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Once received, the Service De nition Document is parsed to produce the data structures that represent the de ned service logic and the derived management policies. These two data structures are utilized for the automatic generation of the service logic code and the service policies, respectively. The data structures, like the Service De nition Document itself, are implementation technology independent, while the code and the policies produced by this component are technologically compatible with the components that implement the CAS provisioning system. When complete, the service logic code is forwarded to the Code Distributor component that will ensure its optimal installation and maintenance, while the service policies are dispatched to the appropriate system components for realizing their necessary con gurations that will ensure the provisioning of the new service. The service customizations, pertinent to the newly established agreement with the consumer, are translated into customized service code and customization policies related to the particular service. The customized service code augments the general service code in order to ful ll the requirements imposed by the agreement with the consumer, while the customization policies con gure the system s components in accordance with the new agreement. As before, the customized service code is forwarded to the Code Distributor and the customization policies are dispatched to the appropriate system components (Figure 3.10). The functionality of the Code and Policies Generation Engine component is realized by the computational components presented in the above mentioned gure. The Service Logic Parser decomposes the Service De nition Document and analyzes all the existing modules pertinent to the construction of the service logic. It produces the Service Logic data structure that is a coherent roadmap for the construction of code that can implement the service logic. The Code Generator component in turn compiles this data structure into technology-speci c code. If the code is destined to operate in different execution environments, then a Code Generator must be constructed for each distinct technology, although the Service
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Clean Up a Property to Maximize Its Curb Appeal and Resale Value
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11.7 UMTS
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Know the goals of an intellectual property audit Understand the advantages conferred by having an outside
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Obstacles to Clear Moral Reasoning 111
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The bene ts of having rules and following them are: a. If rules have been drawn up and agreed then it is likely they will be based upon considered reasoning and analysis b. Rules provide useful guides for action c. Rules will often be public which means that those who are dealt with by health workers will know at least some of the rules. The disadvantages of always conforming to rules are: a. People s powers of judgement and decision-making tend to atrophy if not regularly used b. Whatever the rules, situations will occur where breaking a rule will produce a higher degree of morality than abiding by it c. A de ning element of moral deliberation is that there must be uncertainty at least at rst. To state beforehand that a particular principle must be upheld whatever the circumstances is to negate morality. Without the possibility of choice moral deliberation is sterile.
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where > 0 is a parameter [77], which is related to the hyperbolic tangent via g(s) =
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$ history 5 975 mkdir extras 976 mv *doc extras/ 977 ls -CF 978 vi house.txt 979 history
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1. U. G. Gupta, Validating and Verifying Knowledge-Based Systems, IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, CA, 1991.
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Engineering distributed systems follows a development process that is not much different from that for other software systems. Throughout this book, we assume that the reader is familiar with basic software engineering principles and techniques. We recommend [ Ghezzi et al., 1991], [Pressman, 1997] or [Jalote, 1991] as a reference. A good introduction to object-oriented software engineering is given in [ Jacobson et al., 1992].
based on a real concern for the individual. Making a personal connection with the family may be the only way to establishing a partnership (Congress, 2001). Hannah (Case 8 5) should consider both the potential benefits and disadvantages of social interaction with her student-client and family in deciding whether to attend the babyshower. Diversity Issues School psychologists are obligated ethically to provide services to students and their families that are respectful of diverse backgrounds and circumstances (EP 2.01). Living in a multicultural society makes this challenging. Webb (2001) identified four themes related to strains and obstacles in culturally diverse practice (also see Ortiz & Flanagan, 2002). One is The practitioner s lack of understanding about the multidimensional reality and stresses of the client s situation in the context of the client s specific cultural and family environment (p. 339). School psychologists must strive to understand family circumstances; they cannot assume that the parents reality is the same as theirs.
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