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Gairing et al. [41] address the impact of incomplete knowledge in (weighted) network congestion games with either splittable or unsplittable ow. In this perspective, the proposed models generalize the two famous models of sel sh routing, namely
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Many of the current GRID deployments have focused primarily on delivering highperformance computing, while future GRID applications are expected to enable complex application problem solving [35] for more diverse environments covering many more aspects of society such as health, genomics, new media, transport, energy, or public information systems. Due to the nature of the computational tasks GRID is expected to handle, non-trivial `qualities of service' will have to be delivered. One approach to providing such functionalities is by augmenting applications running on hosts by an appropriate middleware. Alternatively, overlays can be used to provide augmented functionalities, mostly independent of properties of underlying infrastructures, in a less disruptive fashion than so-called integrated approaches. GRID computing research is now driven by the GRID Forum, which operates in a similar manner to the IETF. Open Grid Service Architecture for Distributed Systems Integration (OGSA) is under development. Open source OGSA middleware implementations (Globus Toolkit) are also continuously developed (see www.globus.org/ogsa).
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