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Code Distributor Component Architecture.
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Notice that setAnInstanceVariable, anInstanceVariable is set to the value of aVar which was passed into the method. While it is not a requirement of the set method that it contain one or more assignment statements, this is usually the case. You don t need to write both get and set methods for a bean property. If your JSP or Java code doesn t need to change a bean property, then you shouldn t create a set method for that property. The following section takes a quick look at coding accessor methods for indexed bean properties.
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For both equations, if f approaches minus in nity, p approaches zero and if f approaches in nity, p approaches 1, thus ensuring the boundary conditions of p. The following diagram shows both functions plotted with probability on the horizontal axis. Notice the similarity in the shapes of the two curves.
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Aggressive Growth
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The C=A-code has the following functions: 1. To enable accurate range measurements and resistance to errors caused by multipath. To establish the position of a user to within 10 100 m, accurate user-to-satellite range estimates are needed. The estimates are made from measurements of signal propagation delay from the satellite to the user. To achieve the required accuracy in measuring signal delay, the GPS carrier must be modulated by a waveform having a relatively large bandwidth. The needed bandwidth is provided by the C=A-code modulation, which also permits the receiver to use correlation processing to effectively combat measurement errors due to thermal noise. Because the C=A-code causes the bandwidth of the signal to be much greater than that needed to convey the 50-bps data stream, the resulting signal is called a spread-spectrum signal. Using the C=A-code to increase the signal bandwidth also reduces errors in measuring signal delay caused by multipath (the arrival of the signal via multiple paths such as re ections from objects near the receiver antenna) since the ability to separate the direct path signal from the re ected signal improves as the signal bandwidth is made larger. 2. To permit simultaneous range measurement from several satellites. The use of a distinct C=A-code for each satellite permits all satellites to use the same L1 and L2 frequencies without interfering with each other. This is possible because the signal from an individual satellite can be isolated by correlating it with a replica of its C=A-code in the receiver. This causes the C=A-code modulation from that satellite to be removed so that the signal contains only the 50-bps data and is therefore narrow band. This process is called despreading of the signal. However, the correlation process does not cause the signals from other satellites to become narrow band, because the codes from different satellites are orthogonal. Therefore the interfering signals can be rejected by passing the desired despread signal through a narrow-band lter, a bandwith-sharing process called code division multiplexing (CDM) or code division multiple access (CDMA). 3. To provide protection from jamming. The C=A-code also provides a measure of protection from intentional or unintentional jamming of the received signal by another man-made signal. The correlation process that despreads the desired signal has the property of spreading any other signal. Therefore, the signal power of any interfering signal, even if it is narrow band, will be spread over a large frequency band, and only that portion of the power lying in the narrow-band lter will compete with the desired signal. The C=A-code provides about 20 30 dB of improvement in resistance to jamming from narrowband signals. We next detail important properties of the C=A-code.
