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fer of credit exposure, and various legal and regulatory considerations all can come into play in differing ways with these products. 6 presents more detail pertaining to the particular tax and legal issues involved. The following chapters make reference to these products, and highlight ways in which other security types may be considered to be credit derivatives even if they are not conventionally thought of as such.
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where the an are constants. The functions fn are called expansion functions or the basis functions. For exact solutions, Eq. (1.4.2) is usually an in nite summation and the functions fn form a complete set of basis functions. For approximate solutions, Eq. (1.4.2) is usually a nite summation. Substituting Eq. (1.4.2) into Eq. (1.4.1) and using the linearity of the operator L, we have X
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EXPENSIVE British Colonial Hilton
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Step 5. Determine the value of the risk associated with the optimal hedge. Ignoring the terms with D and I, and setting e to its optimal value, the price risk becomes SD(R + e*(B f )) = Var(B)e2 2Cov(P,B)Le + L2 (Var(P )) = = Cov(P,B)2 L2 2Cov(P,B)2 L2 + L2(Var(P )) Var(B) L2 Var(P ) Cov(P,B)2 L2 Var(B)
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Any single action may be so common across offences or so ambiguous in its signi cance that its use as a basis for investigative inferences may suggest distinctions between offenders that are unimportant. Models of differentiation therefore need to have foundations in an understanding of the processes that give rise to co-occurring patterns of criminal activity. These studies have tended to explore the hypothesis that these themes re ect the mode of interpersonal transaction that the offender uses to carry out the crime. One elaboration of this mode of interpersonal transaction is that put forward by Canter (1995a). He takes a more social psychological perspective on what Canter and Fritzon (1998) call the locus of desired effects . The locus here is the role the offender assigns his victim during the crime. This model is a distillation of the ndings reported by Canter and Heritage (1990). Rather than the ve-fold model they proposed, Canter (1995a) argued that in more general terms the ve modes of transaction can be reduced to three general roles to which a victim may be assigned. 1. Where the offender treats the victim as an object (something to be used and controlled only through restraint and threat, often involving alternative gains in the form of other crimes such as theft). 2. Where the offender sees the victim as a vehicle for the offender s own emotional state, e.g. anger and frustration (the victim is subjected to extreme violence and abuse). 3. Where the offender sees the victim as a person (some level of pseudo-intimacy with attempts to create some sort of rapport or relationship). Canter (1995a) presents some evidence for this model as a basis for differentiating rapists. More recently Canter, Hughes and Kirby (1998) have shown that the model is supported with data from 97 paedophiles. Salfati and Canter (1999) used a somewhat different vocabulary in their study of 82 stranger homicides but still presented an analogous three-fold model. More recently Fritzon, Canter and Wilton (2001) have found support for the model in their study of attempted murder. Hodge (in press) also found the model to be of value in her study of 88 US serial killers. Her particularly detailed argument and MDS results provide one of the clearest examples of this approach. She hypothesised that for those sexual serial murderers where the role of victim was as an object, the crime scene behaviours would re ect few emotional elements with little interpersonal interaction. The offender would be unlikely to be in uenced by the victims responses, acting out a personal ritualised script, in which the victim plays no part as a human being. She also hypothesised that post-mortem injuries and sexual acts as well as excessive violence and dismemberment would co-occur with these other indicators of the victim as object . Hodge (in press) took the thematic focus on the role of victim as a vehicle to re ect more overtly emotional reactions. She points out that although the offender may well
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Business Ethics, no.8 (January 1989), 31 32.
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8.7 References
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stop is an unpleasant 7-minute walk, often past roadkill. After you come to the bus stop, it s still a 5- to 10-minute bus ride to the nearest beach. You can catch the no. 10 or 38 bus to Cable Beach for $1. You can also rent a bike at Dillet s and tour the area for $15 a day. After a breakfast of freshly baked pastries, you might request an authentic Bahamian dinner that night for around $30 per person; Iris can also arrange a picnic for you to take to the beach. The Guest House now has a Livery car service especially for guests to be picked up at the airport for $25 for two (one way).
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