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Various uses of the Ethical Grid are possible.120 Which method to adopt is up to the user, though the following approach is highly recommended.
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During this time, the FCC continued its historical approach to licensing by letting the market place decide what technology to implement into any particular licensed band. This helped to open the oodgates for multiple technologies ultimately being implemented in the wireless marketplace in the US by not creating a selection criteria for the standards process. As part of the vision supplied by the FCC that shared many FPLMTS concepts, PCS was to enable wireless communications for the masses. At the time, cellular was primarily a business tool, still quite expensive and cumbersome to use. PCS was to allow robust and ubiquitous service to small, inexpensive portable devises with wireline voice quality supporting many advanced features. The FCC wanted to use this commercial potential of PCS to stimulate technical creativity to surpass the current analogue and digital technologies. Unfortunately, there were also aggressive PCS auction dates associated with this activity. These dates eventually compromised the technical revolution aspects of PCS. In September 1993, the FCC released their Report & Order, formally authorising PCS in the 2 GHz emerging technologies band. The Commission allocated 120 MHz for licensed PCS services and 20 MHz for unlicensed PCS devices in the 1850 1990 MHz band. One aspect of the auction process, which was to have signi cant consequences for GSM, was the requirement that the technology choice for a prospective bidder had to be declared prior to the beginning of the auction process. As the various potential bidders were building their business cases, there was initially great reluctance to declare a technology choice. As GSM represented the greatest viable commercial threat to the incumbent digital technologies, it was important to have a commercial entity supporting the GSM technology through the standards process. The rst company to declare its technology choice was MCI, Inc. This November 1993 decision by MCI proved to be crucial in helping GSM survive the early days of the standards process as it withstood assaults on all fronts from US incumbents. The rst broadband PCS auctions for the PCS A and B bands began in December 1994. And by March 1995, bids for this 60 MHz of spectrum totalled $7.7 billion.
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Figure 2.11 gives for the upstream case the same exploded view we have just discussed for the downstream direction. Remember from Figure 2.9 that each successive 125-ms upstream frame consists of a succession of T-Cont transmissions from a number of ONUs, separated by the small guard time interval between them. Now, Figure 2.11a shows two successive T-Conts, each with its upstream dynamic bandwidth report (DBRu) emanating from ONU (A), followed by the guard time, followed by one T-Cont issued by ONU (B). The different pieces of the header, shown preceding the T-Conts in Figure 2.11a, are:
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An aperture can have any superdirectivity; an array can have limited superdirectivity. Both will suffer from low radiation resistance, narrow bandwidth, low ef ciency, and tight tolerances. A modest superdirective ratio is useable. Small dipoles and loops are superdirective and share many of these problems. Q is of interest only if it is large, so that bandwidth = 1/Q. Antennas with large VSWR need a matching
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10. Id. 11. IFAC Initiates Anticorruption Dialogue, Internal Auditor (August 1999), 13 14. 12. Carpenter and Mahoney, Analyzing Organizational Fraud, 36. 13. Larry E. Rittenberg, Lessons for Internal Auditors, Internal Auditor (April 2002), 32. 14. Campbell, Focus on Cyberfraud, 31 32. 15. Brandenburger and Nalebuff, Co-opetition, 12 13. Their reference to the Lincoln Highway
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# mii-tool -F 10baseT-FD eth0 Force speed/duplex to 10baseT-FD
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