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The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism maintains a tourist information booth at the Nassau International Airport in the Arrivals terminal (& 242/377-6806). Hours are from 8:30am to 11pm daily. Information can also be obtained from the Information Desk at the Ministry of Tourism s Office, Rawson Square (& 242/328-7810), which is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5:30pm.
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The experience with 3G in Europe has shown that where a political consensus exists, spectrum harmonisation can be achieved within the framework of spectrum management by CEPT. Legal certainty of the results of such a harmonisation process could be ensured through the mandate mechanism already in place in the UMTS Decision. The conditions of access to 3G spectrum however show the need to re ect generic issues such as spectrum pricing or licensing conditions. In order to set up a Community frame to discuss spectrum policy aspects relevant to Community policies, the European Commission started a re ection process on a radio spectrum policy for the European Community. Following the publication of a Spectrum Green Paper in 1998 [25] and a subsequent public consultation [26], a proposal for a Decision was submitted to Council and the European Parliament. This so-called Spectrum Decision [27] lays the foundation for a spectrum policy in the Community:
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Psychologists, in particular Gudjonsson and MacKeith (e.g. 1988), have drawn attention to the possibility that some individuals may confess to crimes they have not committed. These false confessions may be a consequence of characteristics similar to those that make witnesses vulnerable, such as heightened emotional state and low intellectual ability, making the suspect more willing to accept suggestions from the interviewer (cf. Gudjonsson, 2001). Gudjonsson has developed a measure of a person s suggestibility that has been drawn on by the courts around the world to support claims of a false confession (Gudjonsson, 1984). These may also be a product of cultural processes rather than aspects of personality in which, for example, groups from certain ethnic minorities may deem it essential to agree with whatever a person in authority, such as a police of cer, says to them (Gudjonsson, Rutter and Clare, 1995). Investigative psychologists have also considered the ways in which false confessions may be produced in response to various forms of psychological or physical coercion. However, all this work suffers from the practical dif culties of ever being certain that a confession really was false, so the impact of this approach often owes more to the predilections of particular jurisdictions than to the unchallengeable validity of the research on which it is based.
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Figure 2-10 Optical bench setup for demonstrating complementary colors.
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Interpreting the Phase Contrast Image
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droquinone with Cu(II) in acetonitrile [13]. Curve A in anhydrous AN and B in the presence of * 0.1 M H2O.
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Working with Couples Who Have Experienced Physical Aggression
The decisions that were taken in GSM3/SMG3 were centred on the speci cation of signalling protocols. Signalling protocols can be understood as languages for exchanging control information between distant nodes, such as network nodes or mobile stations. The exchanged information is quite variegated. It includes data such as identities, called numbers, nature of call, description of allocated resources, result of measures, and so on.
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