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for conformable matrices A and B and a matrix norm k kM . This is a good property to have for some applications. One might also insist on a similar property with respect to multiplication by vector x, for which a norm k kV1 may already be de ned: kAxkV2 kAkM kxkV1 :
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Gudjonsson, G.H. (2002). The psychology of interrogations and confessions: A handbook. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. Gunn, M.J. (1985). The law and mental handicap: 3 The Mental Health Act, 1983 consent to treatment. Mental Handicap, 13, 70 72. Gunn, M.J. (1996). Sex and the law: A brief guide for staff working with people with learning dif culties (4th edn). London: Family Planning Association. Gunn, M.J., Wong, J.G., Clare, I.C.H. and Holland, A.J. (1999). Decision-making capacity. Medical Law Review, 7, 269 306. Hess, J.H. and Thomas, H.E. (1963). Incompetency to stand trial: Procedures, results and problems. American Journal of Psychiatry, 119, 713 720. Hingsburger, D. (1995). Just say Know!: Understanding and reducing the risk of sexual victimisation of people with developmental disabilities. Quebec: Diverse City Press. Hirsch, R.D. and Vollhardt, B.R. (2002). Elder maltreatment. In R. Jacoby and C. Oppenheimer (eds), Psychiatry in the elderly (3rd edn; pp. 896 918). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hoge, S.K., Bonnie, R.J., Poythress, N., Monahan, J., Eisenberg, M. and Fuecht-Havier, T. (1997). The MacArthur adjudicative competence study; development and validation of a research instrument. Law and Human Behaviour, 21, 141 179. Hogg, J. and Sebba, J. (1986). Profound retardation and multiple impairment, Volume 1, Development and Learning. London: Croom Helm. Home Of ce (2000). Setting the boundaries: Reforming the law on sex offences. London: Home Of ce Communication Directorate. Home Of ce/Department of Health and Social Security (1975). Report of the Committee on Mentally Abnormal Offenders. Cmnd. 6224. London: HMSO. Hulme, C. and MacKenzie, S. (1992). Working memory and severe learning dif culties. Hove: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Jacobson, A. and Richardson, B. (1987). Assault experience of 100 psychiatric inpatients. Evidence of the need for routine inquiry. American Journal of Psychiatry, 144 (7), 908 913. Jacoby, R. (2002). Old age psychiatry and the law. British Journal of Psychiatry, 180, 116 119. Jacoby, R. and Oppenheimer, C. (eds) (2002). Psychiatry in the Elderly (3rd edn). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Jahoda, A., Markova, I. and Cattermole, M. (1988). Stigma and the self-concept of people with a mild mental handicap. Journal of Mental De ciency Research, 32, 103 115. James, D.V Duf eld, G., Blizard, R. and Hamilton, L.W. (2001). Fitness to plead: A prospective ., study of the inter-relationships between expert opinion, legal criteria and speci c symptomatology. Psychological Medicine, 31, 139 150. Kapp, M.B. (1999). From medical patients to health care consumers: decisional capacity and choices to purchase coverage and services. Aging and Mental Health, 3, 294 300. Kapp, M.B. (2001). Legal interventions for persons with dementia in the USA: Ethical, policy and practical aspects. Aging and Mental Health, 5, 312 315. Kaufman, A.S. and Lichtenberger, E.O. (1999). Essentials of WAIS-III Assessment. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Kempton, W. (1988). Life horizons I and II: Sex education for persons with special needs. Santa Monica, CA: James Stan eld & Company. Kennedy, C.H. and Niederbuhl, J. (2001). Establishing criteria for sexual consent capacity. American Journal on Mental Retardation, 106, 503 510. Khemka, I. and Hickson, L. (2000). Decision-making by adults with mental retardation in simulated situations of abuse. Mental Retardation, 38, 15 26. Koller, R. (2000). Sexuality and adolescents with autism. Sexuality and Disability, 18, 125 135. Kuipers, E. and Bebbington, P. (1987). Living with mental illness: A book for relatives and friends. London: Souvenir Press. Law Commission (England and Wales) (1995). Mental incapacity. Report No. 231. London: HMSO. Law Commission of Canada (1987). Recodifying criminal law. Report 31. Ottawa: Canada.
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21.3.3 The Type Approval Development: Financing, Creation of GSMFacilities Ltd
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The rst step in solving a new problem using a CBR system, as described in 3, is retrieving the most similar case(s) from the case base. Assuming that similar problems have similar solutions, the case(s) retrieved are used to derive the solution for the new problem. Usually, the past solution needs adjustment to t the new situation. The process of xing (i.e., adapting) the old solution is called case adaptation. The knowledge repaired to carry out the adaptation is referred to as adaptation knowledge. There are two ways to acquire adaptation knowledge. The traditional approach is by interviewing domain experts and coding the task-speci c adaptation knowledge manually into the CBR system. This knowledge may be represented as a decision table, semantic tree, or IF THEN rules. Alternatively, the adaptation knowledge can be learned from the cases using machine-learning techniques. Through learning we generate specialized heuristics that relate the differences in the input speci cations (i.e., problem attributes) to the differences in the output speci cations (i.e., solution attributes). These heuristics can be used to determine the amount of adaptation that is suitable. Acquiring adaptation knowledge through interviews with domain experts is both labor intensive and time consuming. It is also dif cult to maintain the adaptation knowledge that has been acquired. Many application systems developed in the past, such as Chef, Judge, Clavier, and Juliana [1], employed this approach.
metaphors, as long as you re aware you re using it, and you choose a different metaphor at times and situations when the organic approach doesn t serve you.
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