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Using Eqs. (6.2.62) and (6.2.51), we can eliminate Ht and condition (6.2.67) can be expressed in terms of Et alone as Z dx Z & dy Et    ! ' Z0 1 r 1 r Et o2 eEt jog m 6:2:68
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It turns out that the redundancy property alone does not provide edge removal based construction of a planar and connected topology. Refer to Figure 15.5b for an example. The depicted graph satis es the redundancy property. Planarity can be obtained by removing either the edges (ui , vi ) or the edges (ui , w). However, in both cases either the nodes vi or the node w get isolated from the remaining network. On the contrary, the fact that any UDG can be planarized (for instance, by applying the Gabriel graph method) reveals that these graphs have besides the redundancy an additional structural property that assures that an example like depicted in Figure 15.5b cannot be constructed. An explicit formal graph theoretic de nition of this property is still missing. A localized rule in order to decide which one of the two intersecting edges (a, b) or (c, d) has to be removed can be described as follows. For edge (a, b) compute the maximum over the angles acb and adb. For edge (c, d) compute the maximum over the angles cad and cbd. The edge with the larger maximum value is removed. For instance, in Figure 15.5a the angle = acb is the maximum one in the quadrilateral (a, b, c, d). Thus, the edge (a, b) will be removed. Ties, that is, both edges have the same maximum value, are broken by using a given edge ordering and removing the smaller edge. In the following, the described construction method will be referred as angle-based direct planarization (ABDP). Since for each intersection at least one edge is removed, it is obvious that the resulting topology is planar. Moreover, it is easy to show that a Gabriel graph is a subtopology of the topology obtained by ABDP. Consequently, the resulting topology preserves connectivity of the underlying UDG. The intuition behind this approach is to maintain shortest paths up to a constant factor. An edge is removed only if it intersects, and from both edges exactly the one is removed whose alternative path introduces the smallest increment in terms of the Euclidean distance. However, it is not known by now if the resulting topology is a spanner with respect to the Euclidean distance metric. 15.4.7 Minimum Spanning Trees
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: missionary will get eaten if we unload. : : "max" holds input data: total number of missionaries and : cannibals, and max number allowed in the boat. : : PROCEDURE: first input data (rule r0), then put all the : missionaries and cannibals on the left bank, nobody in : boat, nobody on right bank (rule r1). : : Now load as many as possible up to the boat limit on : the left bank (rules r2, r3, r4). Check to make sure : that nobody will get eaten on the left bank or in the : boat (rules r5,r6). If this test is passed, sail from : left to right; if not, forget it and backtrack (rules : r7, r8). : : After we have sailed from the left bank, see what the : right bank totals will be if we unload (rule r19). If : nobody will get eaten, unload (rule r20); if somebody : will get eaten, forget it and backtrack (rule r21). : Check if we have solved the problem (rule r22). If not: : : Now load as few as possible up to the boat limit on the : right bank (rules r9, r10, r11). Check to make sure : that nobody will get eaten on the right bank or in the : boat (rules r12, r13). If this test is passed, sail : from right to left; if not, forget it and backtrack : (rules r14, r15). : : After we have sailed from the right bank, see what the : left bank totals will be if we unload (rule r16). If : nobody will get eaten, unload (rule r17); if somebody : will get eaten, forget it and backtrack (rule r18). : Continue until problem is solved. : ****************************************************** message loading program MC.FPS...\n ; declare Boat miss int cann int total int state str; declare Left
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Some Property Owners View Negotiations as a Sort of Cat and Mouse Game
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Part I Customizing the BlackBerry
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Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Annual Percentage Rate Initial rate
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allow gasoline odors to invade the house. Two-car garages are desirable, even if you have one car, because of the extra storage space. The best foundation is poured concrete, with concrete block second best. If there s a crawl space under the house, it should be at least two feet high, and the soil covered by a layer of concrete or at least a plastic vapor barrier. No wood should touch the ground lest you get termites. A sign of termites: narrow mud tunnels leading to the ground. An outside wall of masonry is best. But check the mortar between the bricks or stones. Wood siding may need repainting. Check for peeling and blistering. If aluminum siding isn t vinyl clad and is chalky, it may need painting. Check that it has a solid backing and won t dent easily. Slate- or clay-tile roofs are best. Next in order come concrete tiles and metal panels, asbestos-cement shingles, and most common asphalt shingles, which should last 20 years. Check asphalt tiles for any that are broken, warped, or missing. If the granules covering the tiles are almost gone, it may be time to replace them. And if there are two layers of tiles already, replacement can be very expensive. Check for tar patches, a sign of past leakage. A good roof has a wide overhang to protect the walls from water. If there s no snow on the house in winter, when other houses have snow, heat may be escaping from the house. A roof should have a 30-degree pitch.
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