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where the negative power A p A fA g . In this representation, the matrix A is the independent (free) variable and the other matrix parameters (Bk ) are assumed to be known and xed. B.6.4 Analytic Functions of Matrices
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Building Brand Awareness
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Modules are used to restrict the scope of identifiers.
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As discussed in some detail in 3, there can be entire segments within certain markets where designated securities are afforded some type of tax protection. If due only to the fact that these securities already enjoy a particular tax advantage, they are not typically sought after as higher-yielding
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pon his departure after nearly two decades as president of the Chicago Board of Trade, Thomas Donovan called it an honor to lead a worldclass institution like the CBOT and to help shape its destiny for the future. Just what that destiny is remains a mystery. Donovan had become a polarizing gure at the CBOT, it is true. But it is not at all clear that the powerful forces obsessed with his departure, including Chairman David Brennan, have a clue as to what to do now with this deeply riven, 152-year-old Chicago institution. Its membership structure makes rapid and drastic change essential though it is virtually impossible. It is burdened with debt from a new $182 million trading oor for its cherished open outcry trading method that has become an expensive albatross in an electronic world. And, frankly, it is running out of time. Who would want to become mayor of Beirut asked former CBOT Chairman Les Rosenthal. Indeed. There was a time when Chicago and futures trading were synonymous around the world. Between them, the CBOT and its LaSalle Street archrival, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, ruled the roost. That is no longer true. Anyone looking at the future of futures at the dawn of the 21st Century must look east across the Atlantic Ocean to Eurex, the Frankfurt-based electronic marketplace created by a merger of the German and Swiss derivatives exchanges. In volume, the upstart Eurex surpassed the CBOT last year to become the world s largest futures exchange. Eurex provides cost-ef cient, one-stop shopping for futures and options trading in an electronic age and its volume is surging. Last October, after a fractious on-again, off-again courtship, the CBOT signed an alliance with Eurex. How did this come to be, that the once-mighty Chicago exchanges are now scrambling to catch up in a market they created Perhaps no amount of savvy leadership could have slowed the technological juggernaut that is threatening the future of this industry in Chicago. 316
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Similarly, Gottman and colleagues (2002) conclude, The most consistent discriminator between distressed and non-distressed marriages is negative affect reciprocity (p. 158). Negative interactions identified by Gottman and associates include criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling (avoiding, shutting down, or turning away from interaction). Both the perpetual problems noted earlier and potentially resolvable problems do become predictive of relationship failure when couples choose to handle them in the unproductive ways noted above. Additional support for the idea that initial negative views of one s relationship can distort the perception of later interaction comes from Flora and Segrin (2000). Individuals who began interactions with negative sentiment override did not respond to changes in the topic (compliments versus complaints) of conversation with their spouses. Not surprisingly, both spouses in this study reported declines in marital satisfaction with increased complaining; this was especially true for husbands. Relationships were happier when spouses could talk through complaints with more gazing behavior, less negative emotion, less wife talk time, and more husband talk time. The trends noted in the section above, both in terms of positive and negative interactions, were recently supported by Stanley, Markman, and Whitton (2002) in a creative study using a national random sample of over 900 participants and a phone survey. Through this atypical method, the researchers confirmed that [n]egative interaction was negatively associated with every index of relationship quality and positively associated with thoughts and talk of divorce (p. 670). Their work also gives credence to the idea that for men, negative interaction is more predictive of divorce than for women; for women, lack of positive interaction is more predictive of divorce. Men also withdrew from interaction more often than did women, and for both genders, withdrawal was related to loss of connection and increased negativity. Furthermore, Stanley and colleagues (2002) conclude that conversational process is more important than conversational topic. However, Sanford (2003) found that topic difficulty did make a difference in couples communication, although indirectly. He suggests that difficult conflicts (topics) decrease relational satisfaction, which then leads to poor communication styles. For both members of the couple, discussions of their most difficult
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The MATLAB m- le pwprod.m demonstrates the ``Gaussian-ness'' of pointwise products of Gaussian likelihood functions and that the maximum-likelihood estimation formulas do pick the peaks of the pointwise products. Two examples are programmed: one using Gaussian likelihood functions that could be derived from
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*/ return new StockTradeResult(statusMsg, aCust.getCustName(), shares, stockSymbol); } /* The other business method */ public StockTradeResult sell(StockCustomer aCust, String stockSymbol, int shares) throws RemoteException { /* To sell stock, we check if the customer has enough stock to cover the sell order or update the stock on hand after a successful sale. */ boolean success = false ; String statusMsg = "Stock Sale Failed" ; int numShares = getNumShares( aCust.getCustID(), stockSymbol ) ; if ( numShares >= shares ) { success = updateCustomerRecord( aCust.getCustID(), stockSymbol, numShares - shares ) ; statusMsg = "Stock Sale Successful." ; } else { statusMsg = statusMsg + "Not enough shares on account" ; shares = 0 ; } return new StockTradeResult(statusMsg, aCust.getCustName(), shares, stockSymbol); } /*This method adds customer share table returning success/ failure flag. When a customer buys stock and has none on hand, this method adds a record for the customerID/sharesymbol combination. */ private boolean addCustomerRecord( int aCustomerID, String stockSymbol, int numShares) { try { payPS = payConn.prepareStatement(" insert " + " into stocktable " + "( customerid, sharesymbol, " + " numSharesOnAcct) " + " values ( , , ) " ) ; /* Well, let's set the parametters.... */ payPS.setInt ( 1, aCustomerID ) ; payPS.setString( 2, stockSymbol ) ; payPS.setInt ( 3, numShares ) ; /* Issue the SQL... Table primary key is compound key CustID and ShareSymbol 1 row impacted or error. */ int numRowsAdded = payPS.executeUpdate() ; /* Let's get the result. */
Several long-term follow-up studies (Tolstrup et al., 1987; Ratnasuria et al., 1991; Crisp et al., 1992; Theander, 1970, 1992, 1996) indicate that a signi cant number of former eatingdisordered patients do not ful l reasonable expectations, given many probands apparent resources and family background. More recent studies with a shorter follow-up period cannot be expected to contribute de nitive evidence on this issue. A recent Swedish multicentre follow-up study (see Paper I in Wallin, 2000) encompassing ve child and adolescent psychiatric treatment centres showed that 3.2 years after the end of treatment 70.3% of 111 female with DSM-III-R anorexia nervosa had a good outcome they were considered recovered, with a body mass index within the normal range, regular menstruation and normalised eating. Two-thirds of the probands had a global assessment of functioning scale (GAF; APA, 1987) score of 80 or above, indicating good psychological, social and occupational function. No deaths were recorded, but one should keep in mind that the average age at follow-up was 17.3 years. Wentz et al. (2001) report signi cantly lower mean GAF scores in the AN group (M = 65) as opposed to a mean GAF score of 84 in the COMP group. In the AN group there was a signi cant difference in GAF score between those who had received psychiatric treatment during the period of observation (median GAF score 60) and those who had not (median GAF score 75).
The inverse of a partitioned matrix with square diagonal blocks may be represented in block form as [53] A C where E A 1 A 1 BHCA 1 ; F A 1 BH; G HCA 1 ; H D CA 1 B 1 : This formula can be proved by multiplying the original matrix times its alleged inverse and verifying that the result is the identity matrix. B D ! 1 E G ! F ; H
11.4.3 Transactions in Java
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