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HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS: High Speed Radio Access for Mobile Communications Edited by Harri Holma and Antti Toskala 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISBN: 0-470-01884-4
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1980s. That system would have been unable to ful l many of the requirements now placed on the GSM system. In the CCH meeting in November 1982, there was a fairly long discussion on whether GSM should also be mandated to study the possibility of an interim system which would meet the needs until the new GSM system could be put into operation. Such ideas had been presented at the CEPT Telecommunications Commission meeting and several countries felt a need for such a system. In particular Dr Klaus Spindler of the Deutsche Bundespost warned against spending time and resources on an interim system, and in the end CCH decided that the resources available to GSM should be concentrated on the new system since work on an interim system would be a waste of time. Seeing afterwards how much work there was to be done on the new system, this was undoubtedly the right decision.
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KeepDynamic.com/qr barcode The Situation in Europe in the Mid-1980s The national regulations for licensing, circulation and type approval of mobile stations were very different between most countries in Europe in the mid-1980s. This area needed a harmonisation in order to enable a Pan-European roaming service and also the high volume production of mobile stations. Most countries saw the subscriber equipment not primarily as a mobile telephone but as a mobile station emitting radio waves. This equipment needed a radio license for legal operation which had to be carried by the user like a driver s license. Such a license was valid only in the country which issued it. If the mobile station was to be brought into another country, customs would require either a license of the visited country or the station needed to bring it into a status where it could not be used. Users of hand-held equipment needed to take out batteries. Car-mounted stations needed to be removed from the car. Then the equipment had to be sealed. Pragmatic exceptions from these rigid rules existed between the countries participating in the Network B roaming service (Germany, Austria and Benelux) and the NMT roaming service (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). Licensing and Circulation of Mobile Stations A Concept Proposal France and Germany had discussed this area also during the S900 analogue system cooperation 38 and agreed on a pragmatic solution. Based on this model an input document was submitted to WP1 in December 1985. This was restructured and re-submitted to WP1 in February 1986. 39 It proposed that the use of GSM mobile stations should be covered by a general license, which would be published in an of cial bulletin. The user would not be required to carry license document(s). If his/her mobile station had a valid type approval and
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H+ glass electrode/ NaHCO3/GPM 1) H+ glass membrane/ NH4Cl/GPM 1) H+ glass electrode/ NaHSO3/GPM 1) NH+ glass electrode/ 4 urease-membrane
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