode. The electrolysis is carried out by the controlled-potential or the controlled-current method. The change in the current-potential relation during the process of metal deposition is shown in Fig. 5.33. The curves in Fig. 5.33 differ from those in Fig. 5.31 in that the potentials at i = 0 (closed circles) are equal to the equilibrium potential of the Mn+/M system at each instant. In order that the curves in Fig. 5.33 apply to the case of a platinum working electrode, the electrode surface must be covered with at least a monolayer of metal M. Then, if the potential of the electrode is kept more positive than the equilibrium potential, the metal (M) on the electrode is oxidized and is dissolved into solution. On the other hand, if the potential of the electrode is kept more negative than the equilibrium potential, the metal ion (Mn+) in the solution is reduced and is deposited on the electrode. In order to deposit more than 99.9% of the metal ion Mn+ by controlled-potential electrolysis, the potential of the working electrode should be kept more negative than the equilibrium potential at [Mn+] = C0/1000 (C0: initial concentration). Thus, the electrode potential Ec (V) should be Ec < E 0H     0:059 C0 0:059 3 log Eeq n n 1000
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Is the image acquisition software convenient and easy to use Is basic image processing available ( scaling, brightness, contrast, sharpening adjustments) and easy to use Is basic image analysis available (segmentation/data extraction, measurements of shapes and geometric parameters) Determine if you will need these operations and if are they easy to use. Does the software allow you to write customized scripts (computer macros) that might be needed to speed up and make more convenient special image acquisition and processing operations Anticipate that it will take some time to master scripting, and bear in mind that the ease of scripting varies considerably among different programs. Can your images be saved in TIFF, PICT, JPEG, GIF, and other universal file formats for import into other programs such as Photoshop (Adobe) or Canvas (Claris) for further processing and labeling Since camera operation is controlled entirely through the software, remember that there are alternative programs that will run the same camera. A camera fitted with difficult or complex imaging software is unlikely to get used. Decisions regarding the software and type of computer can be equally as important as selecting a camera. Be sure to investigate at least two software programs.
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