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9.06 Interpreting Assessment Results
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The ssh command gives you only one screen. If you lose that screen, you lose all you were doing on the remote computer. That can be very bad if you were in the middle
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any chance of crossing the Antarctic. But in its place, he put forward a new objective to bring everyone back alive. To the men, Shackleton s resolve provided the certainty they would need to go on. He did not lament or dwell on past failures. His vision was always forward looking. What had happened was over, only the future was worth their attention and energy. They would survive together, in good cheer, with a sense of the historic greatness of what they were attempting to accomplish, and would look after one another when the body or the spirit was weak. The expedition spent the next five months on an ice flow. They called their new home Patience Camp. Everyone made an effort to stay active and in good spirits as they waited for the ice to drift closer to land. All of Shackleton s energies as leader were focused on holding his men together, beyond their weariness and despair. When the ice finally shifted, Shackleton made the decision to abandon camp and enter the lifeboats they had rescued from The Endurance to row the rest of the way. Their destination, an island where supplies had been left behind, was 800 miles off. The risks were enormous. A storm could overturn their small boats or wedge them into the ice. Weather conditions were so bad that after four days of unceasing effort, the currents had actually forced them 30 miles farther away. Shackleton mocked the impossible odds and his crew kept going, heading to a different island instead. When they finally reached Elephant Island, it was the first time their feet had been on dry land in over a year. Shackleton realized they would never be rescued on this remote island, so he tried another daring gamble. Stripping materials from the boats, he rebuilt one small sailing vessel the James Caird and with four other men set out in a desperate attempt to reach South Georgia Island, where there was a whaling station and the promise of help. In what would be considered one of the greatest open-boat journeys ever accomplished, they successfully crossed one of the roughest seas on earth. However, they lost their rudder and landed on South Georgia on the side of the island opposite the whaling station. Two of the crew were critically ill and couldn t go on. Shackleton and two others were healthy, and they were faced with crossing an unchartered mountain range in order to reach help. Without pausing to rest, they accomplished this in 36 hours with a rope, a carpenter s ax, and nails they fastened to the bottom of their shoes for traction. It was another six months before Shackle-
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During the daytime, most baseload coal units operate at their optimal power level. During the night, load requirements are often insuf cient to require that all baseload units operate at
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The use of savings to pay for a down payment reduces the income you have for monthly payments. This is another important relationship between the down payment you make and the cash you ll have for monthly payments. The close connection between these two factors is why both have been discussed in this chapter. The Cushion for Emergencies is a very important number. Never cut resources down to the last penny. Never, in spite of what the many faddish no-money-down books tell you, put every bit of savings into a house (or any real estate). You should always save money for that inevitable rainy-day emergency. This is particularly true when you ve highly leveraged yourself with a no- or low-money-down purchase. The amount of cushion needed can vary dramatically depending on your f inancial responsibilities. Where you have children to support and have elderly parents relying on your f inancial assistance (the socalled sandwich generation), a cushion that would adequately provide for an average homeowner may be totally inadequate. The Cash Available number is the amount that you can reasonably afford to spend each month for your housing costs. When you combine this number with the cash you have available for a down payment, you can use the previously provided charts to determine the maximum price you can afford to spend for a home. But before feeling disappointed, read the rest of this book; you ll see exactly how to go about getting a more expensive home without changing your monthly income or cash savings. WHY TRADITIONAL BANK FINANCING ISN T ALWAYS ENOUGH Traditional bank f inancing, if there is such a thing in these days of SAMs, ARMs, GEMs, GPMs, and other types of mortgages (see s 10, 11, and 12), isn t always suff icient. This is particularly true for the f irst-time home buyer who is tight on funds for a down payment. With the traditional mortgage, the buyer qualif ies by meeting certain income and employment tests. The longer and more stable your employment history, the better. The banker may also apply the one-third-of-take-home-pay rule of thumb and certain other tests to see if you qualify. Finally, a substantial down payment of 20 percent of the purchase price may also be required. Needless to say, not everyone can qualify for this type of mortgage. Even if you can qualify, this may not be suff icient for you to get the dream house your heart is really set on. For you and all these people, this book will
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A further problem
7: Administering File Systems
Assuming a distance-based energy model has an important implication on the resulting network topology. When issuing a speci c signal strength p the recipients that a node v is able to reach are exactly the nodes located within a circle centered at v, while the circle radius r(p) depends on the signal strength p. Assuming that each node utilizes a uniform signal strength p implies a topology consisting of exactly those edges (v, w) that satisfy |vw| r(p). A topology with this structural property is referred to as a UDG. A generalization of this concept is quasi-unit disk graphs that allow the communication range to vary within a minimum and a maximum transmission radius. More precisely, the communication range may be any shape boundary lying outside a minimum circle with center v and radius Rmin , and inside a maximum circle with center v and radius Rmax . UDGs are an important class of network topologies that are often used in order to simplify the theoretical analysis of a given topology control scheme. Moreover, some topology control schemes require that the underlying topology has the UDG property. This assumption might be justi ed if the network is deployed in a welltempered medium like sensor nodes owing in a large water basin. Moreover, it
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