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different physical box next to the router. This kind of architecture enables DINA to support different platforms from different vendors using almost identical software components. In the DINA system, control messages (and possibly the code itself) are sent inbound, that, is using the same infrastructure as the data traf c. In our case, control messages are active packets containing either the code itself, reference to the code, or information exchange between different components of a distributed active application. This choice is very natural in the IP world where all messages are eventually sent in IP packets over the same links. However, in order to implement such an architecture one needs to deploy a mechanism that can lter out the control messages and redirect them to the control plain, this is done in the Forwarding Element. The Forwarding Element must be able to lter control packets and to send them to the Active Engine. In addition, it must either support standards such as SNMP and MIB or a proprietary but open interface. These interfaces are used to access local information, and to recon gure the node as required. The information accessed through this interface may concern local resource utilization, load on the different interfaces (when the network element is a router), or information regarding the different call setups (when the network element is a VoIP gateway). Access capabilities may include recon guration of the element, changing of parameters and policies, or modifying the QoS parameters or routing tables. Most off-the-shelf IP elements indeed support both ltering and redirection, and can be accessed either via SNMP or via proprietary CLIs. Some network elements even support more complex access methods based on Java or WEB services technology. The communication between DINA s modules is usually done by UDP transactions and TCP connections, although other methods can be used. In the current implementation, DINA active packets (that should be captured by the lter) are identi ed as UDP packets with destination ports 3322, 3323 or 3324 (see Subsection 7.2.4). In order to capture such packets, the Forwarding Element should employ a policy-based routing mechanism that allows packets to be ltered and captured according to prede ned rules. Using this kind of mechanism, such active packets are captured and are redirected to the Active Engine (actually, as described in the next paragraph, to the Session Broker). The implementation of this lter depends on the platform and the interface with the policy-based routing mechanism, in the speci c Forwarding Element. The heart of the DINA system is the Active Engine. This is a modular software element that offers a controlled, safe, and managed execution environment to the code of the service logic, and other components that perform additional required functions. It is based on a collection of brokers (see Figure 7.3). The Session Broker is the main software component. It handles new control messages, creates and executes the service code, and manages the Active Engine. In addition to the Session Broker, other brokers provide different APIs that allow active services to utilize host
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Other Vibrating Coriolis Effect Gyroscopes These include vibrating wires, vibrating beams, tuning forks (effectively, paired vibrating beams), and ``wine glasses'' (using the vibrating modes thereof), in which a combination of turning rate and Coriolis effect couples one mode of vibration into another. The vibrating member is driven in one mode, the input is rotation rate, and the output is the sensed vibration in the undriven mode. All vibrating Coriolis effect gyroscopes measure a component of angular rate orthogonal to the vibrational velocity. The example shown in Fig. 6.5 is a tuning fork driven in a vibration mode with its tines coming together and apart in unison (Fig. 6.5a). Its sensitive axis is parallel to the tines. Rotation about this axis is orthogonal to the direction of tine velocity, and the resulting Coriolis acceleration will be in the direction of v  v, which excites the output vibration mode shown in Fig. 6.5b. This ``twisting'' mode will create a torque couple through the handle, and some designs use a double-ended fork to transfer this mode to a second set of output tines.
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21.2.1 Setting the Scene
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20. Id. 21. A Neglected Law Enforcement Asset, The New York Times (editorial) (May 9, 2002), A-38. 22. Albrecht, Employee Fraud, 33. 23. Id., 35. 24. Id., 35 36. 25. Security and Civil Liberties, speech by Jacob Perry, former Director of General Security
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Practical maximum for DPDCH is 1 SF4.
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Comments about codeProcessHandler API:  removeProcess () removes the process speci ed by the codeID from all DINA nodes  removeProcessFromNode () removes the process only from the speci ed node (given by the IP or the dinaNodeID) CodeStorageHandler API:
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FastHenry is a program capable of computing the frequency-dependent self and mutual inductances as well as the resistances of a 3D system of conductors. The data describing the geometry of the conductors and the frequencies of interest must be provided in an input le. This le speci es every conductor in the system as a sequence of rectilinear segments connected between nodes where a node is a point in 3D space, as shown in Fig. 2.9.1. Every segment has a nite conductivity and has the shape of a parallelepiped whose height and width can be assigned. Any section of a segment can be further divided into an arbitrary number of parallel laments, that is, parallelepipeds with smaller cross sections than the original one. This is done to validate the assumption that every lament carries a uniform current. In fact, the current may no longer be uniformly distributed along the cross section of a conductor segment when the frequency increases due to the skin effect. However, if the section is divided into smaller laments, the current can be reasonably approximated as uniform in the laments. In this way, it is possible to model the high-frequency effects on the segments. Ability to specify an arbitrary discretization of the volume of the conductors affects the accuracy of the results and is better as the discretization is re ned. It is interesting to note that the computational complexity of the analysis technique used in FastHenry grows only linearly with the number of laments required to discretize the conductors. The results are provided in the form of a Maxwell impedance matrix Z R j L . The results can then be converted into equivalent SPICE-like lumped-element circuit models with a utility called MakeLCircuit provided with
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Since you ll probably use your phone for both work and personal needs, you need to think about your overall lifestyle when choosing one. Some people need a high degree of connectivity. Some people only use their phone occasionally. Some people want an all-in-one device to minimize weight and inconvenience. Some people choose two devices: a feature phone for easy calling and texting along with a smart phone for email and web browsing. Swisscom researcher Stefana Broadbent says research shows that mobile workers communicate on the road but do the bulk of their work back at their desks. See http://www.economist.com/printedition/ displayStory.cfm story_id=9249302 for more.
This means that the agency should have the capability to deliver all these aspects of a campaign and have personnel involved in
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