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7: Administering File Systems
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How to Calculate the Resale Price for a Real Estate Option
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Wall Street Journal (March 22, 2002), A-1.
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8: Backups and Removable Media
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Resolution of language heterogeneity is transparent for programmers involved.
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: -----------------------------------------------------cls ; string = "Missionaries and Cannibals problem \n" ; string + "On one side of a river, we have some missionaries "; string + "and cannibals. We also have a boat of limited "; string + "capacity. The problem is to get everybody from the "; string + "left to the right bank without any missionaries "; string + "being eaten.\n" ; message "<string>"; string = "RULES OF GAME -\n" ; string + "- can never be more cannibals than missionaries in the "; string + "boat or on either shore, except\n" ; string + "- all cannibals and no missionaries is OK.\n\n"; message "<string>"; string = "MC.FPS. basically a simulation of the problem, illustrates "; string + "the use of backtracking in the a depth-first search of a "; string + "decision tree.\n" ; string + "When it is time to load a person onto the boat, two rules "; string + "are concurrently fireable. One loads a missionary, and "; string + "one loads a cannibal. One is selected for firing, and the "; string + " other is stacked. If the rule chosen for firing turns out "; string + "to be the wrong one, the other rule is popped off the "; string + "stack and fired.\n" ; message "<string>"; make Max ; message "Ready to run\n" ;
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tion. But it was also concluded in the same report that a single system could not realistically serve both vehicle-mounted and portable terminals, because vehicle terminals would require high power to insure continuous coverage and complex control function to ensure seamless handover at all speeds, while low-power hand-held terminals would use a network of noncontiguous small cells and should not be considered as truly mobile. The work of GSM started initially with the objective of providing service primarily to vehicles, but it was recognised in the process that there should also be a proportion of portable devices as these started to appear even in rst generation systems. Ultimately, the radio interface selected in 1987 by GSM turned out to be ef cient enough to allow a true personal service, with continuous service anywhere, and a number of users largely exceeding the most optimistic early market projections. The rst commercial GSM terminals in 1992 were vehicle-mounted or bulky transportable terminals, but the terminals in use a decade later are almost exclusively very compact hand-held devices!
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7.2.5. Security
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Ai X
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FIGURE 5.2 Price/yield relationships.
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